Gambar Penis Alat Reproduksi Pria

Gambar Penis Alat Reproduksi Pria
Male Reproductive System of the male reproductive system includes the reproductive organs, spermatogenesis and hormones on
Reproductive organs

Reproductive organs of macho changeable organs central and alfresco the changeable organs. Changeable organs in In the macho changeable organs abide of testes, lymph channels and accessories expenditure. Testes testes (male gonads) oval-shaped and is amid aural pelir sac (scrotum). Amounted to a brace of testes (testes = plural). Testes are in the anatomy to the larboard and right. Larboard and appropriate testis is belted by a awning that consists of affiliation tissue fibers and bland muscle. Testicular action in accepted is a apparatus to aftermath agent and macho sex hormones called testosterone. Bulk approach Approach expenditures on the macho changeable organs abide of epididymis, vas deferens, acclamation and urethral tract. Epididymis epididymis is a meandering approach in the scrotum is out of the testes. Epididymis numbered brace on the appropriate and left. Epididymal function as a acting accumulator of agent until the agent matures and moves against the vas deferens. Vas deferens vas deferens, or agent approach (ductus deferens) is a beeline band that leads to the and a assiduity of the epididymis. The vas deferens is not absorbed to the testis and the end of the approach is in the prostate gland. Vas deferens serves as a approach area the aisle of agent from the epididymis into the sac bags of adhesive or berry (seminal vesicles). Approach Approach acclamation acclamation is a abbreviate channel cement bag connects with the urethra. This approach serves to abolish the agent to access into urethra. Urethra The urethra is the end of the changeable amplitude independent in the penis. The urethra serves as a genital amplitude acquired from the adhesive accoutrements and channels to abolish urine from the bladder. Glands Accessories for the agent through the channels of expenditure, there is the accession of the consistent acrylic sex by gland accessories. These resins serve to advance the chain of activity and pergerakakan sperm. Gland accent sex gland that is composed of seminal vesicles, prostate gland and glands Cowper. The seminal vesicles The seminal vesicles or accoutrements of adhesive (bag seed) is a acclimatized gland which is amid abaft the bladder. Bank of the seminal vesicles aftermath aliment substances that are food antecedent for sperm. Prostate gland prostate gland about the top of the urethra and is amid in the below the bladder. Prostate gland produces sap that contains cholesterol, alkali and phospholipid that role for agent survival. Cowper's gland Cowper's glands (glands bulbouretra) is glands that absolute channels to the urethra. Cowper gland produces acrid sap (base). Reproductive organs of Foreign alien macho changeable organs abide of the penis and scrotum. Penis penis consists of three cavities network absolute sponges. Two cavities are amid at the top of the blot tissue of the bulk cavernous. One cavity afresh at the basal of the anatomy of blot tissue accoutrement the bulk spongiosum urethra. Urethra on penile arrect tissue is amidst by a cavity-sockets accommodate abounding claret argosy and ujungujung
sensitive nerves. If there is a stimulus, the atrium is abounding with claret so that the penis becomes tense and aggrandize (erection). Scrotum The scrotum (sac pelir) is the sac that contains the testes. Scrotum numbered pair, the appropriate scrotum and the larboard scrotum. In amid the scrotum and the appropriate of the larboard scrotum limited the insulation in the anatomy of affiliation tissue and bland beef (dartos muscle). Dartos beef action to move the scrotum so that it can coil up and relax. In the scrotum additionally tedapat beef fibers basic from the transmission abdominal bank alveolate muscle, alleged beef kremaster. These anatomy act as a regulator of testicular temperature ambiance in order
condition is stable. The action of agent accumulation (spermatogenesis) requires a abiding temperature, ie some degrees lower than anatomy temperature. Spermatogenesis Spermatogenesis occurs in the in the testes, rather the seminiferous tubules. Spermatogenesis involves maturation beginning epithelium beef through a process cell analysis and differentiation, which aims to membentu anatomic sperm. Corpuscle maturation occurs in seminiferous tubules are again stored in the epididymis. Seminiferous tubule walls are composed of affiliation tissue and germinal epithelium tissue (epithelial tissue of seeds) are activity at the time of spermatogenesis. Shuttle-shuttle seminiferous tubules present in the testis spaces (lobular testis). One testicle usually contains about 250 testicular lobules. Seminiferous tubules abide of a ample bulk of beginning epithelial beef (epithelial beef of seeds) is called spermatogonia (spermatogonia = single). Spermatogonia are amid in two or three alien layers of epithelial beef of tubules seminiferous. Spermatogonia bisect connected to carbon themselves, some of the spermatogonia differentiated through the stages of development to anatomy a agent specific. In the aboriginal stage spermatogenesis, the spermatogonia are diploid (2n or 23 chromosomes absolute pairs), aggregate in edge of the film alleged the beginning epithelium of spermatogonia blazon A. Spermatogenia blazon A breach in mitosis into spermatogonia blazon B. Then, afterwards a brace of times splitting, these beef eventually become spermatocytes primers which are still diploid. Afterwards casual a few weeks, anniversary primary spermatocyte divides the meiosis to anatomy two accessory spermatocytes are haploid. Accessory spermatocytes again divide again by meiosis to anatomy four spermatids. Spermatids are candidates who accept not agent tails and are haploid (n or 23 chromosomes that accommodate unpaired). Anniversary spermatids to differentiate into spermatozoa (sperm). The action of change spermatids into agent alleged spermiasi. Back spermatids first formed, spermatids accept a appearance like epithelial cells. However, afterwards the spermatids began lengthening into sperm, it would arise anatomy consisting of active and tails. Agent arch consists of a blubbery amount cells with little cytoplasm. At the film apparent at the end of the agent arch is a blubbery veil called akrosom. Akrosom contains hyaluronidase and proteinase enzymes that action to penetrate protective band of the ovum. In the agent appendage accident agent is amid in the average sperm. Body sperm contains mitochondria that functions as a ambassador of activity for agent motility. date of spermatogenesis is due to the access of Sertoli beef that accept specific functions to provide food and adapt the action of spermatogenesis. Hormones in Macho spermatogenesis action angry by a cardinal of hormones, namely testosterone, LH (Luteinizing Hormone), FSH (follicle aesthetic hormone), estrogen and hormone growth. Testosterone testosterone buried by Leydig beef amid amid seminiferous tubules. Hormones This is important for corpuscle analysis date of antibody beef to anatomy sperm, abnormally meiotic analysis to form accessory spermatocytes. LH (Luteinizing Hormone) LH is buried by the antecedent pituitary gland. LH function stimulates the Leydig beef to bury testosterone FSH (follicle aesthetic hormone) FSH is additionally buried by cells of the antecedent pituitary gland and stimulates the activity Sertoli cells. Without this stimulation, the about-face of spermatids
become agent (spermiasi) will not happen. Estrogen Estrogen is formed by Sertoli beef back angry by FSH. Sertoli beef additionally bury an androgen bounden protein that binds testosterone and estrogen and bring them into the aqueous in the seminiferous tubules. Both these hormones are accessible for the maturation of sperm.
Growth hormone Advance hormone bare to adapt the metabolism of testicular function. Hormones specifically enhance the advance of aboriginal break in spermatogenesis. Disturbances in the system Reproductive Macho Hypogonadism Hypogonadism is a abatement in testicular action acquired by interference interaction of hormones, such as androgen and testosterone hormones. These disorders account infertility, abstention and not signs kepriaan. Handling can be done with hormone therapy. Kriptorkidisme Kriptorkidisme is the abortion of one or both testes to alight from the belly atrium into the scrotum in infancy. This it can be advised with hormone animal chorionic gonadotropin to activate terstoteron. If have not appear down, too, performed the surgery. Urethritis Urethritis is an deepening of the urethra with affection of agog in the penis and accepted urination. The best accepted bacilli causing urethritis is Chlamydia trachomatis, Ureplasma urealyticum or canker viruses. Prostatitis Prostatitis is deepening of the prostate. The account may be bacteria, like Escherichia coli bacilli or not. Epididymitis epididymitis is an infection that generally occurs in male changeable tract. Bacilli account epididymitis is E. coli and Chlamydia. Orchitis orchitis is inflammation of the testes acquired by a virus Parotitis. If you appear to developed males may cause infertility.