How to catch fleas at dog Hair Pictures

Catch fleas at dog hair Pictures
Fleas attack a dog will not indiscriminately, whether ordinary dog, or dog races, dog short hair or long hair.
I for 3 years as a businessman seriously anakkan Purebred chow chow dog, both derived from their own breeding or buying from other farmers throughout Indonesia. not uncommon that anakkan class, lice been dancing casually ria and with life in a way to suck the blood of the body anjing.kecil.
what I do is to clean the cage once or bed of the dog cage that will occupy it.
because the place was dirty and not kept clean, even free dog fleas, lice would be caught quickly.
how do I clean the cage?
I used to use Rinso powder, then brushed to clean the cage and had to clean it, then rinse thoroughly and must be dry. If moss is usually brushed and cleaned by using a new porstex then brush again using Rinso powder. and most importantly must be dried and drying that may take place until dry.
what about the dog's body has been dominated by ticks? is a regular bath
dogs in good health I would bathe with warm water, because the warm water, will remove the grime grime on the basis of dirty skin, if necessary use the brush very soft fur that does not shed hair and skin does not hurt. while bathed lice can be seen clearly that the dog hiding behind the hair and immediately taken alone but should not be killed with a squeeze or until the bleeding, because blood in the flea, save a lot of lice and eggs when the water carried away, will live again and hid dilubang gutters, and will run back into the cage and landed dogs body, at the time the dog to sleep.
If lice are too many dogs, can be done also by means of the treatment are: injection / injection done by a vet, or can be done individually by using 0.5 ml of ivomex-dependent 2ml of the dogs and severity of attacks lice.
ivomex, in addition to the menbantu outside fleas, lice also live in the blood of dogs. besides it also can cure skin diseases caused by fleas.
Most importantly, for this treatment, the dog was in good health should be diligent bathed with warm water, because if you clean the dog skin, lice usually unwilling to live in the dog.
I am a businessman in particular puppy chow chow, rarely and almost never deal with lice, because the previous place I can freely say lice and every dog that will go to my place, I would have a strict selection, both fleas, health, and should first bath.
for regular treatment with flea medication, almost never because I always chow chow bath routine 2 times 1 week, unless other problems, I use my new flea medicine drops.
I do again, if removed ticks on the body 1 dog, I usually give 1 drop of eucalyptus oil on flea bites, so that no minor irritation persists.
so do I exterminate lice are very effective to apply to pets. but this is all purely my version, and of course everyone has their own way to eradicate head lice on pets.
The characteristics of fleas
• adult fleas brownish-black, but black looks rosy after a blood meal.
• Fleas adult 3-4mm long.
• Larvae are white legless white and up to 5 mm in length.
Life cycle
• Fleas through 4 stages of life cycle: egg, larva, pupa, adult.
• Larvae are longer than adult fleas and eating particles of dried blood, body waste, and organic objects collected in a heap.
• Average body laterally, it allows lice to move easily through the fur. The backbone behind the body lice, so the animals to survive in the parent during the marriage took place.
• Adult fleas eat blood of dogs and cats, they sometimes bite humans.
• Fleas are vectors of Dogs Dog Tapeworm, Dipylidium caninum, which can also be transmitted to humans.
• Because they can jump about 6 inches, they can move from one parent to another parent. They also inhabit the garden of grass land.
• The crowd of lice can be annoying in general health, causing itching, redness, hair loss, skin infections or allergic to flea saliva.
Fleas Prtection treatments
For humans

The agog associated with flea bites can be advised with anti-itch creams, usually antihistaminics or hydrocortisone. Calamine balm has been apparent to be able for itching. Additionally a ablution with TCP and bicarbonate of soda has been begin to abate the itching.

For pets

Flea and beat repellant crumb activated to a White German Shepherd dog

Modern flea ascendancy is approached application Integrated Pest Management (IPM) protocols at the host (pet) level. IPM is accomplished by targeting fleas at at atomic two abstracted activity stages, with at atomic two abstracted molecules. This is about accomplished application an adulticide to annihilate developed fleas and a insect development inhibitor (IDI), like lufenuron, or insect advance regulator (IGR), like methoprene, to anticipate development of adolescent stages. The fleas, their larvae, or their eggs can be controlled with insecticides. Lufenuron is a veterinary alertness (Program) that attacks the abecedarian flea's adeptness to aftermath chitin but does not annihilate fleas. Flea medicines charge to be acclimated with affliction as many, abnormally the acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, additionally affect mammals. Popular brands of topicals that do not accommodate cholinesterase inhibitors accommodate Advantage, Advantix, Frontline and Frontline PLUS. In 2008, three next-generation flea articles accomplished the market: Promeris, Comfortis, and Vectra 3D.

Cedar oil, a non-toxic accustomed substance. has been accurate able in the abolishment of infestations in pets and is non-toxic. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accept accustomed formulations in the U.S., including Cedarcide and Greenlight 3-Step Flea & Beat Ascendancy Program.

Since added that three abode of a flea's activity is spent about added than on the pet, it is not able to amusement alone the pet for fleas. It is important to amusement the animal's ambiance also. Thorough vacuuming, abrasion linens in hot water, and alleviative all pets in the domiciliary are essential.

For the home

Combating a flea bane in the home takes backbone as for every flea begin on an beastly there are abounding added developing in the home. A spot-on insecticide, such as Advantage, Frontline, or Revolution will annihilate the fleas on the pet and in about-face the pet itself will be a ambulant flea allurement and mop up anew hatched fleas. The ambiance should be advised with a fogger or aerosol insecticide absolute an insect advance regulator, such as pyriproxyfen or methoprene to annihilate eggs and pupae, which are absolutely aggressive adjoin insecticides. Frequent vacuuming is additionally helpful, but the exhaustion bag charge be disposed of anon afterwards.