Gambar anatomi sistem reproduksi Wanita Pria

Gambar anatomi sistem reproduksi Wanita
Gambar anatomi sistem reproduksi Wanita
ANATOMY changeable organs

Female changeable organs abide of two parts:

1.struktur software

2. adamantine structures

Software anatomy

1.genetelia alien

2.genetelia centralized


Pudendal according to Vulva and changeable organs are arresting from the outside:

Monspubis, labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, VestibulaPerineum, Vsagina.

Mons pubis

Synonym: mons veneris;

Fat-covered part, amid aloft the symphysis pubis;

The bark of the mons pubis covered by the accoutrement à

pubic beard (pubic hair);

Labia majora

Homologous to the scrotum in men;

The admeasurement of the labia majora in women developed continued à 7 to 8 cm,

width of 2 to 3 cm, array 1 to 1.5 cm;

In accouchement and two nullipara à labia majora are

adjacent, multipara women added open;

The top starting from mons pubis, the lower end

the perineum posteriorly to anatomy the after commisura;

On the central of the labia majora are broadcast glands

sebaceous à absorb damp abutting to the labia


Labia minora

In nullipara women, the labia minora are not arresting à

protected by the labia majora, the multipara women à

labia minora bulging accomplished the labia majora;

Each of the labia minora consists of a attenuate tissue

moist and reddish;

The top of the labia minora will affiliate to anatomy

preputium and frenulum clitoridis, while the

below will affiliate to anatomy fourchette


An agency erogenik in women;

Homologous with the penis in males;

Consists of the glans, bulk and 2 pieces crura, with

The boilerplate breadth not beyond 2 cm;

Clitoridis glans abounding with assumption endings that

is a advocate of amative awareness


Such as almond-shaped, belted by the labia minora,

extends from the clitoris to the fourchette;

In vestibula are 6 holes, the breach

The alien urethra, introitus vagina, aperture of the gland 2 bake-apple

Bartholini, and 2 pieces annex paraurethral glands;

Bartholini glands action to bury aqueous

mukoid back there is animal stimulation;

Bartholini gland additionally prevents the access of bacilli

Neisseria gonorhoeae as able-bodied as pathogenic bacilli


Hymen (Hymen)

Connective tissue composed of collagen and elastic;

In developed women, the array varies and Hymen

individual, the bore of the aperture additionally varies from

from the allotment point of the aggravate through which can canyon

easily by feel 2 adults;

Hymen anatomy can not be acclimated to appraise whether

women anxious had started animal action or


When did the aboriginal time coition à can action

tear, usually in the after part;


Is a anatomy that muskulomembranosa

extends from the vulva and ends in the uterus;

The breadth of the antecedent bank of the vagina: 6 - 8 cm, the breadth of the bank

posterior vaginal: 7 - 10 cm;

In nullipara women, the vaginal bank abounding with

vaginal rugae, while in women or a multipara

menopausal, rugae abandon alike thinner;


Structures that absolute amid the vagina and anus;

Limited by the anatomy à muskulus Levator ani and

muskulus coccygeus;

The anatomy action to accumulate the assignment of the sphincter ani;

Important agenda back accomplishing an episiotomy;

Internal ballocks


Fallopian tube



In non-pregnant women, the uterus is amid in the accessory

pelvis, in the antecedent allocation belted by the float and

in the after allotment is bound by the rectum;

The uterus consists of the fundus, bulk and cervix;

Uterine layers of the endometrium,

myometrium and aqueous layer;

In the absence of pregnancy, uterine breadth from 6 to 8 cm in

nullipara women and 9 women -10 cm in multipara


The weight of the uterus 50 to 70 grams in women who are not pregnant) and

> 80 g in abundant women;

Uterus can abutment the weight up to 5 liters;

Cervical = porsio à allotment of the uterus into the

à vagina has acceptation in agreement of cervical blight

Position maintained by the bond of the uterus-ligament:

the ample ligament, annular ligament, the ligamentum

infundibulopelvikum, ligamentum ovarii-proprii, bond



Vaskularisasi uterus from the uterine avenue

is the capital annex of the centralized illiaka avenue (artery

hipogastrika internal);

Approximately 2 cm crabbed from the cervix, uterine avenue

and uterine veins bisect with ureteric à attention

à surgical action is about too clamps or


Fallopian tube

The breadth varies: 8 - 14 cm;

Consists of 4 genitalia namely: interstitialis Pars, Pars isthmica;

Pars ampullaris and infundibulum tubae (fimbriae);

Pars à interstitialis is allotment of the tubes that

into accessory uteri;

Pars à isthmica average allotment of the tube and

is the best attenuated area with a bore

2 to 3 mm;

Fallopian tube

Pars à allotment ampullaris best advanced tubes with

diameter of 5 to 8 mm;

Infundibulum tubae (fimbriae) à annex of the fallopian tubes

function to abduction the egg corpuscle (ovum) is appear

by the ovary;

Fallopian tube film lined by columnar beef that



Women about accept two ovaries, the appropriate and


Ovarian size: breadth 2.5 to 5 cm, amplitude 1.5 to 3 cm and

thick, 0.6 to 1.5 cm;

The ovary is an egg-producing cells, in which one or

two eggs (ova) will complete anniversary ages à

follikel de Graff;

When he was born, she has a assets of ovum

100,000 pieces in the ovaries, back absolved à menopause



Os. Sacrum, Coccygeus Os, Os. Innominata: Os ilium, os ischium, pubic os