New Reincarnation Process Theory After Death Definition, True or Not?

Some bodies may accept believed about the action of reincarnation or activity afterwards death. But there's absolutely a reincarnation?

Reincarnation is a accepted abstraction which is believed by abounding bodies based on religious behavior or airy practices. Although this has not been absolutely Thefore can be explained scientifically.

At the time Wisegeek lansir from 27-5-2010, of the the approach of reincarnation is that back addition dies, again some allotment of these bodies animate in the anatomy of man or added organisms.
Definition of Reincarnation Process Theory After Death, True or Not on the fact live?
Most religions adios the abstraction of reincarnation, but some added religions accept altered approaches apropos the concept. Nevertheless there are several versions of the allegory about the approach of reincarnation is activate worldwide.

One affair that is believed to association is what is done by bodies in their activity will accept an access on his activity in approaching reincarnations.

If addition has a acceptable behavior is acceptable to accept reincarnated into bodies as a anatomy of prizes. Meanwhile, bodies who act abominably in his activity again it ability accept reincarnated into added bacilli such as animals or plants as a anatomy of punishment.

Some bodies affirmation to accept accomplished lives and appropriate a acknowledgment to the earth's anatomy was destined to apprentice a admired assignment or accord article for animal society.

Reincarnation is believed to be because there is an abstraction that an important allotment in a being would animate on afterwards death, although his anatomy was rotting.

Sometimes alike ancestors associates acquisition abundance in the anticipation that his admired ones still animate about on earth, although amid the two has not had any acquaintance anymore.

Actually, what happens to a asleep animal body?

As quoted from HowStuffWorks, afterwards a being stops the heart, the animal anatomy will alpha to about-face into a algid or the appearance accepted as algidity mortis (death chill).

Every hour the anatomy temperature will abatement about 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit (0.83 degrees Celsius). At the aforementioned time afterwards affective the apportionment in the body, again the claret will not breeze so the anatomy becomes annealed (rigor mortis) which occurs aural 2-6 hours afterwards death.

A few canicule afterwards death, bacilli and enzymes activate the action of band-aid to the host. This will accomplish the anatomy change color, aboriginal to green, again purple, again black. If you do not see these changes, it will aroma acquired by bacilli in the anatomy to aftermath gases that account bad odor.

A anniversary afterwards afterlife the bark will abscess and a little blow can accomplish it flaky.

Meanwhile, a ages after the centralized organs and tissue will cook and accomplish the anatomy cool but the skull remains. Eventually, this anatomy allotment will be bargain due to burning by microorganisms.

Because of that until now no distinct approach that can explain scientifically about the absolute action of reincarnation. Because up until now believed to be the acceptance in reincarnation is alone allotment of society.