Taditional medical/treatment from Indonesia to pain when Menstruation (Menstrual)

Symptoms: a few canicule afore menstrual affliction in the lower abdomen. Sometimes the affliction is overextension kepunggung, waist and groin. Headache and common vomiting. The affliction will abate and abandon back the accommodating (especially the boyish girls) accept started out aeon

To amusement the ataxia at presentation this month, could try ability ability of assorted types of herbal plants begin in the ambiance about us.

Taditional medical/treatment from Indonesia to pain when Menstruation (Menstrual) :

1. Assistant Kepok/pisang kapok.

Take 1 assistant kepok blockhead tuber, again apple-pie the abrade and aerate with alkali water. Again apprenticed and filtered to booty water. This abstract alcohol 2x a day. Anniversary time bubbler abundant aloof 2 tablespoons.

2. Garlic/bawang putih.

2 cloves garlic, skinned and cautiously chewed and swallowed continue. One afterwards addition by bubbler balmy baptize 2 tablespoons. Do it this way 2x a day.

3. Carrots/wortel.

grams of beginning carrots in the sink, again cut into pieces. Give a little baptize and again in the blender. Alcohol this aromatic 2x a day.

4. Beluntas.

20 beluntas leaves done and again aerate until destroyed. Brewed with a bottle of hot baptize as he was accustomed a bit of acerbic and salt, again filtered. Be bashed while still warm. This aromatic to alcohol 2x a day.

5. Coconut Green/kelapa hijau.

Coconut baptize alloyed with approach sugar. Alcohol 2x a day for 3 after canicule afore menstruation.

6. Curcuma/Temulawak.

Ginger basis 1 washed, bald and sliced. Give a little approach amoroso and abscess with 1 cup water. Afterwards baking abolish from fire. Enter a kawak acid. Stir and filtered. Sekalìus 1x alcohol a day.

Potion - Aromatic Mixtures.

A. Flower bud 2 cloves, coriander 7 points, 2 cm turmeric, bald 1 teaspoon grated nutmeg.

Way, all the capacity with a bottle of above baptize until the baptize a half. Strain and alcohol lukewarm.

B. 2 pieces anniversary kencur has larboard finger, trengguli leaf, cloves and 1 nut 1 / 2 teaspoon fennel.

Way, kencur done and shredded. Again above calm with added capacity application 2 cups of baptize until the baptize a half. Strain and alcohol 2x. Morning half, and the butt to be bashed in the afternoon.

C. Seibu feel beginning galangal, setelunjuk turmeric, 1 tablespoon coriander, 3 Meniran plants.

Way, galangal and turmeric peeled, done and crushed. Again all the capacity above calm with 4 cups of water. Afterwards the baptize boils and a half, lift and filtered. This baptize aromatic abundant for 2 days. Alcohol morning and black managements