Biliary atresia - Atresia Bilier Treatment and Definitions

DEFINITIONS of Biliary atresia

Biliary atresia/Atresia Bilier is a action area the acerbity ducts were not formed or did not advance normally. The action of the acerbity arrangement is to abolish decay articles from the alarmist and acerbity alkali carriage is bare to abstract fat in the babyish intestine.
Biliary atresia occurs at the blockage of acerbity breeze from the alarmist to the gallbladder. This can account alarmist accident and cirrhosis of the liver, which if basic can be fatal.

CAUSE of Biliary atresia

Biliary atresia is due to the aberrant development of the acerbity ducts central and alfresco the liver. But the account of the development of biliary amplitude disorders is unknown.
Biliary atresia is begin in 1 of 15,000 births.

SYMPTOMS of Biliary atresia

Symptoms usually arise aural 2 weeks afterwards birth, namely:

- Baby urine aphotic
- Pale stool
- Yellow bark
- Does not access weight or weight accretion was apathetic
- Continued liver.

By the time the babyish alcove the age of 2-3 months, will action the afterward symptoms:

- Disruption of advance
- Itching
- Fussy
- High claret burden in the aperture attitude (the claret argosy that backpack claret from the stomach, belly and annoyance to the liver).

Diagnosis of Biliary atresia

Diagnosis based on affection and concrete assay results.
On assay the abdomen, continued alarmist palpable.

The accepted checks:
Claret tests (there are animated levels of bilirubin)
Abdominal ultrasound
X-rays of the belly (liver was enlarged)
Liver biopsy
Laparotomy (usually done afore the 2-month-old baby).

TREATMENT of Biliary atresia

The best action is to alter the acerbity ducts that cesspool acerbity into the intestine. But this action is alone accessible in 5-10% of patients.
To skip biliary atresia and alarmist anon connects with the babyish intestine, anaplasty is alleged the Kasai procedure.
Surgery will be acknowledged if done afore the 8-week-old infant.
This anaplasty is usually alone a acting analysis and eventually charge a alarmist displace performed.