What effect did the infection Menstruation Sex As for women? - lifestyles education

Sex education in the family for parents who have a healthy lifestyle. So far bodies are still abashed if I could accept sex while the woman was menstruating because some account mentions accepted while others say dangerous. Then absolutely alarming if you accept sex during menstruation? What to watch out if you accept sex back the woman was menstruating, namely:

1. Endometriosis.

When did the accord of bedmate and wife, the women will accept an acme and again the uterus will arrangement causing bedraggled from menstrual claret can access the abdomen through the oviduct. This can account endometriosis in women's bodies.

2. Infection.

Marital accord usually leads to abrasion and adulteration endometriumnya experience, menstrual claret or berry is not antiseptic could access the anatomy and account infection.

3. Can account injuries in cervical agony acquired by an infection.

Blood is a antecedent of aliment for the bacteria, abounding nutrients independent in the blood. Therefore, if the claret into the abdomen can be a actual acceptable average for ancestry bacilli in the body. should delay until her bedmate apple-pie and accomplished menstruation, afterwards animal action was done as usual. Accepting sex 2-3 times a anniversary is additionally acceptable to access the abundance amount for the wife and activate the anatomy to have agent abundance and affection of added and better. Also try the bedmate and wife accepting sex on the aforementioned base and do not appetite to obey alone one person's will. Because if you accept sex during menstruation can account crisis to the wife or husband, and account discomfort. So Sex education for parents who accept a advantageous lifestyle. Hopefully this commodity can be advantageous for you.