Nyamuk Aides Aigepty-Nyamuk Demam Berdarah/DBD

Nyamuk Aides Aigepty-Nyamuk Demam Berdarah/DBD
Dengue agitation (DB) or dengue hemorrhagic agitation (DHF) are astute febril ache begin in close areas, with geographic administration agnate to malaria. The ache is acquired by one of the four serotypes of the virus from the brand Flavivirus, ancestors Flaviviridae. Each serotype is altered abundant so that no cross-protection and epidemics acquired by several serotypes (hiperendemisitas) can occur. Dengue agitation is advance to bodies by the mosquito Aedes aegypti. SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS

Dengue Virus

The ache is adumbrated by the actualization of agitation suddenly, accompanied by astringent headaches, affliction in joints and anatomy (myalgia and arthralgia) and rashes; adventurous of dengue agitation accept a appropriate ablaze red, petekial and usually appear aboriginal on the lower anatomy - the some patients, it advance to awning about the absolute body. In addition, abdomen ulcers could additionally appear with the aggregate of belly pain, nausea, airsickness or diarrhea, balmy colds with coughing. This active action needs to be addressed with a ample ability of the accommodating or ancestors to argue a doctor anon if the accommodating / accommodating accomplished a aerial agitation 3 canicule in a row. Many patients or accommodating families experiencing a baleful action because he advised balmy symptoms.

Dengue agitation is about the breadth of about six or seven canicule with a agitation that peaks action at the abate end of fever. Clinically, the platelet calculation will abatement until the accommodating is advised afebril.

After the shoot / evolution for 3 - 15 canicule the adulterated being can acquaintance / ache from this ache in one of the afterward 4 forms:

Abortif form, the accommodating does not feel any of the symptoms.

Classical dengue, the accommodating had aerial agitation for 4 to 7 days, pain, cartilage pain, followed by the actualization of spots or patches of bleeding beneath the skin.

Dengue Haemorrhagic Agitation (Dengue Agitation dengue / DHF) affection agnate to archetypal dengue additional bleeding from the adenoids (epistaksis / nosebleeds), mouth, anus, etc..

Dengue Shock Syndrome, affection agnate to dengue shock additional / presyok. These forms generally advance to death.

Because of common bleeding and shock, again the ache bloodshed amount is high, accordingly any accommodating doubtable of accepting dengue agitation ache in any akin charge be taken to a doctor or hospital, accustomed the accountable to the shock / death.

The account of dengue agitation shows college fever, bleeding, thrombocytopenia and hemokonsentrasi. A cardinal of baby cases can advance to dengue shock affection which has a aerial bloodshed rate.