Why is the black dot/mole in the Eye Ball, But Can Change Benign Malignant

Mole usually begin in the bark about face, hands, anxiety or added anatomy parts. But there are some bodies who accept a birthmark on the eyeball. Bahayakah birthmark in the eye?

Mole is a assurance of complete due to ancestry or to abound due to alien factors. Moles are usually atramentous or amber blush that occurs because of a accretion of colorant in the skin.

In some people, moles growing in her eyes. Birthmark in the eye is usually in the anatomy of atramentous spots about her eyes and a complete factor. This birthmark is amiable and harmless, except that sometimes it can about-face into malignant. Birthmark in the eye can become cancerous due to ancestral factors and activate factors such as baleful aliment burning (flavor or MSG), apparent to ultraviolet radiation and viral infections. Birthmark in the eye about does not baffle with vision, for not growing in band of eyes as allotment of the cornea and iris.

Mole who had cancerous tumors or account cancer, like melanoma. But according to Dr Virna, amiable or cancerous birthmark on the eye, sometimes not account any complaints by the patient. But there are additionally complaints that acquainted like a birthmark grows, changes color, and itchy.

Mole in the eyes of the alley could be removed with surgery, depending on the area of growth. Back the birthmark that grows alone in the cornea, it is actual accessible to do surgery.

But back developed in band of sight, should be done added tests by optometrists, for a birthmark that grows in the aisle of eyes can account blindness.

When the birthmark in the eye advancing enough, do bigger in anatomical anatomy tests, to be accepted aloof how angry a birthmark that grows in the eye. And for that crave appointment with an ophthalmologist.