Wyeth Biofactors System Nutrients Definitions and Functions

Human milk has continued been accustomed as the gold accepted for agriculture babies. What’s in breast milk that makes it so special? It’s a circuitous alloy of over 200 biofactors. Supporting Healthy Development Today And A Approaching Full Of Potential.
Biofactors are nutrients and capacity that enhance growth, health, and development. Although anniversary biofactor is alone important, the different aggregate of biofactors is what makes animal milk ideal. Since its ancestry about a aeon ago, Wyeth Diet has consistently approved to bout the comestible backdrop of animal milk as carefully as possible. Through decades of accurate study, we accept articular abounding of the key biofactors in animal milk and congenital them into our baby formula. Along the way, our scientists accept apparent added about how children’s diet needs change as they grow. So Wyeth Diet has advised three avant-garde formulas — PROMIL GOLD, PROGRESS GOLD, and PROMISE GOLD — anniversary with biofactors that optimally clothing a accurate date of development.

Each Wyeth Biofactors System formula has been designed to:

- Support growth

- Support motor development

- Support optimal beheld development

- Support optimal brainy development

- Support optimal assimilation and metabolism

- Promote acceptable health

Wyeth Diet believes that no one additive makes a blueprint different compared to added formulas. Rather, it’s the optimal aggregate of biofactors in counterbalanced amounts that supports your child’s bloom and development today and enhances approaching potential.

Read added about these biofactors and ask your doctor or bloom affliction able about how you can accommodate the best accessible alpha for your child.