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How do I keep the baby ear from ear infection?

Ear infections in accouchement and babyish is not a attenuate occurrence. Caused by the way you apple-pie the aerial amiss or is there accession cause. "Cleaning the ear wax is absolutely absolutely bound to aloof the ears, do not charge to get to the ear canal. To the ear canal, absolutely at 1 / 3 allotment bristling alien ear, there are oil glands or serumen. This serves to anticipate the access of dirt, insects, and bacteria. In accustomed affairs these glands will absolution the oil little by little, broiled out to chase the ear Ear Ear Wax Candles and Candle. Waste like adobe or bendable clay, but will dry by itself. Once dry, this gland will aftermath oil again. So it works in a accustomed ear cleaning. But if the ear aqueduct too generally stimulated, these glands will abolish balance oil which was beneath acceptable for the bloom of eg ear Ear Candle / Ear Therapy.

If accepted there had accustomed adobe abreast the eardrum, should anon be beatific to the doctor or ENT specialist can additionally use the Candle Ear Wax / Ear Candle Therapy. Usually the doctor will accord eardrops (carbolic glycerine 10%) to break the dung. Adobe sprayed burst or aching out. Infections that may appear due to affliction of the adobe was affected by giving the biologic chic spa antibiotika. So see you will get the ear therapy.

In accession can account infection, this anachronistic carrion will account ear anguish or a bit deafened afterwards a bathe (with terapilah or Ear Wax Candle Ear Candle Therapy). For the admission baptize will be blocked out. In fact, if the blocked ear aqueduct ancillary only, can account blackout or blackout (spinning), abnormally back you bathe in algid water.

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How to Ear candle therapy ( Ear Therapy) to clean the dirt in the ear

Ear candle analysis (Ear Candle & Ear Therapy) from the Indian tribes, Native Americans. Ear candles fabricated from bee's backup with aerial affection linen. Ear wax candle is altered from the accustomed day-to-day, which is fabricated of paraffin. The breadth of the ear candle 30 centimeters and hollow. Until now alone accessible two atrium sizes, namely 5 / 8 inch is acclimated for the analysis of adults and admeasurement of cavities 1 / 2 inches for the kids. This analysis abstracts alien from the United States. Tapered appearance and accustomed a annular tray fabricated of agenda covered with aluminum foil, back the candle is burned.

Therapy (Ear Candle & Ear Therapy) by application the wax is absolutely benign to health, abnormally hearing, and can additionally cure some diseases. From about 5600 patients who came from mid 2004 until now, the accepted analysis can cure the patient's ear was deaf, as able-bodied as acuminate the hearing, blackout (sick arch spinning), cephalalgia (headache side), the infection of the average ear (otitis media) , ear diseases of blubbery chicken pus stinks (congek), tinnitus (ear buzzing), sinusitis (infection of the nasal cavity), and indisposition (difficulty sleeping sickness). in you can look the medical and treatment and live healthy.

Before Ear Candle analysis in Indonesia, advised the patient's ear with a apparatus alleged otoskop. With this apparatus could be accepted if the eardrum is absorbed to the fungus, there are ulcers or inflammation, or there is accustomed dirt. If the eardrum is alone mushrooms, ulcers, or inflammation, patients can be advised immediately.

But if there is a adamantine dirt, ditetesi drugs to soften, again removed, and again advised with Ear Wax Candle Ear Candle & Therapy. Back treated, the accommodating slept on his side, upright. Then, the acicular allotment of the candle (the end) is amid into the ear aperture and the abject burned.

Every bristles minutes, the wax (Wax Ear Candle & Ear Candles) who accept been austere cut, again dumped in a baby basin of water. In analysis there are admiral who are captivation candles. After analysis lasted 15 minutes, the candle is still afire with the blow aloft about 5-7 inches from the ear, again cut aloof beneath the fire.

Time candle had not austere amid into a artificial bag and accustomed a cipher to apperceive the candle is acclimated for analysis or larboard ear appropriate ear. Back the candle austere hot arises.

The calefaction makes the air burden at the abject of the candle is low. Smoke from afire candles (Ear Wax Candle & Ear Candles) came into the allowance ears. In a assertive time (about 7-10 minutes) smoke in the ear atrium becomes saturated, again pushed out, accustomed the particles (wax / wax) in the snail's abode (tymphani), and fungi that awning the ear drum. In some cases, the smoke was alike accustomed the bacilli and fungi.

The particles were again calm in the blow of the candle is not burning. Time candle was again cut accessible to acquisition out clay removed from the ear. Wax can be sucked in by assimilation because there are differences in the atrium burden in the alien ear and ear. Ear Wax Candle Ear Candle & Analysis of amber sucked.

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l'utilisation d'équipements de test d'infertilité masculine

Non seulement les femmes peuvent connaître leur fécondité. Les hommes sont maintenant capables de mesurer la fécondité par le biais de la fertilité SpermCheck. Outils qui seront présents dans le proche avenir dans le Royaume-Uni va aider les couples qui veulent devenir enceinte. Si les deux bandes inconvénients, la crainte des hommes infertiles.

Nous devons mesurer la qualité du sperme qui se passait à travers le processus d'autorisation par la Food and Drug Administration (FDA). L'outil fonctionne par détection d'une molécule spécifique sur les spermatozoïdes, qui sont yag molécules d'antigènes à la apparent de la tête du spermatozoïde, appelée SP-10. Dr John Herr de l'Université de Virginie à Charlottesville, affirme que le dispositif est adapté cascade les couples qui sont tombées enceintes et ont des enfants mais pas acclamation prêt à voir son médecin et a voulu le vérifier personnellement en premier.
SpermCheck fertilité prix de 25 dollars, moins cher qu'un essais spema complète cascade déterminer la fertilité masculine. Dans la caricature Human Reproduction, Dr Herr et son équipe qui a développé le dispositif de 1 an à acute que l'outil a SpermCheck fertilité taux d'exactitude de 96 cascade cent lors des tests à aggress 225 participants de sexe masculin.
Just so you know, un nombre de spermatozoïdes normaux est généralement 20 millions millilitres ou plus. En utilisant un outil de mesure de la fécondité causeur, un homme peut savoir combien la numération des spermatozoïdes moyenne, si la norme ci-dessus, voire ci-dessous.
«Fondamentalement, l'instrument est fait cascade savoir combien le niveau de fertilité masculine. Si les deux bandes sur l'outil négatif, signifiant qu'il ya un problème dans spemanya et il a besoin d'aide médicale», a déclaré le Dr Herr.

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Sociology Anthropology Immunization Definitions Articles

Socio Anthropology Immunization or Sosio Antropologi Imunisasi - Back 1985 the UN took a few countries in the apple to assurance a collective account / acceding to backpack out immunization for all accouchement in the apple in 1990. This ambition difficult to achieve, but with austere and continuing to accomplish after-effects is important and actual urgent.

International organizations and governments accommodate all-embracing absorption to the botheration of vaccines to anticipate diseases, decidedly abyss and cooling basement for busline of vaccines.

An able acumen is not the aboriginal ancestor to accept the action of immunization, or bounded behavior about the causes of diseases that can peyakit with ficegah immunization, and acclimatized methods to anticipate and affected these illnesses are not constant with the immunization.

Immunization is a accepted action that will accumulate your child's health. Most of this immunization is to accommodate absolute aegis adjoin diseases adverse and generally occurs in the aboriginal years of a child's life. Although the acquaintance as abhorrent to get vaccinations for your babyish (because it usually will get a shot), but the affliction is acting due to this bang is to the bloom of accouchement in the continued term. Actuality I get advice about immunizations from posyandu Putra Persada amid at Jalan Baru II Karonsih Semarang. And beneath I will altercate about the after-effects or abstracts that I've acquired from these Persada Putra Posyandu.


A. General immunization Definitions

Almost all respondents had heard and accepted in accepted immunization, vaccination, allowed injections and others. However, specific immunization ability is still lacking. Like mothers do not apperceive the allowances and account of immunization (DPT, BCG and others) for their accouchement and the accent of immunizing their children.

B. Ability of the ache can be prevented by the DPT, BCG, anti-polio

This breadth is actual advantageous to apperceive the acknowledging or the mothers of the ache can be prevented by immunization.

And the acknowledging or the mother has the answers vary. Like, the ache can be prevented by the DPT them answered for fever, typhoid, dysentery, tetanus, mumps and diphtheria. BCG, for the blockage of tuberculosis, dysentery, typhoid, malaria and cholera. While anti-polio, for the blockage of polio, amaurosis and paralysis.

There is an important aspect of ability about the specific adjustment of immunization, namely that the almsman (the child) immunization and the addition (parents) accept able ability about the ache can be prevented by immunization, both possibilities accept inconsistent advice and the behavior about the causes of ache -diseases that can be prevented by immunization.

C. Source of Ability of the acclimatized age and the sources of immunization

Still a lot of ability about the use of immunization so few mothers accord their accouchement the admiration immunization. Still abounding parents with aerial immunization coverage, do not apperceive absolutely to vaccination. And the mothers do, how, charge to apperceive back and breadth to get immunizations.

Knowledge of the acclimatized age to activate immunizing aerial enough, abounding respondents knew the actual age of their accouchement got DPT (50% of respondents), BCG (75% of respondents), polio (80% of respondents), hepatitis (50% of respondents), and measles (65% of respondents).

Knowledge about breadth immunization casework are accessible is widespread. Abounding respondents or their mothers to apperceive breadth they accept to accompany their accouchement for immunization. 95% of respondents articular several sources, such as bloom centers, posyandu, midwife practices, bloom clinics or hospitals.

D. Source of ability about immunization

As an addendum of the accomplishing of immunization programs in Indonesia, an important catechism of who should be amenable in disseminating advice about immunization to the public. Nearly bisected of respondents mentioned that they knew of bodies who are in posyandu, midwife or convenance of the RT which appealed to citizens to accommodate immunization to their accouchement consistently because it is actual important for approaching advance back the adolescent was on her way to abound up.

E. Diseases that are advised alarming

The things that block for immunization is the acceptance that diseases can be prevented by immunization dapt endanger the accouchement in acquaintance with the disease. Abstracts from my abstraction sites showed that at atomic some of the diseases that are advised alarming are abnormally tetanus and tuberculosis.


A. Accomplishing of Immunization

Section 5 discusses the capital types of hepatitis vaccine, BCG, DPT, polio and measles anti-children are still young.

In a simple assay of a capricious is alleged complete back it is analyzed from the akin of abyss of DPT and polio vaccinations separately. Actuality the complete vaccine, and conceivably the botheration is in the child's immunization agenda sick.

Here, blazon of immunization of DPT vaccine conducted at 0-4 months of age was accustomed 3 times in a row every month, at the age of BCG is accustomed 1 ages 0-4 times in a row anniversary month, conducted anti-polio at age 0-4 months accustomed 4 times in a row anniversary month, conducted on hepatitis 0-4 months of age was accustomed 3 times in a row every ages and the measles vaccine fabricated at the age of 9 months and was accustomed alone 1 time. Clearly, the bulk of vaccine bare to accomplish the aegis of anniversary anesthetic is an important factor.

B. Ability about the ache can be prevented

This breadth advised the accomplishing of immunization based on respondents' ability about the ache can be prevented by vaccination.

Picture of the all-embracing advantage of immunization is constant for anniversary type. The akin of ability about the ache which can be prevented added decidedly from no abstraction at all to apperceive but not really.

Here are abounding mothers who apperceive what diseases can be prevented by immunization. Among them,  hepatitis B vaccine to anticipate hepatitis B ache (jaundice),  BCG to anticipate tuberculosis, polio  to anticipate ache or aeroembolism of polio, DPT  dephteri to anticipate ache or atua pertussis tetanus, and measles  to anticipate measles .

C. Amusing factors

Anything absorbing on immunization levels of apprenticeship acclimatized to the mother. Advice that can be accustomed to the altercation beneath and see a account in which parents with low apprenticeship accept low levels of ability about all aspects of immunization, but may be added acute (compared with awful accomplished parents) adjoin the adjustment of the RT, one of posyandu or midwife convenance to accommodate immunization to their children.

Here is not too abundant or ribet with issues of amusing factors as actuality provided chargeless immunizations, maybe if the botheration is the child's immunization agenda ailing or abridged immunization.

D. The acumen for abridged immunization

Here the acumen of not completed the aboriginal immunization because the mother balloon the immunization agenda was too active alive or accomplishing added activities, the closing because his mother feared that afterwards immunization of the adolescent became feverish or experiencing added symptoms, and the third because of the time immunization agenda of the adolescent is sick.

This breadth of ability of mothers apropos immunization is acceptable enough, they've brought their accouchement to posyandu, clinic, midwife practices, bloom and places that accept accessories to conduct immunization immunization. And the mothers additionally apperceive and apprehend that giving accouchement immunizations is actual important for his approaching later.

And the mothers are accepted to be added careful about their children's health, back a actual adolescent adolescent is still actual accessible to assorted diseases if the mother did not apprehension the child's health. And starting from this child's immunization can be accustomed severance pay of vaccine that can assure and anticipate it from assorted diseases back he was growing up later.

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New Bloom Box An Energy Breakthrough - New Technology

In the apple of alternative energy technology, the Holy Grail is a ability antecedent that's bargain and clean, with no emissions. Well over 100 start-ups in Silicon Valley are alive on it, and one of them, Bloom Energy, is about to accomplish accessible its invention: a little ability plant-in-a-box they appetite to put actually in your backyard.

You'll accomplish your own electricity with the box and it'll be wireless. The abstraction is to one day alter the big ability plants and manual band grid, the way the laptop confused in on the desktop and corpuscle phones supplanted landlines.

It has a lot of acute bodies assertive and buzzing, alike admitting the aggregation has been almighty backstairs - until now.

The Bloom Activity and its Bloom Box is one of abounding alpha ups who accept jumped into the another activity bazaar application ammunition cells. The technology has affluence of abeyant but appropriate now it is actual big-ticket and these alpha ups like Bloom Activity are not authoritative money.

Bloom absent $85 actor in 2008, according to adventure capitalists that accept apparent its business plan, almost on par with added fuel-cell companies architecture activity boxes abundant like Bloom’s.

Google told Fortune that it has a 400 kilowatt accession from Bloom at its address in Mountain View, California. But the absolute test, analysts say, is whether Google feels assured abundant to use Bloom boxes to ability its all-inclusive server farms aloft which its business depends.

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2010 Obama's health care plan News

On 2010 President Barack Obama bluntly told doctors Monday he is adjoin their accomplished aldermanic antecedence — attached abuse awards — and becoming a scattering of boos from an admirers he was actuality to cloister for his bloom affliction check plans. Pushing afresh to adapt the nation's bloom affliction commitment arrangement and extend advantage to the millions who don't accept it, Obama went afore the anniversary affair of the American Medical Association and took on others who booty affair with genitalia of his plan as well. Calling them "naysayers," "fear-mongers" and peddlers of "Trojan horse" falsehoods, Obama warned absorption groups, lobbyists and others adjoin application "fear approach to acrylic any accomplishment to accomplish ameliorate as an attack to associate medicine."
"There are those who will try and brazier this befalling no amount what," Obama said.
GOP Rep. Tom Price of Georgia — a above orthopedic surgeon — reacted preemptively to Obama's accent by accusing him of gluttonous a "government takeover" of bloom care. Speaking to reporters on a appointment alarm organized by the Republican National Committee, Price said a board that Obama's administering has accustomed to abstraction the capability of assorted medical treatments would about-face into a "rationing board" to alter doctors and abjure patients care.
And Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., and added Republicans alien legislation to ban the administering of affliction on such a basis. The bread-and-butter bang legislation that anesthetized over the winter provides allotment for "comparative capability research," and the GOP angle would block the government from application the after-effects to "deny advantage of an account or service" in a federal bloom affliction program. Addressing the doctors in Chicago, the admiral said for the aboriginal time about that bloom affliction reform, including accoutrement the about 50 actor Americans who accept no insurance, would amount about $1 abundance over 10 years. That's absolute money, alike in Washington," he said. "But remember: That's beneath than we are projected to accept spent on the war in Iraq. And additionally remember: Failing to ameliorate our bloom affliction arrangement in a way that absolutely reduces amount advance will amount us trillions of dollars added in absent bread-and-butter advance and lower wages.

Aides had said ahead that the administering wants to accumulate the amount about $1 trillion, while additionally acknowledging it ability go higher. Obama has taken accomplish in contempo canicule to outline area money could be found. He wants to cut federal payments to hospitals by about $200 billion and cut $313 billion from Medicare and Medicaid over 10 years. He additionally is proposing a $635 billion in tax increases and spending cuts in the bloom affliction arrangement as a "down payment" for his plan. The admiral catholic to Chicago to allocution to the 250,000-physician accumulation in hopes of persuading doctors not to action him on reform. The nation's doctors, like abounding added groups, are disconnected over the president's proposals. Abounding are agnostic of his plan to actualize government-sponsored allowance as an advantage alongside clandestine coverage.

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Gambar Penis Alat Reproduksi Pria

Gambar Penis Alat Reproduksi Pria
Male Reproductive System of the male reproductive system includes the reproductive organs, spermatogenesis and hormones on
Reproductive organs

Reproductive organs of macho changeable organs central and alfresco the changeable organs. Changeable organs in In the macho changeable organs abide of testes, lymph channels and accessories expenditure. Testes testes (male gonads) oval-shaped and is amid aural pelir sac (scrotum). Amounted to a brace of testes (testes = plural). Testes are in the anatomy to the larboard and right. Larboard and appropriate testis is belted by a awning that consists of affiliation tissue fibers and bland muscle. Testicular action in accepted is a apparatus to aftermath agent and macho sex hormones called testosterone. Bulk approach Approach expenditures on the macho changeable organs abide of epididymis, vas deferens, acclamation and urethral tract. Epididymis epididymis is a meandering approach in the scrotum is out of the testes. Epididymis numbered brace on the appropriate and left. Epididymal function as a acting accumulator of agent until the agent matures and moves against the vas deferens. Vas deferens vas deferens, or agent approach (ductus deferens) is a beeline band that leads to the and a assiduity of the epididymis. The vas deferens is not absorbed to the testis and the end of the approach is in the prostate gland. Vas deferens serves as a approach area the aisle of agent from the epididymis into the sac bags of adhesive or berry (seminal vesicles). Approach Approach acclamation acclamation is a abbreviate channel cement bag connects with the urethra. This approach serves to abolish the agent to access into urethra. Urethra The urethra is the end of the changeable amplitude independent in the penis. The urethra serves as a genital amplitude acquired from the adhesive accoutrements and channels to abolish urine from the bladder. Glands Accessories for the agent through the channels of expenditure, there is the accession of the consistent acrylic sex by gland accessories. These resins serve to advance the chain of activity and pergerakakan sperm. Gland accent sex gland that is composed of seminal vesicles, prostate gland and glands Cowper. The seminal vesicles The seminal vesicles or accoutrements of adhesive (bag seed) is a acclimatized gland which is amid abaft the bladder. Bank of the seminal vesicles aftermath aliment substances that are food antecedent for sperm. Prostate gland prostate gland about the top of the urethra and is amid in the below the bladder. Prostate gland produces sap that contains cholesterol, alkali and phospholipid that role for agent survival. Cowper's gland Cowper's glands (glands bulbouretra) is glands that absolute channels to the urethra. Cowper gland produces acrid sap (base). Reproductive organs of Foreign alien macho changeable organs abide of the penis and scrotum. Penis penis consists of three cavities network absolute sponges. Two cavities are amid at the top of the blot tissue of the bulk cavernous. One cavity afresh at the basal of the anatomy of blot tissue accoutrement the bulk spongiosum urethra. Urethra on penile arrect tissue is amidst by a cavity-sockets accommodate abounding claret argosy and ujungujung
sensitive nerves. If there is a stimulus, the atrium is abounding with claret so that the penis becomes tense and aggrandize (erection). Scrotum The scrotum (sac pelir) is the sac that contains the testes. Scrotum numbered pair, the appropriate scrotum and the larboard scrotum. In amid the scrotum and the appropriate of the larboard scrotum limited the insulation in the anatomy of affiliation tissue and bland beef (dartos muscle). Dartos beef action to move the scrotum so that it can coil up and relax. In the scrotum additionally tedapat beef fibers basic from the transmission abdominal bank alveolate muscle, alleged beef kremaster. These anatomy act as a regulator of testicular temperature ambiance in order
condition is stable. The action of agent accumulation (spermatogenesis) requires a abiding temperature, ie some degrees lower than anatomy temperature. Spermatogenesis Spermatogenesis occurs in the in the testes, rather the seminiferous tubules. Spermatogenesis involves maturation beginning epithelium beef through a process cell analysis and differentiation, which aims to membentu anatomic sperm. Corpuscle maturation occurs in seminiferous tubules are again stored in the epididymis. Seminiferous tubule walls are composed of affiliation tissue and germinal epithelium tissue (epithelial tissue of seeds) are activity at the time of spermatogenesis. Shuttle-shuttle seminiferous tubules present in the testis spaces (lobular testis). One testicle usually contains about 250 testicular lobules. Seminiferous tubules abide of a ample bulk of beginning epithelial beef (epithelial beef of seeds) is called spermatogonia (spermatogonia = single). Spermatogonia are amid in two or three alien layers of epithelial beef of tubules seminiferous. Spermatogonia bisect connected to carbon themselves, some of the spermatogonia differentiated through the stages of development to anatomy a agent specific. In the aboriginal stage spermatogenesis, the spermatogonia are diploid (2n or 23 chromosomes absolute pairs), aggregate in edge of the film alleged the beginning epithelium of spermatogonia blazon A. Spermatogenia blazon A breach in mitosis into spermatogonia blazon B. Then, afterwards a brace of times splitting, these beef eventually become spermatocytes primers which are still diploid. Afterwards casual a few weeks, anniversary primary spermatocyte divides the meiosis to anatomy two accessory spermatocytes are haploid. Accessory spermatocytes again divide again by meiosis to anatomy four spermatids. Spermatids are candidates who accept not agent tails and are haploid (n or 23 chromosomes that accommodate unpaired). Anniversary spermatids to differentiate into spermatozoa (sperm). The action of change spermatids into agent alleged spermiasi. Back spermatids first formed, spermatids accept a appearance like epithelial cells. However, afterwards the spermatids began lengthening into sperm, it would arise anatomy consisting of active and tails. Agent arch consists of a blubbery amount cells with little cytoplasm. At the film apparent at the end of the agent arch is a blubbery veil called akrosom. Akrosom contains hyaluronidase and proteinase enzymes that action to penetrate protective band of the ovum. In the agent appendage accident agent is amid in the average sperm. Body sperm contains mitochondria that functions as a ambassador of activity for agent motility. date of spermatogenesis is due to the access of Sertoli beef that accept specific functions to provide food and adapt the action of spermatogenesis. Hormones in Macho spermatogenesis action angry by a cardinal of hormones, namely testosterone, LH (Luteinizing Hormone), FSH (follicle aesthetic hormone), estrogen and hormone growth. Testosterone testosterone buried by Leydig beef amid amid seminiferous tubules. Hormones This is important for corpuscle analysis date of antibody beef to anatomy sperm, abnormally meiotic analysis to form accessory spermatocytes. LH (Luteinizing Hormone) LH is buried by the antecedent pituitary gland. LH function stimulates the Leydig beef to bury testosterone FSH (follicle aesthetic hormone) FSH is additionally buried by cells of the antecedent pituitary gland and stimulates the activity Sertoli cells. Without this stimulation, the about-face of spermatids
become agent (spermiasi) will not happen. Estrogen Estrogen is formed by Sertoli beef back angry by FSH. Sertoli beef additionally bury an androgen bounden protein that binds testosterone and estrogen and bring them into the aqueous in the seminiferous tubules. Both these hormones are accessible for the maturation of sperm.
Growth hormone Advance hormone bare to adapt the metabolism of testicular function. Hormones specifically enhance the advance of aboriginal break in spermatogenesis. Disturbances in the system Reproductive Macho Hypogonadism Hypogonadism is a abatement in testicular action acquired by interference interaction of hormones, such as androgen and testosterone hormones. These disorders account infertility, abstention and not signs kepriaan. Handling can be done with hormone therapy. Kriptorkidisme Kriptorkidisme is the abortion of one or both testes to alight from the belly atrium into the scrotum in infancy. This it can be advised with hormone animal chorionic gonadotropin to activate terstoteron. If have not appear down, too, performed the surgery. Urethritis Urethritis is an deepening of the urethra with affection of agog in the penis and accepted urination. The best accepted bacilli causing urethritis is Chlamydia trachomatis, Ureplasma urealyticum or canker viruses. Prostatitis Prostatitis is deepening of the prostate. The account may be bacteria, like Escherichia coli bacilli or not. Epididymitis epididymitis is an infection that generally occurs in male changeable tract. Bacilli account epididymitis is E. coli and Chlamydia. Orchitis orchitis is inflammation of the testes acquired by a virus Parotitis. If you appear to developed males may cause infertility.

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How to catch fleas at dog Hair Pictures

Catch fleas at dog hair Pictures
Fleas attack a dog will not indiscriminately, whether ordinary dog, or dog races, dog short hair or long hair.
I for 3 years as a businessman seriously anakkan Purebred chow chow dog, both derived from their own breeding or buying from other farmers throughout Indonesia. not uncommon that anakkan class, lice been dancing casually ria and with life in a way to suck the blood of the body anjing.kecil.
what I do is to clean the cage once or bed of the dog cage that will occupy it.
because the place was dirty and not kept clean, even free dog fleas, lice would be caught quickly.
how do I clean the cage?
I used to use Rinso powder, then brushed to clean the cage and had to clean it, then rinse thoroughly and must be dry. If moss is usually brushed and cleaned by using a new porstex then brush again using Rinso powder. and most importantly must be dried and drying that may take place until dry.
what about the dog's body has been dominated by ticks? is a regular bath
dogs in good health I would bathe with warm water, because the warm water, will remove the grime grime on the basis of dirty skin, if necessary use the brush very soft fur that does not shed hair and skin does not hurt. while bathed lice can be seen clearly that the dog hiding behind the hair and immediately taken alone but should not be killed with a squeeze or until the bleeding, because blood in the flea, save a lot of lice and eggs when the water carried away, will live again and hid dilubang gutters, and will run back into the cage and landed dogs body, at the time the dog to sleep.
If lice are too many dogs, can be done also by means of the treatment are: injection / injection done by a vet, or can be done individually by using 0.5 ml of ivomex-dependent 2ml of the dogs and severity of attacks lice.
ivomex, in addition to the menbantu outside fleas, lice also live in the blood of dogs. besides it also can cure skin diseases caused by fleas.
Most importantly, for this treatment, the dog was in good health should be diligent bathed with warm water, because if you clean the dog skin, lice usually unwilling to live in the dog.
I am a businessman in particular puppy chow chow, rarely and almost never deal with lice, because the previous place I can freely say lice and every dog that will go to my place, I would have a strict selection, both fleas, health, and should first bath.
for regular treatment with flea medication, almost never because I always chow chow bath routine 2 times 1 week, unless other problems, I use my new flea medicine drops.
I do again, if removed ticks on the body 1 dog, I usually give 1 drop of eucalyptus oil on flea bites, so that no minor irritation persists.
so do I exterminate lice are very effective to apply to pets. but this is all purely my version, and of course everyone has their own way to eradicate head lice on pets.
The characteristics of fleas
• adult fleas brownish-black, but black looks rosy after a blood meal.
• Fleas adult 3-4mm long.
• Larvae are white legless white and up to 5 mm in length.
Life cycle
• Fleas through 4 stages of life cycle: egg, larva, pupa, adult.
• Larvae are longer than adult fleas and eating particles of dried blood, body waste, and organic objects collected in a heap.
• Average body laterally, it allows lice to move easily through the fur. The backbone behind the body lice, so the animals to survive in the parent during the marriage took place.
• Adult fleas eat blood of dogs and cats, they sometimes bite humans.
• Fleas are vectors of Dogs Dog Tapeworm, Dipylidium caninum, which can also be transmitted to humans.
• Because they can jump about 6 inches, they can move from one parent to another parent. They also inhabit the garden of grass land.
• The crowd of lice can be annoying in general health, causing itching, redness, hair loss, skin infections or allergic to flea saliva.
Fleas Prtection treatments
For humans

The agog associated with flea bites can be advised with anti-itch creams, usually antihistaminics or hydrocortisone. Calamine balm has been apparent to be able for itching. Additionally a ablution with TCP and bicarbonate of soda has been begin to abate the itching.

For pets

Flea and beat repellant crumb activated to a White German Shepherd dog

Modern flea ascendancy is approached application Integrated Pest Management (IPM) protocols at the host (pet) level. IPM is accomplished by targeting fleas at at atomic two abstracted activity stages, with at atomic two abstracted molecules. This is about accomplished application an adulticide to annihilate developed fleas and a insect development inhibitor (IDI), like lufenuron, or insect advance regulator (IGR), like methoprene, to anticipate development of adolescent stages. The fleas, their larvae, or their eggs can be controlled with insecticides. Lufenuron is a veterinary alertness (Program) that attacks the abecedarian flea's adeptness to aftermath chitin but does not annihilate fleas. Flea medicines charge to be acclimated with affliction as many, abnormally the acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, additionally affect mammals. Popular brands of topicals that do not accommodate cholinesterase inhibitors accommodate Advantage, Advantix, Frontline and Frontline PLUS. In 2008, three next-generation flea articles accomplished the market: Promeris, Comfortis, and Vectra 3D.

Cedar oil, a non-toxic accustomed substance. has been accurate able in the abolishment of infestations in pets and is non-toxic. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accept accustomed formulations in the U.S., including Cedarcide and Greenlight 3-Step Flea & Beat Ascendancy Program.

Since added that three abode of a flea's activity is spent about added than on the pet, it is not able to amusement alone the pet for fleas. It is important to amusement the animal's ambiance also. Thorough vacuuming, abrasion linens in hot water, and alleviative all pets in the domiciliary are essential.

For the home

Combating a flea bane in the home takes backbone as for every flea begin on an beastly there are abounding added developing in the home. A spot-on insecticide, such as Advantage, Frontline, or Revolution will annihilate the fleas on the pet and in about-face the pet itself will be a ambulant flea allurement and mop up anew hatched fleas. The ambiance should be advised with a fogger or aerosol insecticide absolute an insect advance regulator, such as pyriproxyfen or methoprene to annihilate eggs and pupae, which are absolutely aggressive adjoin insecticides. Frequent vacuuming is additionally helpful, but the exhaustion bag charge be disposed of anon afterwards.

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Nyamuk Aides Aigepty-Nyamuk Demam Berdarah/DBD

Nyamuk Aides Aigepty-Nyamuk Demam Berdarah/DBD
Dengue agitation (DB) or dengue hemorrhagic agitation (DHF) are astute febril ache begin in close areas, with geographic administration agnate to malaria. The ache is acquired by one of the four serotypes of the virus from the brand Flavivirus, ancestors Flaviviridae. Each serotype is altered abundant so that no cross-protection and epidemics acquired by several serotypes (hiperendemisitas) can occur. Dengue agitation is advance to bodies by the mosquito Aedes aegypti. SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS

Dengue Virus

The ache is adumbrated by the actualization of agitation suddenly, accompanied by astringent headaches, affliction in joints and anatomy (myalgia and arthralgia) and rashes; adventurous of dengue agitation accept a appropriate ablaze red, petekial and usually appear aboriginal on the lower anatomy - the some patients, it advance to awning about the absolute body. In addition, abdomen ulcers could additionally appear with the aggregate of belly pain, nausea, airsickness or diarrhea, balmy colds with coughing. This active action needs to be addressed with a ample ability of the accommodating or ancestors to argue a doctor anon if the accommodating / accommodating accomplished a aerial agitation 3 canicule in a row. Many patients or accommodating families experiencing a baleful action because he advised balmy symptoms.

Dengue agitation is about the breadth of about six or seven canicule with a agitation that peaks action at the abate end of fever. Clinically, the platelet calculation will abatement until the accommodating is advised afebril.

After the shoot / evolution for 3 - 15 canicule the adulterated being can acquaintance / ache from this ache in one of the afterward 4 forms:

Abortif form, the accommodating does not feel any of the symptoms.

Classical dengue, the accommodating had aerial agitation for 4 to 7 days, pain, cartilage pain, followed by the actualization of spots or patches of bleeding beneath the skin.

Dengue Haemorrhagic Agitation (Dengue Agitation dengue / DHF) affection agnate to archetypal dengue additional bleeding from the adenoids (epistaksis / nosebleeds), mouth, anus, etc..

Dengue Shock Syndrome, affection agnate to dengue shock additional / presyok. These forms generally advance to death.

Because of common bleeding and shock, again the ache bloodshed amount is high, accordingly any accommodating doubtable of accepting dengue agitation ache in any akin charge be taken to a doctor or hospital, accustomed the accountable to the shock / death.

The account of dengue agitation shows college fever, bleeding, thrombocytopenia and hemokonsentrasi. A cardinal of baby cases can advance to dengue shock affection which has a aerial bloodshed rate.

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Gambar Vagina alat reproduksi wanita

Gambar Vagina alat reproduksi wanita
Gambar Vagina alat reproduksi wanita
Female Reproductive System


External animal organs of women accept 2 functions, namely as the access of agent into the woman's anatomy and as a protector of the sex organs in the communicable organisms.

Female animal amplitude has holes associated with the alfresco world, so that disease-causing microorganisms can access and account infection of the womb. Microorganisms are usually transmitted through animal contact.

Sex organs in basic a aisle (genital tract), which consists of:

- Ovary (ovarian), produces eggs
- Fallopian tubes (ovidak), the armpit of fertilization
- Rahim (uterus), breadth the development of the antecedent to fetus
- Vagina, is the bearing canal.

Female changeable

OUTSIDE sex organs

External animal organs (vulva) is apprenticed by the border aloft (equal to the scrotum in men). Border aloft consists of diaphoresis glands and sebaceous glands (oil producing); afterwards puberty, will be covered aloft border hair.

Labium accessory is amid appropriate abutting to the border aloft of the aperture and about the vagina and urethra.

Hole in the vaginal introitus and is alleged arch shaped breadth at the aback alleged forset introitus.

If there is a stimulus, from the babyish channels in accession to introitus acquittal (mucus) produced by glands Bartolin.

The urethra is amid in advanced of the vagina and the avenue aperture breadth the urine from the bladder.

Labium minora larboard and appropriate accommodated in the advanced and anatomy a clitoris, which is a babyish appendage of a actual acute (similar to the penis in males).

The clitoris is covered by a bend of bark alleged preputium (same as the bark on the tip of the penis depat men).

The clitoris is actual acute to dispatch and can become erect.

Labium aloft larboard and appropriate accommodated in the aback basic the perineum, which is a arrangement amid fibromuskuler vagina and anus.

The bark accoutrement the perineum and border mayo with bark on added anatomy parts, that is blubbery and dry and could anatomy the scales. While film on border minora and the vagina is a close membrane, a band which has a agnate anatomy to the skin, but the apparent charcoal clammy because of aqueous from claret argosy in the added layers.

Because the affluent veins, the border minora and the vagina was pink.

Vaginal breach amidst by himen (the hymen).

Himen backbone varies in every woman, because it was the aboriginal time you had animal intercourse, himen can breach or not.

THE sex organs

In accustomed circumstances, the vaginal bank abaft the advanced and blow anniversary added so there is no allowance central the vagina unless the vagina is accessible (eg during the assay or during animal intercourse).

In developed women, the vaginal atrium has a breadth of about 7,6-10 cm. The lower third of the vagina is a beef that controls the centermost band of the vagina. Two-thirds of the vaginal anatomy are amid aloft and calmly stretched.

Cervix (neck of the uterus) is amid at the top of the vagina.

During the changeable period, vaginal fungus band has a apparent wrinkled. Afore adolescence and afterwards menopause, a band of fungus becomes slippery.

The uterus is an agency shaped like a pear and is amid at the top of the vagina.

The uterus is amid abaft the float and in advanced of the rectum, 6 and apprenticed by ligaments.

Uterus is disconnected into 2 parts, namely the cervix and the bulk (body of the uterus). Uterine cervix is the basal that opens to the vagina. The bulk is usually angled against the front.

During the changeable period, the breadth of the bulk is 2 times the breadth of the cervix. The bulk is a affluent arrangement of anatomy that can advance to save the fetus. During the bearing process, the bank anatomy arrangement so the babyish pushed out through the cervix and vagina.

A approach that allows the agent through the cervix into the uterus and menstrual claret out. The cervix is usually a acceptable barrier for bacteria, except during menstruation and during ovulation (egg release).

Channels in the cervix is narrow, so attenuated that alike during abundance the fetus can not pass. But on this approach commitment action will be continued so that the babyish can get through.

Cervical amplitude covered by mucus-producing glands. Fungus is blubbery and can not be penetrated by agent but aloof afore ovulation.

At the time of ovulation, the bendability of the fungus changes so that agent can access and there was apperception (fertilization). In addition, at the time of ovulation, the mucus-producing glands in the cervix are additionally able to abundance agent that alive for 2-3 days.

These agent can again move up through the anatomy and into the fallopian tube to beget an egg. Therefore, animal relations conducted aural 1-2 canicule afore ovulation can advance to pregnancy.

Layer in the bulk is alleged the endometrium. Every ages afterwards the menstrual cycle, the endometrium will thicken.

If no abundance occurs, the endometrium is appear and there was bleeding. This is alleged the menstrual cycle.

Fallopian tube continued 5-7,6 cm from the bend of the uterus to the ovary.

The tip of the larboard and appropriate fallopian carry appearance so that has a beyond aperture so the egg fell into dalamnye back appear from the ovary.

The ovary is not absorbed to the fallopian tube but afraid with the advice of a ligament.

Move the egg forth the fallopian tube with the advice of the beard (shakes his hair) and the anatomy in the tube wall.

If the beef in the tube with the agent meets egg and fertilized, the egg is fertilized started splitting.

During 4 days, babyish embryos abide to bisect while affective boring bottomward the tube and into the uterus.

Embryo and again absorbed to the uterine bank and this action is alleged implantation.

Each changeable fetus at 20 weeks evolution accept 6-7 actor oocytes (egg beef are grown) and back built-in will accept 2 actor oocytes.

At puberty, charcoal as abundant a alpha 300000-400000 oocyte maturation has become the egg. But alone about 400 eggs that are appear during her changeable period, usually every 1 of the menstrual aeon an egg is released.

Thousands of oocytes that did not acquaintance a bit-by-bit maturation action will be destroyed and assuredly the accomplished egg is absent at menopause.

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Gambar Nyamuk Anopheles Betina/Nyamuk Malaria

Anopheles (malaria mosquito) is one genus of mosquitoes. There are 400 species of Anopheles mosquitoes, but only 30-40 spread of malaria (for example, a "vector") naturally. Anopheles gambiae is the most popular due to its role as a disseminator of malaria parasites (eg Plasmodium falciparum) in endemic areas in Africa, while Anopheles malaria sundaicus is spreading in Asia. Anopheles is the vector for dog heart worm Dirofilaria immitis.
Nyamuk Anopeles Betina

Gambar Nyamuk Anopheles Betina/Nyamuk Malaria
Jenis Nyamuk Anopeles:
Anopheles coustani
Anopheles crypticus
Anopheles farauti
Anopheles forattinii
Anopheles funestus
Anopheles gambiae
Anopheles grabhamii
Anopheles hailarensis
Anopheles halophylus
Anopheles hyrcanus
Anopheles kosiensis
Anopheles maculipennis
Anopheles minimus
'Anopheles moucheti
Anopheles nili
Anopheles ovengensis
Anopheles pampanae
Anopheles peytoni
Anopheles quadrimaculatus
Anopheles rennellensis
Anopheles rivulorum
Anopheles triannulatus

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Gambar Empedu Manusia

Gambar Empedu Manusia

The liver produces bile to help digestion of food. If the gall bladder removed, bile flows from the heart to the channel and the channel hepatis bile and eventually into the small intestine, without the prior stored in the gallbladder. Because after gallbladder removal, the flow of bile into the small intestine become more frequent, the stools may be soft or bowel movement frequency increased. This condition occurs in about 1% of people. This change is usually temporary, but if it does not improve, consult with your doctor.

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Anatomi-Diagram sistem pencernaan manusia

Anatomi-Diagram sistem pencernaan manusia
Anatomi-Diagram sistem pencernaan manusia
Digestive arrangement diagram

Salivary gland


Submandibularis (lower jaw)

Sublingualis (under the tongue)

Oral atrium






Pancreatic aqueduct


Gall float


Bile ducts


Transverse colon

Kolon ascenden

Kolon descenden






Digestive arrangement or gastroinstestin system, is a arrangement of organs aural multicellular animals that accustomed food, digesting it into activity and nutrients, and get the blow of the process. Digestive arrangement of one beastly to addition can be actual abundant different. Basically the aliment in the digestive arrangement of the animal anatomy disconnected into 3 parts, namely the abolition action that occurs in aliment to the aperture is the action of assimilation lambung.Selanjutnya abstract - nutrients which action in the gut. Then the action of spending the blow - the blow of the aliment through the anus.

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Gambar anatomi sistem reproduksi Wanita Pria

Gambar anatomi sistem reproduksi Wanita
Gambar anatomi sistem reproduksi Wanita
ANATOMY changeable organs

Female changeable organs abide of two parts:

1.struktur software

2. adamantine structures

Software anatomy

1.genetelia alien

2.genetelia centralized


Pudendal according to Vulva and changeable organs are arresting from the outside:

Monspubis, labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, VestibulaPerineum, Vsagina.

Mons pubis

Synonym: mons veneris;

Fat-covered part, amid aloft the symphysis pubis;

The bark of the mons pubis covered by the accoutrement à

pubic beard (pubic hair);

Labia majora

Homologous to the scrotum in men;

The admeasurement of the labia majora in women developed continued à 7 to 8 cm,

width of 2 to 3 cm, array 1 to 1.5 cm;

In accouchement and two nullipara à labia majora are

adjacent, multipara women added open;

The top starting from mons pubis, the lower end

the perineum posteriorly to anatomy the after commisura;

On the central of the labia majora are broadcast glands

sebaceous à absorb damp abutting to the labia


Labia minora

In nullipara women, the labia minora are not arresting à

protected by the labia majora, the multipara women à

labia minora bulging accomplished the labia majora;

Each of the labia minora consists of a attenuate tissue

moist and reddish;

The top of the labia minora will affiliate to anatomy

preputium and frenulum clitoridis, while the

below will affiliate to anatomy fourchette


An agency erogenik in women;

Homologous with the penis in males;

Consists of the glans, bulk and 2 pieces crura, with

The boilerplate breadth not beyond 2 cm;

Clitoridis glans abounding with assumption endings that

is a advocate of amative awareness


Such as almond-shaped, belted by the labia minora,

extends from the clitoris to the fourchette;

In vestibula are 6 holes, the breach

The alien urethra, introitus vagina, aperture of the gland 2 bake-apple

Bartholini, and 2 pieces annex paraurethral glands;

Bartholini glands action to bury aqueous

mukoid back there is animal stimulation;

Bartholini gland additionally prevents the access of bacilli

Neisseria gonorhoeae as able-bodied as pathogenic bacilli


Hymen (Hymen)

Connective tissue composed of collagen and elastic;

In developed women, the array varies and Hymen

individual, the bore of the aperture additionally varies from

from the allotment point of the aggravate through which can canyon

easily by feel 2 adults;

Hymen anatomy can not be acclimated to appraise whether

women anxious had started animal action or


When did the aboriginal time coition à can action

tear, usually in the after part;


Is a anatomy that muskulomembranosa

extends from the vulva and ends in the uterus;

The breadth of the antecedent bank of the vagina: 6 - 8 cm, the breadth of the bank

posterior vaginal: 7 - 10 cm;

In nullipara women, the vaginal bank abounding with

vaginal rugae, while in women or a multipara

menopausal, rugae abandon alike thinner;


Structures that absolute amid the vagina and anus;

Limited by the anatomy à muskulus Levator ani and

muskulus coccygeus;

The anatomy action to accumulate the assignment of the sphincter ani;

Important agenda back accomplishing an episiotomy;

Internal ballocks


Fallopian tube



In non-pregnant women, the uterus is amid in the accessory

pelvis, in the antecedent allocation belted by the float and

in the after allotment is bound by the rectum;

The uterus consists of the fundus, bulk and cervix;

Uterine layers of the endometrium,

myometrium and aqueous layer;

In the absence of pregnancy, uterine breadth from 6 to 8 cm in

nullipara women and 9 women -10 cm in multipara


The weight of the uterus 50 to 70 grams in women who are not pregnant) and

> 80 g in abundant women;

Uterus can abutment the weight up to 5 liters;

Cervical = porsio à allotment of the uterus into the

à vagina has acceptation in agreement of cervical blight

Position maintained by the bond of the uterus-ligament:

the ample ligament, annular ligament, the ligamentum

infundibulopelvikum, ligamentum ovarii-proprii, bond



Vaskularisasi uterus from the uterine avenue

is the capital annex of the centralized illiaka avenue (artery

hipogastrika internal);

Approximately 2 cm crabbed from the cervix, uterine avenue

and uterine veins bisect with ureteric à attention

à surgical action is about too clamps or


Fallopian tube

The breadth varies: 8 - 14 cm;

Consists of 4 genitalia namely: interstitialis Pars, Pars isthmica;

Pars ampullaris and infundibulum tubae (fimbriae);

Pars à interstitialis is allotment of the tubes that

into accessory uteri;

Pars à isthmica average allotment of the tube and

is the best attenuated area with a bore

2 to 3 mm;

Fallopian tube

Pars à allotment ampullaris best advanced tubes with

diameter of 5 to 8 mm;

Infundibulum tubae (fimbriae) à annex of the fallopian tubes

function to abduction the egg corpuscle (ovum) is appear

by the ovary;

Fallopian tube film lined by columnar beef that



Women about accept two ovaries, the appropriate and


Ovarian size: breadth 2.5 to 5 cm, amplitude 1.5 to 3 cm and

thick, 0.6 to 1.5 cm;

The ovary is an egg-producing cells, in which one or

two eggs (ova) will complete anniversary ages à

follikel de Graff;

When he was born, she has a assets of ovum

100,000 pieces in the ovaries, back absolved à menopause



Os. Sacrum, Coccygeus Os, Os. Innominata: Os ilium, os ischium, pubic os

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Gambar Jantung Manusia high size

3 Gambar Jantung Manusia high size
The affection (Latin, cor) is a hollow, hollow, able-bodied agency that pumps claret through claret argosy by repetitive adroit contractions. The appellation cardiac agency associated with the heart, from the Greek cardia to the heart. The affection is one agency that plays a role in the circulatory system. Affection Surface

The admeasurement of the animal affection added than a fist-sized developed male. The affection is a beef that consists of a distinct band of endothelium. Located in the affection of Thoracic cavity, abaft the breastbone / sternum. Cardiac anatomy and angry bottomward a little to the left.

The affection is about absolutely amidst by the lungs, but covered by a bifold film alleged the pericardium, which is absorbed to the diaphragm. The aboriginal band is carefully absorbed to the heart, admitting the alien band is added apart and watery, to abstain abrasion amid organs in the anatomy that occurs because the affiliated pumping motion of the heart.

The affection kept in abode by the claret argosy including the affection arena of compatible / flat, like at the basal and the side. Two curve pembelah (formed from the muscle) on the alien band of the affection appearance area the allotment amid the larboard and appropriate of the antechamber (the atria) & alcove (ventricle). Internal Anatomy of Heart

Internally, the affection is afar by a band of beef disconnected into two parts, from top to bottom, the two pumps. Both these pumps back bearing was never connected. Hemisphere consists of two cavities afar by a bank of the heart. It can be assured that the affection consists of four cavities, the balustrade appropriate & larboard and appropriate & larboard chambers.

Porch bank abundant thinner than the walls of the berth as the berth charge abide the force of force to pump from the basal up, abnormally in the aorta, to pump throughout the anatomy that claret vessels. Two pairs of cavities (chambers and the anteroom simultaneously) on anniversary ancillary of the affection are affiliated by a valve. Valve amid the appropriate anteroom and accommodation alleged the appropriate of the valve or valves trikuspidalis blade three. While the valve amid the larboard anteroom and larboard allowance alleged the valve or valves mitralis bifoliate.

How it Works Heart

At the time of pulsing, anniversary allowance and abounding the affection relaxes the claret (called diastole). Furthermore the affection affairs and pumps claret out of the affection (called systole). Both the balustrade to relax and arrangement simultaneously, and both accommodation additionally relax and arrangement simultaneously.

Blood is active out of oxygen and contains a lot of carbon dioxide (dirty blood) of accomplished anatomy venous breeze through the two encouraged (vena cava) to the appropriate into the foyer. After the appropriate atrium fills with blood, he would advance the claret into the appropriate chamber.

Blood from the appropriate alcove will be pumped through the pulmonary valve into the pulmonary artery, arch to the lungs. Claret will breeze through actual baby argosy (capillaries) that surrounds the air bag in the lungs, arresting oxygen and absolution carbon dioxide which again exhaled.

Blood affluent in oxygen (clean blood) breeze in the pulmonary attitude to the larboard of the foyer. Apportionment amid the appropriate ancillary of the heart, lungs and the larboard atrium alleged the pulmonary circulation.

Blood larboard in the anteroom will be apprenticed against the larboard room, which will again apple-pie the claret pumping through the aortic valve into the aorta (largest avenue in the body). This oxygen-rich claret accessible to the absolute anatomy except the lungs.

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Endocrine arrangement is a ascendancy arrangement after approach gland (Ductless), which produces hormones that broadcast in the anatomy through the bloodstream to affect added organs. Hormones act as "messenger" and agitated by the bloodstream to assorted beef in the body, which in about-face will construe the "message" into an action. Endocrine arrangement does not accommodate exocrine glands such as salivary glands, diaphoresis glands and added glands in the gastroinstestin channel.

Branch of anesthetic which studies disorders of the endocrine glands is endocrinology, a annex of medical science is broader in ambit than the disease. Secretory tissue alleged the centralized glands because the consistent compounds are not out of the body. Arrangement is disconnected into corpuscle secretory glands, lymph channels and lymph channels. Tues gland contains a array of compounds of metabolism. Channels glands are thin-walled corpuscle with a blubbery anatomy surrounding a articulation absolute compounds produced by these cells. Lymph channels composed of beef or a row of beef ability fusion, absolute resin, and basic a arrangement arrangement that permeates added tissues.

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Gambar Anatomi Tubuh Manusia Terbaru

Gambar Anatomi Tubuh Manusia Terbaru
Human analysis or anthropotomy is a appropriate acreage of abstraction in the analysis of beastly anatomy structure, while the networks advised in analysis and analysis of cells.

Human body, such as beastly body, consisting of systems, which abide of organs, which consists of a network, which consists of cells.

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Common names of internal organs (in alphabetical order):

Adrenaline - Appendix - Duodenum - Esophagus - Kidney - Liver - Heart - Gall bladder - Bladder - Skin - Groin - Spleen - Eye - Brain - Ovaries - Pancreas - Parathyroid - The lungs - Stomach - pituitary - Prostate - Rahim - Thymus - Thyroid - Colon - Veins - penis

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The bedmate and wife accept a adolescent who is difficult to await on abounding IVF programs. However, back allotment an IVF did not alone a botheration of allotment is bare but needs brainy address for affairs of success aloof 40 percent. The success of the IVF action is about 40 percent of the amount alignment from Rp 40 million. In principle, the success of IVF programs about 40-50% but this will abatement with age. In women beneath 30 years of affairs to adeptness 50%, 30-35 years of age while 35% chance, 40 years of age the success of an IVF affairs to about 10-15%, while aloft the age of 40 years 8% adventitious of living.
Woman Pregnant pictures
Failure happens usually in the action of burying an antecedent in the uterus, which is awful abased on the adeptness to bolt the uterus the embryo. Communication antecedent by the abyss sometimes not active because there is an infection or uterine uteri, polyps and cysts. Usually the doctor will echo this affairs afresh until at atomic three times afterwards acquirements the after-effects of antecedent failures. Besides cost, the mother's cerebral factors should additionally be advised for IVF action is time consuming. The mother additionally had to booty anesthetic or injections of hormones that fabricated her uncomfortable.

This tube babyish action usually takes 4-6 weeks until the applicant can be built-in in the baby's mother's womb. During this time there are several stages to go through, namely:

1. Initial assay of the mother's health, including whether a disruption of infection or not and additionally her husband.

2. Doing egg maturation date until rather ample in admeasurement and abolish it.

3. Testing the affection of sperm, if agent during sex does not appear out, it charge be taken from the testes to accomplish accessory surgery.

4. Agent fertilized egg in the laboratory.

5. A few canicule afterwards fertilization, the antecedent is built-in into the best in the womb.

6. For two weeks early, usually the -to-be mothers accept hormone injections to advice the developing embryo.

7. Afterwards that delay for the after-effects of apperception to get authoritativeness whether the woman is abundant or not.

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Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) for DHF (Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever) Treatments

Chlorella for DHF (Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever) Treatments
Still many people are concerned with the disease dengue hemorrhagic fever or DHF because of not availability of antiviral drugs and vaccines to cure. However, a group of researchers from hospitals and universities to prove substances can accelerate the healing Chlorella DHF.
The analysis of dengue is usually fabricated clinically. The archetypal account is aerial agitation with no localising antecedent of infection, a petechial adventurous with thrombocytopenia and about leukopenia - low platelet and white claret corpuscle count. Care has to be taken as analysis of DHF can affectation end date alarmist ache and carnality versa.
Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) can accelerate the healing of DHF patients and shorten the treatment period in hospital. CGF revealed clinically able to increase platelet DHF patients more progressive and fast. The study also found that the CGF able to demonstrate the concept of regenerative medicine by pressing significantly chemical oxidative stress, improve blood vessel disorders, and stimulates increased production of bone marrow function.

CGF itself is a component of natural nutrients that can boost the immune system, accelerate wound healing, enabling him to assist the healing and rejuvenating the human body, repairing cells damaged and stimulate growth of new cells and the young. CGF also able to slow the aging process because nukleatnya acid content is high. CGF was first extracted with electrophoresis using hot water by other Japanese researchers, Dr. Fujimaki in the early 1950s in Tokyo, Japan, and CGF named for its ability to support the growth of children.

Dengue Fever (DD) or which is known as Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) remains one of the most frightening specter, because often take casualties. Especially when it has entered the rainy season where the puddles left after the rain is very possible breeding Aedes aegypti mosquito, the virus spread. Most of the dengue fever patient was successfully rescued the loss of body fluids, too late to overcome a high fever, metabolic disturbances or lack of adequate nutrition intake associated with the immune system.
The mainstay of analysis is appropriate admiring analysis to accouterment shock due to hemoconcentration and bleeding. Close ecology of basic signs in analytical aeon (between day 2 to day 7 of fever) is critical. Increased articulate aqueous assimilation is recommended to anticipate dehydration. Supplementation with intravenous fluids may be all-important to anticipate aridity and cogent absorption of the claret if the accommodating is clumsy to advance articulate intake. A platelet admixture is adumbrated in attenuate cases if the platelet akin drops decidedly (below 20,000) or if there is cogent bleeding. The attendance of melena may announce centralized gastrointestinal bleeding acute platelet and/or red claret corpuscle transfusion.

Aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should be abhorred as these drugs may aggravate the bleeding addiction associated with some of these infections. Patients may accept paracetamol affairs to accord with these affection if dengue is suspected.

Fever, float problem, connected headaches, eye pain, astringent blackout and accident of appetite.

Hemorrhagic addiction (positive tourniquet test, ad-lib bruising, bleeding from mucosa, gingiva, bang sites, etc.; airsickness blood, or blood-soaked diarrhea)

Thrombocytopenia 100,000

Evidence of claret arising (hematocrit added than 20% college than expected, or bead in hematocrit of 20% or added from baseline afterward IV fluid, pleural effusion, ascites, hypoproteinemia)

Encephalitic occurrences.

Dengue shock affection is authentic as dengue hemorrhagic agitation plus:

Weak accelerated pulse,

Narrow beating burden (less than 20 mm Hg)

Cold, close bark and restlessness.
Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) for DHF (Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever)
Dependable, actual analysis of dengue can be performed in rural areas by the use of Accelerated Diagnostic Analysis kits, which additionally differentiate amid primary and accessory dengue infections. Serology and polymerase alternation acknowledgment (PCR) studies are accessible to affirm the analysis of dengue if clinically indicated. Dengue can be a activity aggressive fever.

Dengue agitation and dengue hemorrhagic agitation (DHF) are astute delirious diseases which action in the tropics, can be life-threatening, and are acquired by four carefully accompanying virus serotypes of the brand Flavivirus, ancestors Flaviviridae. It is additionally accepted as breakbone fever. It occurs broadly in the tropics, including arctic Argentina, arctic Australia, the absoluteness of Bangladesh, Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Samoa, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad, Venezuela and Vietnam, and added in southern China. Unlike malaria, dengue is aloof as accustomed in the burghal districts of its ambit as in rural areas. Each serotype is abundantly altered that there is no cross-protection and epidemics acquired by assorted serotypes (hyperendemicity) can occur. Dengue is transmitted to bodies by the Aedes aegypti or added rarely the Aedes albopictus mosquito, which augment during the day.

The WHO says some 2.5 billion people, two fifths of the world's population, are now at accident from dengue and estimates that there may be 50 actor cases of dengue infection common every year. The ache is now ancient in added than 100 countries.

Dengue fever signs and symptoms
The ache manifests as a abrupt access of astringent headache, beef and collective pains (myalgias and arthralgias—severe affliction that gives it the appellation break-bone agitation or bonecrusher disease), fever, and rash. The dengue adventurous is artlessly ablaze red petechiae and usually appears aboriginal on the lower limbs and the chest; in some patients, it spreads to awning best of the body. There may additionally be gastritis with some aggregate of associated belly pain, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Some cases advance abundant milder affection which can be misdiagnosed as affliction or added viral infection back no adventurous is present. Thus travelers from close areas may canyon on dengue inadvertently, accepting not been appropriately diagnosed at the acme of their illness. Patients with dengue can canyon on the infection alone through mosquitoes or claret articles and alone while they are still febrile. The archetypal dengue agitation lasts about two to seven days, with a abate aiguille of agitation at the abaft end of the ache (the alleged "biphasic pattern"). Clinically, the platelet calculation will bead until the patient's temperature is normal. Cases of DHF additionally appearance college fever, capricious hemorrhagic phenomena, thrombocytopenia, and hemoconcentration. A baby admeasurement of cases advance to dengue shock affection (DSS) which has a aerial bloodshed rate.

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Definition of Hernia Treatment and Pictures

Hernia Pictures
Hernia Treatment and Pictures
Hernia Pictures
Hernia Treatment and Pictures
Hernia Definition
Hernia is a protrusion of an organ or tissue due to abnormal opening in the body. Most hernias occur when a part of the intestine comes out through the abdominal wall is weak, so it looks a bulge that can be felt & palpable. Hernia can occur groin area, the navel or other parts. There is a hernia that has emerged since the birth, there is also growing in terms of months or years, but there are also hernias appear suddenly. Figure below is an illustration of a hernia.
Hernia occurs because of weakness in the abdominal wall so that the other organs like the intestine can be out. Actually not uncommon for someone to have a weakness in the abdominal wall at birth, usually a weakness in the abdominal area occurred over time or from surgery incision scars. There is pressure from the organ or tissue in a weak abdominal wall which causes tersebutlah protruding organs. Factors that may affect the abdominal wall is weak age, smoking and obesity.
Hernia can be seen & felt, we can usually feel the hernia is of such a lump or swelling around the abdomen or groin that may be lost or is still occurring when lying or when pressed. We also feel pain, which initially vague, but becomes more obvious when on the move, and the growing bump.

If the type of inguinal hernia, the common way to mengatahuinya is to find a lump around the groin, the scrotum usually be enlarged as well. These lumps are often clearly visible under the skin, and may disappear when lying down but will reappear if you're coughing, sneezing or straining during BAB. Several types of hernias are not causing pain at all, while others may cause a vague pain but it can be when doing jelast physical activity.

Sample Type Hernia
-Abdominal / Incisional Hernia
Type of abdominal hernia or ventral occurs when the intestine stressed out through a weak abdominal wall. This type of hernia is often referred to as incisional hernias because these bumps usually appear in places contained incision scars previous operations. The lump is usually formed around the abdominal area.

-Umbilical hernia
This umbilical hernia usually occurs in the vicinity of the navel & common in women during pregnancy or after.

-Inguinal Hernia
Inguinal hernia can occur on one side or on both sides of the groin or scrotum. If there is on one side is called the unilateral & when there is both sides called a bilateral. Most of the cases of hernia occurred this area & are also more common in men.

-Femoral Hernia
Hernia that occurs in women around the groin is also called a femoral hernia. A hernia occurs when there is weakness in the artery in the upper thigh.

-Hiatal Hernias
Hiatal hernia occurs when part of the stomach & esophagus through the diaphragm into the chest. The most common symptom is heartburn or feel a burning sensation around the chest is often referred to as GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). Paraesophageal hernia can occur when there is distress in the abdomen to the chest next to the esophagus, the result of depressed and can inhibit blood flow to organs or other parts.

The only way to cure a hernia is through improvements in operations. Until now there has been no drug that can overcome these conditions. Perhaps the operation can be discouraging people to treatment, especially if the hernia has not suffered too disturbing, but keep in mind that these hernias tend to get worse over time and also of the risk of complications for another. As early as possible so that treatment is recommended to be done as quickly as possible, but that consultation with the treating doctor should also be done particularly on the choice of type of operation you want done.

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