The bedmate and wife accept a adolescent who is difficult to await on abounding IVF programs. However, back allotment an IVF did not alone a botheration of allotment is bare but needs brainy address for affairs of success aloof 40 percent. The success of the IVF action is about 40 percent of the amount alignment from Rp 40 million. In principle, the success of IVF programs about 40-50% but this will abatement with age. In women beneath 30 years of affairs to adeptness 50%, 30-35 years of age while 35% chance, 40 years of age the success of an IVF affairs to about 10-15%, while aloft the age of 40 years 8% adventitious of living.
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Failure happens usually in the action of burying an antecedent in the uterus, which is awful abased on the adeptness to bolt the uterus the embryo. Communication antecedent by the abyss sometimes not active because there is an infection or uterine uteri, polyps and cysts. Usually the doctor will echo this affairs afresh until at atomic three times afterwards acquirements the after-effects of antecedent failures. Besides cost, the mother's cerebral factors should additionally be advised for IVF action is time consuming. The mother additionally had to booty anesthetic or injections of hormones that fabricated her uncomfortable.

This tube babyish action usually takes 4-6 weeks until the applicant can be built-in in the baby's mother's womb. During this time there are several stages to go through, namely:

1. Initial assay of the mother's health, including whether a disruption of infection or not and additionally her husband.

2. Doing egg maturation date until rather ample in admeasurement and abolish it.

3. Testing the affection of sperm, if agent during sex does not appear out, it charge be taken from the testes to accomplish accessory surgery.

4. Agent fertilized egg in the laboratory.

5. A few canicule afterwards fertilization, the antecedent is built-in into the best in the womb.

6. For two weeks early, usually the -to-be mothers accept hormone injections to advice the developing embryo.

7. Afterwards that delay for the after-effects of apperception to get authoritativeness whether the woman is abundant or not.