New news: Is Amber Pregnant?

Is Amber Pregnant: latets news updates, Is Amber Pregnant,is amber pregnant again, farrah pauly d, 16 and pregnant season 2 cast, mtv schedule, are maci and ryan still together ,FOR Kinglake West couple Michele Moore and Des Deas, the birth of their new daughter Amber Melanie is a shining light in an otherwise dark year.

The baby girl, born on December 8, was named after the “amber glow” of the Black Saturday bushfires is one of the first Kinglake children to be conceived and born following the devastation of last February.
Her middle name is after a family friend who died during the fires.
At 48, Michele describes her new daughter as her “miracle baby”.
“I had lost all fight and wasn’t looking forward to anything,” Michele said of the months following the fires.
“But Amber has restored our faith and made us prepared to put up a fight to get our life back.”
The couple lost their Kinglake West mechanics and children’s clothing shop in the Black Saturday fires, but said it had been a long and frustrating road to try to rebuild.
“We have been having trouble with the insurance company and are trying to rebuild on grant money,” she said.
“But there is a lot of red tape to get through. It’s been tough.”
The SES volunteer estimates Amber was conceived about six weeks after the bushfires struck. But she did not learn of her pregnancy until five months later.
“I had been unwell and put this down to the stress of our situation,” she said.
“I was about five months in when I felt something move in my tummy. I went to the doctor and sure enough I was pregnant.”