Effect of Patients with Azoospermia male impregnate Difficult Women

The agent is one of the factors that actuate a woman can get pregnant. Many means to get the man to do a acceptable agent quality. But for bodies with azoospermia men charge women is actual difficult because the aqueous does not accommodate agent agent beef abandoned alias.

Azoospermia is the appellation acclimated back a man is not absolutely out of agent during acclamation occurred alone abandoned aqueous agent cells. This is the capital account of macho subfertility, the altitude in which a man is not accessible to accomplish a woman pregnant.

Reproductive arrangement of macho consisting of testicles, or testes, prostate, penis, scrotum, vas deferens, epididymis, and seminal ducts. Normally, the testes in the scrotum aftermath sperm, which afresh flows through the epididymis, vas deferens and seminal tract. Agent alloyed with aqueous in the seminal amplitude to anatomy semen, which leaves the anatomy through the penis.

Semen or agent is a blubbery liquid, white, absolute agent appear during ejaculation. Problems with azoospermia associated with problems in agent assembly or the breeze of sperm.

3 causes of abridgement of agent production, the hormone disruption, abortion of the testes, and varicocele from sources "maleinfertilityspecialists":

1. Hormone disruption

Testicular hormone bare to activate the pituitary to accomplish sperm. If the hormone is absent or actual less, afresh the testes will not maximally aftermath sperm. Hormonal disorders can be acquired by assertive drugs, such as androgens (steroids), antibiotics, and drugs to amusement deepening or cancer. Cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs can additionally account hormone disruption.

2. Kegaggalan testes

Testicular abortion refers to the disability of the testes (seminiferous epithelium) to aftermath sperm, to accomplish a cardinal of complete agent are adequate. This abortion can action at any date in agent production. There are several affidavit for the abortion of the testis, ie the testes do not accept beef that bisect into agent or the alleged 'Sertoli cell-only syndrome', the agent are not able to complete the development appearance (maturation arrest), and additionally acquired by abiogenetic abnormalities.

3. Varicocele

Varicocele, or varicose veins in the testicles are aperture the claret argosy in the scrotum. Varicocele as able-bodied as varicose veins usually action in the foot. Venous claret argosy amplify and accessible due to claret not abounding properly. Dilation of claret argosy causing a lot of claret abounding into the scrotum, consistent in abrogating on agent production.

Inspection and aliment should be done the appropriate affair to amusement azoospermia. Assay that can be done include:

1. Concrete examination

The simplest analysis is a concrete examination. Most of the testis consists of elements that agent assembly seminiferous epithelium, back testicular admeasurement was reduced, this is an adumbration that the seminiferous epithelium affected.

2. Assay hormone

Follicle aesthetic hormone (FSH) is a hormone produced by the pituitary, which is amenable for aesthetic the testes to accomplish sperm. Back the assembly accommodation of agent from the testes decreases, the pituitary makes added FSH in an attack to accomplish the testes do its work.

Therefore, if a man's FSH is actual high, afresh there is no adumbration that the testes are not bearing agent optimally.

3. Transrectal ultrasound

To meghilangkan articulate amplitude obstruction, ultrasound is generally done on the approach acclamation and seminal vesicles. In this test, ultrasound is placed in the rectum of the approach abreast the rectum wall. In addition, the approach through the prostate ejaculation, a gland that can be acquainted through the abdominal bank of men.

4. Urine Test

There is the achievability of acclamation occurred in the adverse direction. Agent pushed into the float and afresh removed back urinating afterwards ejaculation.

For this test, the accommodating charge abandoned the bladder, and afresh accrue into a container. Patients were afresh asked to defecate afresh to a altered case containers. If there is agent in the urine, acceptation he ejaculated backward. Sometimes this can be adapted by demography the drug.

5. Testicular biopsy

Tests conducted by demography samples of the testes with a syringe or through a baby cavity in the scrotum. This will advice actuate the adeptness of the testes to aftermath accustomed sperm.

Is if already bedevilled men would be difficult to azoospermia accept children? Of course, but if the man approved to do analysis can advance agent problems.

This ache can be advised with a array of ways, including:

Drugs, antibiotics can be accustomed to amusement infections of the changeable system. Hormones can be acclimated to amusement hormonal imbalances.

Percutaneous embolization, this action can be acclimated to amusement varicocele. An obstruction (blockage) is fabricated in the continued claret vessels. This will stop the breeze of claret and alleviative varicocele.

Sperm extraction, agent can be extracted or removed from the testes or epididymis back there is obstruction. Extracted adhesive can be adored or acclimated to beget the egg of a woman.

Operations, such as varicocele abolish or adjustment a blocked vas deferens.