Are Bananas Can Be Preventing AIDS virus?

Researchers conducted a array of means in adjustment to stop the advance of HIV AIDS virus. Apparently bananas allegedly a key role in new treatments to assure themselves from the AIDS virus.

In class experiments, advisers begin that one of the capacity independent in the assistant BanLec aforementioned has able abeyant with two anti-HIV drugs.

Researchers accept this could be acclimated as an bargain analysis and potentially save millions of lives. BanLec actual is independent lectin, which is a accustomed actinic begin in plants and advantageous to action infection.

Researchers from the United States begin that the lectin independent in a assistant can arrest HIV infection by blocking access of bacilli into the body. BanLec formed in the protein envelope (envelope) that blanket from the HIV abiogenetic material.

Dailymail appear that 'The botheration has been accident in some HIV drugs is the adeptness of the virus to adapt to become aggressive (immune). But this would be difficult to action if there is attendance of lectins, "said advance researcher Michael Swason from the University of Michigan '. Swason abacus lectin can bind to the amoroso begin in altered places of the HIV-1 envelope and the achievability that this could accomplish the virus difficult to accomplish alteration . The after-effects of this abstraction will be appear in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Based on abstracts in the class advisers accept BanLec can action as able as two anti-HIV drugs are currently in use is T-20 and maraviroc. Currently Swason and the aggregation is developing a action to change the BanLec and authoritative it acceptable for animal patients.

The advisers accept this actual can be acclimated abandoned or acclimated in affiliation with anti-HIV drugs. In fact, this biologic is believed to be absolutely acknowledged and the abeyant to save millions of lives about the world. Currently the advance of new HIV infections added and is accepted not all HIV patients can get anti-HIV drugs.

"HIV is still aggressive in the United States and alike in some poor countries it continues to be a abiding problem. Because HIV can abate the affection of activity of sufferers," said Prof. David Marvovits from the University of Michigan Medical School.