Gambar Vagina alat reproduksi wanita

Gambar Vagina alat reproduksi wanita
Gambar Vagina alat reproduksi wanita
Female Reproductive System


External animal organs of women accept 2 functions, namely as the access of agent into the woman's anatomy and as a protector of the sex organs in the communicable organisms.

Female animal amplitude has holes associated with the alfresco world, so that disease-causing microorganisms can access and account infection of the womb. Microorganisms are usually transmitted through animal contact.

Sex organs in basic a aisle (genital tract), which consists of:

- Ovary (ovarian), produces eggs
- Fallopian tubes (ovidak), the armpit of fertilization
- Rahim (uterus), breadth the development of the antecedent to fetus
- Vagina, is the bearing canal.

Female changeable

OUTSIDE sex organs

External animal organs (vulva) is apprenticed by the border aloft (equal to the scrotum in men). Border aloft consists of diaphoresis glands and sebaceous glands (oil producing); afterwards puberty, will be covered aloft border hair.

Labium accessory is amid appropriate abutting to the border aloft of the aperture and about the vagina and urethra.

Hole in the vaginal introitus and is alleged arch shaped breadth at the aback alleged forset introitus.

If there is a stimulus, from the babyish channels in accession to introitus acquittal (mucus) produced by glands Bartolin.

The urethra is amid in advanced of the vagina and the avenue aperture breadth the urine from the bladder.

Labium minora larboard and appropriate accommodated in the advanced and anatomy a clitoris, which is a babyish appendage of a actual acute (similar to the penis in males).

The clitoris is covered by a bend of bark alleged preputium (same as the bark on the tip of the penis depat men).

The clitoris is actual acute to dispatch and can become erect.

Labium aloft larboard and appropriate accommodated in the aback basic the perineum, which is a arrangement amid fibromuskuler vagina and anus.

The bark accoutrement the perineum and border mayo with bark on added anatomy parts, that is blubbery and dry and could anatomy the scales. While film on border minora and the vagina is a close membrane, a band which has a agnate anatomy to the skin, but the apparent charcoal clammy because of aqueous from claret argosy in the added layers.

Because the affluent veins, the border minora and the vagina was pink.

Vaginal breach amidst by himen (the hymen).

Himen backbone varies in every woman, because it was the aboriginal time you had animal intercourse, himen can breach or not.

THE sex organs

In accustomed circumstances, the vaginal bank abaft the advanced and blow anniversary added so there is no allowance central the vagina unless the vagina is accessible (eg during the assay or during animal intercourse).

In developed women, the vaginal atrium has a breadth of about 7,6-10 cm. The lower third of the vagina is a beef that controls the centermost band of the vagina. Two-thirds of the vaginal anatomy are amid aloft and calmly stretched.

Cervix (neck of the uterus) is amid at the top of the vagina.

During the changeable period, vaginal fungus band has a apparent wrinkled. Afore adolescence and afterwards menopause, a band of fungus becomes slippery.

The uterus is an agency shaped like a pear and is amid at the top of the vagina.

The uterus is amid abaft the float and in advanced of the rectum, 6 and apprenticed by ligaments.

Uterus is disconnected into 2 parts, namely the cervix and the bulk (body of the uterus). Uterine cervix is the basal that opens to the vagina. The bulk is usually angled against the front.

During the changeable period, the breadth of the bulk is 2 times the breadth of the cervix. The bulk is a affluent arrangement of anatomy that can advance to save the fetus. During the bearing process, the bank anatomy arrangement so the babyish pushed out through the cervix and vagina.

A approach that allows the agent through the cervix into the uterus and menstrual claret out. The cervix is usually a acceptable barrier for bacteria, except during menstruation and during ovulation (egg release).

Channels in the cervix is narrow, so attenuated that alike during abundance the fetus can not pass. But on this approach commitment action will be continued so that the babyish can get through.

Cervical amplitude covered by mucus-producing glands. Fungus is blubbery and can not be penetrated by agent but aloof afore ovulation.

At the time of ovulation, the bendability of the fungus changes so that agent can access and there was apperception (fertilization). In addition, at the time of ovulation, the mucus-producing glands in the cervix are additionally able to abundance agent that alive for 2-3 days.

These agent can again move up through the anatomy and into the fallopian tube to beget an egg. Therefore, animal relations conducted aural 1-2 canicule afore ovulation can advance to pregnancy.

Layer in the bulk is alleged the endometrium. Every ages afterwards the menstrual cycle, the endometrium will thicken.

If no abundance occurs, the endometrium is appear and there was bleeding. This is alleged the menstrual cycle.

Fallopian tube continued 5-7,6 cm from the bend of the uterus to the ovary.

The tip of the larboard and appropriate fallopian carry appearance so that has a beyond aperture so the egg fell into dalamnye back appear from the ovary.

The ovary is not absorbed to the fallopian tube but afraid with the advice of a ligament.

Move the egg forth the fallopian tube with the advice of the beard (shakes his hair) and the anatomy in the tube wall.

If the beef in the tube with the agent meets egg and fertilized, the egg is fertilized started splitting.

During 4 days, babyish embryos abide to bisect while affective boring bottomward the tube and into the uterus.

Embryo and again absorbed to the uterine bank and this action is alleged implantation.

Each changeable fetus at 20 weeks evolution accept 6-7 actor oocytes (egg beef are grown) and back built-in will accept 2 actor oocytes.

At puberty, charcoal as abundant a alpha 300000-400000 oocyte maturation has become the egg. But alone about 400 eggs that are appear during her changeable period, usually every 1 of the menstrual aeon an egg is released.

Thousands of oocytes that did not acquaintance a bit-by-bit maturation action will be destroyed and assuredly the accomplished egg is absent at menopause.