FLU CASE PigsFive died as a result of swine flu virus (H1N1)Treathment for Influenza h1n1WHO, Anti virus for swine Influenza A virus subtype H1N1 for patients still in the researchCiri-ciri penderita Virus Flu babli (h1n1) menurut WHONo Sign of The Pig Flu Descending of WHO news informationStep tips Basic Terms of How Healthy DietStep tips Recipes Diet healthy Dr blood groupEye cancer in childrenTreat bone cancer is difficult?How to Step tips remove pimple on face/blench faceEmergency: Causes of liver cancer (kanker hati)Step tips and new drugs extend the lives of cancer patients' hearts for treath (kanker hati)Breast cancer is a lot going on women(kanker payudara)Fungsi dan kegunaan Teknik melahirkan di air secara normal ~ Contoh Artikel makalah Judul Proposal skripsi askep Keperawatan Kebidanan Farmasi


Mexico: 159 killed - 7 positive swine flu
United States: 1 dead, 91 positive cases of swine flu
Canada: 13 positive cases of swine flu
New Zealand: 3 positive cases of swine flu
UK, Spain, Israel: 2 positive swine flu
Countries with suspected bird flu cases: Brazil, Guatemala, Peru, Australia and South Korea and EU countries 7

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Five died as a result of swine flu virus (H1N1)

Infants aged 23 months in Texas, the United States became the first victim died as a result of swine flu in the region outside Mexico.

Officials in Washington have not issued a detailed patient. The U.S. federal health officials have warned the virus may akan swallow the soul of the victim in the United States.

Five became the first victim died of swine flu virus in the United States, while dozens of cases of infection be there.

United States reinforces the previous 64 cases dealing with H1N1 virus.

In Europe, Germany is a country that reinforces the new countries that had outbreaks of flu-infected pigs, which caused concern in the world.

News photos: the risk to the swine flu

Authorities in Germany reinforce-three cases of swine flu. Two of the patients who just returned from Mexico, where the disease first appears.

Austria sanction, women aged 28 years who just returned from Mexico with a virus, but "in the recovery process."


In Mexico alone, there is confusion concerning the number of certain people who died due to H1N1 virus, report BBC journalist Stephen Gibbs.This happens primarily because the government of Mexico is now doing a series of tests that are more stringent for the various samples made from patients who died.

Meanwhile, the search source berjangkitnya viruses continues, with attention to the torrential kesekitar pig farm in the eastern part of Mexico.

Mexican government does not directly ask people to take the conclusions and implied claims, the possibility that the virus came from outside the area, said the BBC journalist.

In the Mexican capital, Mexico City, prohibit restaurants and cafes serve food, except the food will be eating elsewhere (takeaway) to prevent the spread of swine flu virus.

Chambers of Commerce estimates the Mexico City restrictions that apply in the capital city of the businesses bear the loss 777 million pesos per day.

Schools across the country closed, while public meetings are limited and archaeological sites blocked.

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Treathment for Influenza h1n1

Mexico City: More than one hundred people killed after bird flu infected pigs in Mexico. This case the virus has spread to the United States, Canada and Spain to the last.

Death in Mexico reached 103 people, although there are no reports whether the death outside the country. However, there are at least 1300 people with this virus kill.

Latest reports in Spain have reported one case tekena virus H1N1, while the other 17 people still monitored conditions. One case that, by the Ministry of Health said that the Spanish people is back from Mexico tanggl on 22 April.

While in the United States have been victims of Babi Flu overwrite 20 people and six other people in Canada. Finally, investigations were also done in New Zealand and Israel.

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WHO, Anti virus for swine Influenza A virus subtype H1N1 for patients still in the research

For anti-virus drugs and vaccines to treat flu pigs are still in the research, perhaps in a few days already found the perfect medicine.
but we can prevent it.

People with the flu infected pigs have the characteristics:
1. Heat over a high fever 39 degrees C
2. Pain in the joint
3. Fleshy nose that is not normally because of lung water.

Ways of transmission of swine flu from humans to humans through the air. Can also through direct contact. With patients. Incubation period of 3 to 4 days.

How do I prevent swine flu?
Prevention of swine flu:
wash hands with soap in the clean water flows
biasakan using masks in public places
avoid shake hands with people with swine flu

tool to check for swine flu in the airport name thermoscaner.Jika people who have detected above 39 degrees centigrade means that he must at diagnosis as a sufferer h1n1.

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Ciri-ciri penderita Virus Flu babli (h1n1) menurut WHO

Penderita yang terjangkit virus flu babi mempunya ciri-ciri :
1. Panas demam yang tinggi diatas 39 derajat C
2. Nyeri di persendian
3. Hidung berair yang tak seperti biasanya karena paru-paru berair.
Cara penularan flu babi dari manusia ke manusia
melalui udara. Bisa juga lewat kontak langsung. Dengan penderita. Masa inkubasi 3 sampai 4 hari.
Untuk obat dan vaksin untuk mengobati flu babi masih dalam penelitian, mungkin dalam beberapa hari lagi sudah ditemukan obat yang sempurna.
namun kita bisa mencegahnya.

Bagaimana cara mencegah flu babi?
Pencegahan terhadap flu babi:
cuci tangan dengan sabun di air mengalir yang bersih
biasakan menggunakan masker di tempat-tempat umum
hindari berjabat tangan dengan penderita flu babi

alat untuk memeriksa flu babi di bandara namanya thermoscaner.Jika ada orang yang terdeteksi diatas 39 derajat celcius berarti dia wajib di diagnosa sebagai penderita h1n1.

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No Sign of The Pig Flu Descending of WHO news information

Swine flu that began in Mexico more spread out. The World Health Organization (WHO) this point the virus will continue to spread, because the transmission occurs between humans.

"It is clear that the virus continues to spread and we do not see the signs of the spread has decreased," said the WHO official, Dr Keiji Fukuda cited as Reuters.

Indeed, the spread of the virus is increasingly obvious. In European countries it is found, for example, in Spain, and Germany and Austria recorded each have 9 people who fell ill virus.

Fukuda also worried that if pandemic risk will actually become a reality

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Step tips Basic Terms of How Healthy Diet

Have you ever experienced the condition of the body lean and not so fresh after a diet program? Or vice versa, instead of lean body expand and add even fertile? Want to trim and healthy so why even a problem.

For matters that are important diet is still high nutritious foods and do not cut the number of origin of food into the body. Because, this means that you also cut the number of essential nutrients needed by the body.

Starting a diet program actually have rules and requirements also play. So that does not change the diet to be natural for your body, see terms below!

Condition 1: Do not remove a certain food groups.
Many people do diet 'fraudulent' way eliminate certain food groups that are considered enemies diet. In fact at the time of the diet program, our bodies need a balance of nutrients into the body and nutrition to keep our bodies stay healthy. Our bodies need water, vitamins, carbohydrates, less fat, minerals, fiber and oxygen. Plus diet with more vegetables and fruit mengonsumsi, this will help build the body's immune system.

Condition 2: Pay attention to the adequacy of body akan protein.
The body requires 30 grams of protein a day. Meat, milk and processed milk products have very high protein contents. Certain fruits and vegetables also contain a protein but in a small amount. Pod-polongan, grains, and beans can help you meet the needs of protein needed by the body.

Condition 3: Do not Remove all fat
Our bodies need 50 grams of fat each day. Not all fat evil, so you need not be hostile to it. Fat akan keep muscles strong and still slippery. Fat, you can choose 'good' is obtained from nuts, olive oil or advokad.

Condition 4: Eat only when hungry.
We can only restrict the entry of food into the body. But sometimes the body difficult to be a compromise. So it is recommended that you eat only when hungry, and the next hours you can mengemil fruit and vegetables.

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Step tips Recipes Diet healthy Dr blood group

Diet healthy Dr blood group, Peter JD `adamo has been able to help thousands of people around the world to get a slim body and health.ook designed specifically for this population indonesia, serves as a natural healthy appetite indonesia.Bahan used in the recipe is a local food that is easily processed in i market and supermarkets a.Perfect food when you were unable to find the material you apply number one.o facilitate healthy according to the Diet That blood.because, this book will help you achieve success get slim and healthy body without feeling hungry.

Recipes dishes 1 week
Day 1
Carrot-apple juice
Rice-yellow combination
Milky-Fruit Shake
Sate-flavor bean tempe
Pineapple-ginger tea
Day 2
-Fruit Salad
Sup-Fish Vegetables & sour sauce
Beans, green boiled taste ginger
- Tofu cooked taosi
Broken Jus-Je
Day 3
Tea-leaf ginger mint
Salad-lettuce the
Kari sweet-know
Bihun Goreng Tabur-sesame
Fennel tea
Day and next...
2 week meal recipes
Day 1
-Fresh pineapple
chicken-flavor tandoari
-Ca broccoli carrot
Aloe vera-Sekoteng
Tea-green pandan
Rampai special-tea
Tumis-pea flavor tauoco
and next...

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Eye cancer in children

Hear the word cancer, the terlintas in mind that we are bad things only. Not surprisingly, this disease is still a difficult cured. Not to mention, the cost can not be treated a little spelled out. As a result, many people decided not to go to the doctors and select the treatment alternative that costs are relatively low.

Attitude is also held by most parents of cancer children. Parents know their child's cancer was detected the disease back from the doctor prescribed therapy. Most also prefer to have their children treated through alternative treatment. Or, if they finally bring their children to the hospital, stadium disease has reached advanced stage.
Based on the records of the International Confederation Childhood Cancer Parent Organizations (ICCCPO), the number of child cancer in the world was estimated at 250,000 or about four percent of all cancer patients. Of these, 20 percent are getting adequate care.
Meanwhile in Indoneisa, according to records the Department of Health (MOH), people with cancer each year is estimated to reach 100 people among 100,000 new residents. With a population of 200 million, it is estimated that each year about 200,000 people found new cancer in Indonesia. Of these, every year 4000 found that children suffering from cancer. A concern, cancer in children is very difficult to detect since early. This is what distinguishes them with adult cancer patients, such as the mouth of womb cancer, breast cancer and skin cancer
Type of cancer that is often found in children, among others, blood cancer or leukemia, brain tumor, lymph gland cancer limfoma alias, or eye cancer retinoblastoma, cancer or nervous neuroblatoma, kidney cancer, cancer network lurik muscle or bone cancer rabdomiosamiosarkoma and popular with osteosarkoma name. In between all that the most offensive children is leukemia. This blood cancer affects 25-30 percent of all types of cancer. Usually leukimia infecting children aged three to six years and suffered many more sons. Parents should be wary if their children have often felt lethargic, pale, fever with no obvious reason, bone pain, abnormal bleeding or benjolan on the skin. For all of this is leukimia symptoms.
Head of Sub Hematologi Bag and the Faculty of Medical Oncology, parents are often experienced difficulty in detecting cancer experienced by children since early. This is because children tend to be quiet and not complain if you do not experience pain that is too mean. Due to cancer in children difficult to be detected, then no wonder if children who undergo treatment in hospitals, already in the stadium III and IV. He also explains that cancer in children is associated with a gen.
"However, genes do not always mean descent. In fact, there is no strong evidence that says that this disease is derived, "said Djajadiman.
Problems associated with the genetic mutation genes (the nature of the creatures have one). Means that genes can have a missing or a new place. In fact, there are some cells that have the genetic aberration that remain.
Type of cancer that usually attacks the child is brain tumor. Djajadiman said tumor is malignant or somehow can not disrupt and damage the structure of the center stack. This is located in the skull cavity. Symptoms of this tumor is a headache accompanied by nausea or vomiting, reduced power of vision, decrease in consciousness or behavior changes, the baby is usually the size of the crown protruding.
Meanwhile, for parents who have children find The speck of white in the middle of the eye similar to a cat's eye, should immediately alert. The speck of white appearance is one of the symptoms of eye cancer. Other symptoms of vision is delayed, to be cast in the eye that result in left eyeball protruding out. Information on the stadium when cancer cells have entered into the brain cavity can be found symptoms similar brain tumor.
Children aged five to seven years was a sufferer lymph gland cancer is the highest. Compared to girls, boys more potentially infected. Comparison can be 3:1. Cancer is usually marked by the enlargement and lymph gland swelling in the neck, armpit or selangkangan. When the emergence of the lymph gland and intestine will develop stomach pain, vomiting, unable to defecate, and fever. However if in the chest area will be accompanied by symptoms of shortness of breath.
Type of cancer that is also necessary diwaspadai or nerve cancer neuroblastoma. Ordinary attack children aged zero to four years, this cancer also affects more boys than girls, usually found in the gland many children in the kidney that embrional formed from primitive cells. Symptoms of neuroblastoma is dependent on the location of tumor in the body. When you arise in the neck or chest cavity can cause a protruding eyeball, eyelid and pupil down broad. If there is in the spine causing progressive paralysis.
Meanwhile, another type of cancer is renal cancer. Disease in medical terms known by the name of Wilms tumor is usually suffered by children age 3.5 years. Symptoms include bloody urine, feeling uncomfortable in the stomach and stomach harden. Have also found cases of this cancer in adults.
While the cancer attacks the muscle lurik children aged five years. Cancer can attack any body part. Which is found at most local head, neck, bladder and vagina. Symptoms ranging from pain in ears, protruding eyes, swelling to the face of small disturbances void urine or blood.
And other types of cancer is osteosarkoma aka bone cancer. Ordinary attack children aged 10-20 years, cancer is also found in the more male children rather than women. Symptoms that arise are painful bones, fever, and progressive swelling.
Currently, chemotherapy treatment is still a major step in overcoming cancer. But surely chemotherapy for cancer, including childhood cancer does not make cancer cells that die. Cells was only sleeping. For that we must try not to stimulate cells to sleep earlier.
Cells to sleep for five years does not develop, then we say the cell is dead. And when five or more years, no difference found in the cancer, it can be said that has been cured of the disease.

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Treat bone cancer is difficult?

Benjolan on someone does not always berkonotasi ugly. For women, "benjolan in the chest" may be able to add the section, but if there is benjolan on the body part that is not proper, it must diwaspadai, perhaps it is a premonition of a beginning of bone cancer. Is bone cancer can be rehabilitated now, no need to abscission?

KANKER bones, according to experts, it is not yet known. That is why people have to undergo abscission aka cut the body is affected by cancer.

Be grateful we are now, progress in the field of medical technology has been able to give new hope for bone cancer. Term rehabilitation, may be more fitting for those who undergo treatment at this time bone cancer, where doctors will perform the replacement of the damaged bone with new bone, by cementation. How this last is not without practical constraints. The difficulty in obtaining the bones of the dead is one of them. In addition, the term donor bone may also not too popular in the ear a lot of people. To know the intricacies of one type of cancer, the following passage interview with author Dr. Nicolaas Budhiparama, FICS, specialists in Surgery dislocated Dharmais Cancer Hospital, Jakarta;

Can you explain in regard to bone cancer?
Previous note that between the tumor and the cancer is the same meaning. There are three types of bone tumor that is a soft, violent and who have the bone lesi (berlubangnya network structure as a result of injury or disease). In addition there is a primary and skunder. In the bone tumor skunder for example, a breast tumor is exposed, and then spreading to the bones and gnaw the bone. Bone cancer is a group of malignant bone tumor.

Level of danger?
Cancer by the most difficult. As a comparison, on the other types of cancer, breast cancer called only with a lot of types, patologinya easily known, not so difficult in. Unlike the type of bone cancer are many, but penangannannya different. Because too many, not surprisingly going wrong diagnosis, a result also a practical akan treated.

The difference with "osteoporotis"?
Clearly different, osteoporotis disease is marked with the fragility of the bones, calcium deficiency desebabkan. Osteoporotis usually occurs in the senior citizens, while the causes bone cancer has not been known until now. Unfortunately, we can attack all ages. Because it is not yet known, it was difficult to prevent us. You can do now is just this treat, and amputate the affected part of the tumor can not be saved.

Prevalence in Indonesia?
Not yet known exactly. In this country there is no central data on bone cancer overall. I can say now, there is a new hospital penderitanya collect the amount, but they stand alone, so that the overall number of people in not known definitely. There is a plan with the Hospital Cancer Dharmais Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital to establish the center of this data. If realized this will surely be prevalansinya.

Can you explain the early symptoms of this disease?
This is an important note. For symptoms of benign bone tumor, usually people do not feel sick at all. For example, playing football drop, and then after that there are rays difoto benign tumor. Malignant tumor while beginning with small benjolan beginning. Benjolan can be large, can be also small. This followed by pain and a red. If benjolan sorted earlier, the source of the tumor before akan broken, consequences can be spread to other parts. Sorted practices prevalent in our society occurs. In fact this very risk, the tumor could not be terlokalisir.

If so, massage is dangerous for those who twist or drop out?
The disease arises not because terjatuhnya concerned, but before people already have tumor at first. If in conditions like this do pengurutan tumor can result in broken earlier and spread. In such circumstances need to be sure by others through the bone. Meanwhile, the damaged be amputated. I'm not saying that shaman series ugly, but I encourage more people with the first rays difoto, to be clear, tumor or not. For those who do not believe there is a tumor and will be sorted only shaman please. While there is a tumor for which, the massage action that is very dangerous.

Tumor such happiness in what part?
Usually, there can be in and out of the bones. To note, bone cancer does not have relation with the food. Some people suspect that there is a result of radioactive environment in the community. But it is not yet known exactly what the cause.

They are high risk?
This happens, depending on the type of tumornya. If the type osteosarcoma, for example, more going on the young (a dozen years). While the group condrosarcoma occurred at the age above 50 years. Which clearly can be on all age groups.

Options other than abscission?
Nearly every malignant bone cancer with all conditions of any kind, before abscission always done to avoid death. Now with the ability of science and technology can be done other ways a more "respectable". The people affected by cancer before the first tulangnya replaced kankernya off with treatment. If you still can ditambal, ya disemen. Or use a new method of limb salvage techniques, where the bone is exposed to malignant tumor through the patient's feet used in the recently deceased. In accordance with the development, this new therapy techniques have been developed in almost all cancer healing center in the world. Figures success increased 80%. In Indonesia also began to apply. Patients first undergo chemotherapy, after the new tumor ganasnya appointed. If the bones need to be replaced, then replaced. Of course, cooperation in the implementation of this method requires distinctive skills.

But how high the costs?
Cost is not so expensive problem. The problem is a matter of donor bone. As with donor eye, only the percent pendonornya come from within the country. While most of the donors come from Sri Lanka. So also with the donors bone. Unlike the overseas. In the Netherlands, for example, many people mendonorkan tulangnya. Mayatnya be, taken tulangnya and replaced with wood. Therefore in the Netherlands, concerning the procurement of the bones not menjdi problems.

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How to Step tips remove pimple on face/blench face

Whelk is common on every person, especially in adolescence. Pimple can also painful shame. Pimple on the face should be removed because it reduces the feeling of confidence. Face healthy without a pimple?

Whelk can arise from many things, but attendance can be controlled. Of course you need to change habits and make a little extra effort to avoid the emergence of whelk.

In this article will explain how to remove pimple on the face of the stone is the pustule or pimple that is in the normal face. How to remove pimple which is traditionally safe. If we use a chemical remover of whelk sometimes create irritation in the face.
How to remove pimple that needs to in order to restore the beauty of your face. Face every desire to be beautiful women. Therefore we need a caring face and know how to overcome the problem exists on the face Yana you.

How to remove pimple can be either traditional or modern. Blotch is the traditional one is diligent with washing the face, while a pustule is a modern technology with the sophisticated equipment or from a doctor.

Some way to whelk:

1. Diligent washing face. But do not home facial. Basuh also the neck and forehead for at least 2 times a week. Massage your face with the movement and play basuh use hot water.

2. Add also pimple medicine. You may need to try several kinds of drugs before finally find products that match the skin of the face. Normally this product packaged and marketed with a price berfariasi. Remember! Not ensure expensive products and can match the issue you whelk.

3. Be careful with the use of beauty products. Only use make-up, moisturizer or sun screen only without the oil. Usually if a written "nonacnegenic" or "noncomedogenic" on the label description, the product was better.

4. When put on products for hair, do not try to get to the face. Cover your face with a towel when using pomade, hairspray or mousse. Once you've finished bathing, do not forget your face Rinse again to eliminate the possibility used shampoo or conditioner left behind in the face.

5. Do not heat up, bacteria and dirt stick to the face. bind your hair when heat and avoid wearing a hat and a glass eye.

6. You should try to find a doctor experts. pimple skin if you start to affect your self confidence. Doctors can give advice and how best medicine the most efektik.

7. Change your diet pattern. Eating chocolate, candy and greasy food can change your skin gestur. Feed Limit junk food, get more vitamins and change your lifestyle to be more healthy. a regular sleep, and do not let lack of body fluids.

How to remove pimple through tips above as safe for health and will not cause your body to the toxin. Not as well as how to remove pimple use of chemicals, chemicals are capable of causing prolonged irritation. Blotch is the need of chemical products in diwaspadai sometimes pimple remover that we use contain mercury (mercury), and formalin is harmful to the skin of our bodies health. Do not desire to remove the pimple on the face would damage the beauty of your face. Use is the pimple that you are safe for the face.

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Emergency: Causes of liver cancer (kanker hati)

Type of hepatitis B and C thus trigger the occurrence of liver cancer. Hepatitis virus is likely to cause cirrhosis. Recorded 90% pengidap cirrhosis potentially have a large liver cancer.
liver cancer

Comparison of Exercise and Healthy Heart are the Cancer

Data World Health Organization (WHO) shows, at least 180 million people worldwide infected with the virus hepatitis C. No less than 400 million other people living with hepatitis B.

Akan disease concerns well-founded. Section, does not mind the early symptoms of patients affected by cancer diagnosed heart to finally have reached advanced stages.

Available data, 70% of patients of cirrhosis in Asia (outside Japan) or the infection comes from Afrikaa hepatitis B. In Indonesia, no less than 25% of hepatitis pengidap akan who does not know the existence of the disease can potentially suffer cirrhosis after 15-20 years time the virus lodged in their bodies.

WHO data indicate, liver cancer is a type of cancer tersering number six in the world and cause the death of the third largest sequence. Liver cancer patients in general do not usually have a life expectancy more than two years after the contract this disease is diagnosed.

In 2005, cancer killed more than 206 thousand people of the soul of Indonesia, where 12, 5% of them pengidap liver cancer.

During this time, pengidap cancer heart disease only in the conventional method, ie, chemotherapy is done on the organ affected.

X-ray radiation therapy in the chemotherapy is still considered the best solution for patient pengidap cancer. Chemotherapy and injection of ethanol in the tumor cells was considered best to kill the two-step cancer cells.

Unfortunately, this treatment method is not only kill tumor cells, but also the expense of cells that the heart healthy. This shocking resilience of the system at risk for the patient.

There are a variety of cancer treatment liver cancer at appropriate stages and detected terdiagnosis. Action operations are considered as the only way out to heal disease or cancer with liver transplants.

However, only 15% of them stated that total recovery. Ironically, medical services such as heart transplants do not have in Indonesia.

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Step tips and new drugs extend the lives of cancer patients' hearts for treath (kanker hati)

In meeting the American Society of Clinical Oncology to-43 in Chicago, U.S., researchers present data about a drug that had to be the first treatment of liver cancer (kanker hati) efektitf.

"We do not have any previous treatment for any patient is," said Dr. Josep M. Llovet, the leader of the research. "Now we have effective drugs that prolong the durability of life."

This drug, Nexavar (sorafenib), developed by Bayer and Onyx Pharmaceuticals. Because the drug is already approved for kidney cancer treatment, doctors are allowed to meresepkannya off-label for liver cancer patients.
In clinical trials involving 602 patients liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma) - which is a type of liver cancer is the most common - the patient who received this drug an average of 10.7 months for life. Patients in the control group that received plasebo average live for 7.9 months. Progress for 2.8 months is considered significant for this type of cancer is difficult cured. The main side effects reported are diarrhea and pain in hands and feet. Experts emphasize that this result does not apply to other types of cancer or liver cancer originating from other parts of the already spread to the liver. And cost is also a constraint: Nexavar Price is 4500 U.S. dollars per month, and the insurance often reject the use of the payment that is not approved.
Injuries / slice on the network at the heart of most cases of liver cancer can be caused by hepatitis B or C, alcohol abuse or obesity. Although liver cancer is quite rare in the U.S. - approximately 19,000 new cases estimated to occur this year, with almost 17,000 deaths - the number of cases is increasing in line with the increased incidence hepatitis C.
Nexavar is one of the new wave in the treatment of cancer. Given as four pills a day, this drug works by preventing the flow of blood to the tumor and tumor cell protein supporting tumor growth.

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Breast cancer is a lot going on women(kanker payudara)

Breast cancer (kanker payudara)is a lot going on women in Indonesia. Age of diverse, ranging from age 20 to the annual information age, and most cancer patients aged between 40-49 this year.
What signs?
Will of breast cancer can start from the benjolan in the breast, which is generally known aliases accidentally fall. آ benjolan If there is, then the perludi note is the size of the speed changes. If changes in size occur in a short time, we should distrust the cancer.

In addition, the size of the different between right and left breast is one thing to note. Suspicion of the breast when the top surface of the skin such as orange peel (peau d 'orange), or in part attracted to the skin and putting in the sink to be interested in the breast.

The same happens if the old wounds healed, although no effort has been made treatment, need to be thought of a possible breast cancer. Pain that occurs in the breast is also not considered to be trivial, even though 70% of cancer is not marked by the existence of this pain.

Better prepared umbrella before the rain, so saying a word, so that we do not recognize the existence of interference late in the breast. Moreover, according to research 90% of cases in breast interference known first by their own people.
Cancer, in the medical world is one of the types of diseases that have not known it. There are many macamnya, even almost all organs can fell ill, including the breast. Cancer is a disease marked by the growth of cells so that the excessive pushing or even with the other organs. The growth of cells that will cause excessive make benjolan the organs affected. آ Benjolan this in medical terms is called the tumor.

According to the nature of growth, excessive growth is divided into two types, namely slow and fast. Aberration produced by the slow growth of the tumor is called benign, while the fast named as malignant tumor. Malignant tumor is what is known by the term cancer.

As cancer is another cause of breast cancer is not yet known exactly. آ Women are infertile (which does not have children) have a greater likelihood of exposure to breast cancer. The disease also has a familial tendency, meaning the mother of a woman with breast cancer, have a greater likelihood for cancer fell ill this. Women who get menstruasi first on a very early age (less than 12 years) or women who experienced menopause late (above 50 years) have a greater likelihood of cancer is affected. Similarly, women who suffer the disease in the cyst Breast, women who have been suffering from cancer of the breast only, or women who have many papiloma (small protrusion protrusion) on the breast.

Place the growth of cancer cells in the breast can be manifold. Left breast cancer more often than the right. Most areas on the edge side of the breast (45%), then in the area around the practice of 25%. And most often at the bottom of the breast.

Men can also be
In fact, breast cancer does not only attack women only. A man may be exposed to this type of cancer, although relatively few in number, about 1% of the number of women. However, the level of illness is greater in men than in women. In the male, breast cancer occurs more at the age of 60 years or more.

There are two types of breast cancer classification, namely classification and classification patologik clinic. Classification is important to determine the action and the prognosis (expected recovery) patients. This classification applies to both male and female patients. The first is based on the description patologik cells its cancers, while the second based on the size of the cancer, the perlekatan and distribution.

Form of cancer that is the earliest known by the term Paget's disease. This is a form of early-stage cancer who ujudnya chronic form ekzem putting susu, which are red and thick, and usually teraba one benjolan in the areola mammae (the area around putting the color black).

If the suspected cancer in the breast, it should be followed up. Will usually be used to actually cancer or not. To ensure that breast cancer diagnosis, it is called mammograf. This tool is used to ensure the presence of cancer and high level.

But with the cost of inspection tool is quite expensive and not available in all health facilities. Therefore, usually when there is a strong cancer is suspected, then biopsy will be done first action. Biopsy is the action of the network as an example a network that will be reviewed by pathologist muscle, to determine the type of sel. If there are cancer cells in the network, the action is usually followed by surgery.

Handling for the breast cancer vary, depending on the general circumstances of illness and disease. Actions that action can be a surgical operation or take kanker, alias radiotherapy ray therapy, chemical therapy with the drug, or combination can also.

When the cancer is still terlokalisir in one place, then the action will be performed surgery to remove the network kankernya. Likely to be the only network kankernya only. But can also lift the entire network when breast cancer cells have spread throughout the breast, until the gland in the armpit area. آ Next-ray therapy can be done with drugs and / or anti-cancer drugs. Patients with cancer cells that have spread to other networks, are usually not made operative action. آ Terapi rays and drugs anti kanker will be the choice.

Early detection
Given that, to the known causes of cancer is certainly not, and is often known after the cancer stage advanced, the most important is early detection. آ means trying to know of the existence of the cancer as early as possible. Early detection also determines the size of the patient's recovery expectations (prognosis).

The early known cancer, and the sooner action handling is done, then the greater the hope of healing. When cancer is known on the condition آ early and treated promptly, the survival rate (life expectancy) to the huge 85%. However, if the presence of cancer is known about the stadium, already have the distribution to other organs, then the life expectancy numbers small. Moreover, if the handling is also delayed. Indeed, it is human in the age of Allah SWT. But the most we can do try seoptimal possible. This effort will be seen by God. Iya nggak?

There are two things you can do for early detection. First, a screening program with the alias on the initial examination. Usually done with a physical examination by health examination and the use mammografi. Cost required is very large. This is the task of the government, which sometime can be done by our government.

Second, the cheap and can be glorious by whoever is the examination itself. Special deviation for the early detection of breast aware with the term known aliases breast self examination. All women aged above 20 years (including the dong ya) should (read: should) do realize this once. The women in the menopause should be aware to do this every menstruasi finished.

How? Stand facing a mirror with the second arm is located on the side of the body. Observed with both breast carefully, good size, position and the benjolan or other aberration. Then lift both hands straight in the side of the head. Observed the breast. Then lie back to sleep with one hand folded and placed under the head. With hands-free, check the breast on the opposite side.

Do to the second breast in turn. I need to remember, when the examination itself such an aberration is found, immediate consultation to health, to get the next inspection and handling.

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Fungsi dan kegunaan Teknik melahirkan di air secara normal

Setiap ibu ingin

melahirkan tanpa rasa sakit, betul tidak? Untuk itu, diciptakan berbagai

cara menyiasatinya, yaitu dengan menggunakan epidural, ILA, dan bahkan

ada yang memilih pembedahan seksio sesarea (sesar). Kini, di Inggris

sedang muncul tren menggunakan akupunktur untuk mengurangi rasa sakit

persalinan. Sementara alternatif lain yang banyak dilakukan di Rusia

adalah melahirkan dalam air. Negara inilah yang pertama kali

memopulerkan melahirkan dalam air, sekitar tahun 80-an, yang kemudian

banyak ditiru oleh ibu-ibu di negara Eropa lainnya dan Amerika.

Di Indonesia, melahirkan dalam air baru dilakukan tahun 2006 ini dan

sudah yang kedua kalinya. Bukan tak mungkin dengan berita keberhasilan

metode ini akan semakin banyak peminatnya. Bahkan menurut penelitian

yang ada, selain karena tak menimbulkan rasa sakit, risikonya juga sama

seperti melahirkan normal, biasa dalam arti ya paling aman. Nah, seperti

apa melahirkan di dalam air ini? Bagaimana persyaratan dan

keuntungannya? Yuk, kita simak pemaparan dari ahlinya, dr. Tamtam Otamar

Samsudin, Sp.OG, dari Sam Marie Family Healthcare, Jakarta



melahirkan dalam air sama dengan melahirkan secara normal biasa. Jadi,

mempunyai indikasi yang jelas seperti halnya indikasi melahirkan normal.

Kecuali jika bayinya sungsang atau kelainan posisi lainnya; si ibu

memiliki penyakit herpes yang mudah ditularkan pada bayi; air ketuban

hijau kental yang menandakan bayi dalam kondisi stres dan ini bisa

diketahui bila cairan keluar sedikit dan berwarna hijau; serta plasenta

previa (plasenta menutupi jalan lahir). Bila si ibu mengalami

kelainan/kondisi seperti yang telah disebutkan tadi, maka sudah bisa

dipastikan si ibu tak dapat melahirkan secara normal, melainkan harus

secara sesar.

Karena itulah, selama pemeriksaan rutin kehamilan, dokter harus memantau

seakurat mungkin akan kemungkinan bisa tidaknya melahirkan dalam air.

Apalagi, untuk dapat melakukan persalinan di dalam air, juga harus

memenuhi beberapa syarat berikut ini:

* Keinginan dari si ibu sendiri

Bila indikasi lahir normal sudah jelas, namun cara melahirkan yang

diinginkan apakah dengan sesar, pakai epidural atau spinal agar tak

sakit, tergantung dari si ibu sendiri. Begitu pun melahirkan dalam air.

Jika bukan karena keinginan ibu itu sendiri tentunya si ibu akan stres,

khawatir, atau tak nyaman. Bahkan bisa-bisa tak konsentrasi saat


* Kesiapan fasilitas di rumah sakit

Untuk melahirkan dalam air perlu kolam, sarana air dan kesiapan

paramedis seperti dokter anak dan lainnya, serta kesiapan peralatan dan

tindakan segera bila dibutuhkan tiba-tiba.

Kolam yang tersedia bisa kolam renang mainan dari bahan plastik yang

sebelumnya sudah disterilkan atau dibuatkan kolam khusus. Air yang

digunakan adalah air hangat (menggunakan water heater) dengan suhu 370C

sesuai suhu tubuh. Suhu ini tetap dipertahankan dengan menggunakan alat

sirkulasi air yang mengatur suhu air. Sementara untuk ketinggian air

sebatas bagian bawah payudara ibu yang dalam posisi duduk.

* Besarnya bayi

Ukuran besar bayi sebetulnya sangat relatif. Untuk dapat keluar dari

jalan lahir tergantung dari kemampuan panggul ibu. Jika kemampuan

panggulnya cukup baik, besarnya bayi tak jadi masalah. Misal, berat bayi

hampir 4 kg, jika panggulnya memungkinkan, bayi bisa keluar lewat jalan

lahir. Tentunya untuk besarnya bayi ini juga sudah dipantau sebelumnya

selama pemeriksaan kehamilan.


<http://www.tabloid-nakita.com/photo/08398kecil02.jpg> Proses

melahirkan dalam air memiliki tahapan yang sama seperti dalam proses

melahirkan normal. Hanya saja dengan ibu berendam dalam air hangat,

membuat sirkulasi pembuluh darah jadi lebih baik. Akibatnya akan

berpengaruh pula pada kontraksi rahim yang jadi lebih efektif dan lebih

baik. Sehingga waktu tempuh dalam proses persalinan ini lebih singkat

daripada proses melahirkan normal biasa. Berikut tahapannya:

1. Ibu masuk ke dalam air

Ketika akan melahirkan, ibu mengalami fase pembukaan laten dan aktif.

Nah, saat fase aktif pembukaan sudah 5 cm, ibu baru bisa masuk ke kolam

air. Pada fase ini biasanya dibutuhkan waktu sebentar saja, sekitar 1-2

jam untuk menunggu kelahiran sang bayi.

2. Sikap rileks

Biasanya, begitu ibu masuk ke dalam kolam air akan terasa nyaman dan

hilang rasa sakitnya. Ibu dapat duduk dengan relaks dan bisa lebih fokus

melahirkan. Dapat juga posisi lain seperti menungging.

3. Mengedan seiring kontraksi

Di dalam air, mengedan akan lebih ringan, tidak menggunakan tenaga kuat

yang biasanya membuat terasa lebih sakit. Air akan memblok

rangsang-rangsang rasa sakit. Jadi, rasa sakit yang ada tidak

diteruskan, melainkan akan hilang dengan sendirinya, ditambah lagi

kemampuan daya apung dari air yang akan meringankan saat mengedan.

Mengedan mengikuti irama datangnya kontraksi. Bayi yang keluar juga tak

perlu bantuan manipulasi tangan atau lainnya, kecuali terlihat agak

seret keluarnya.

Kontraksi yang baik akan mempercepat pembukaan rahim dan mempercepat

proses persalinan. Apalagi dengan ibu berendam dalam air, dinding vagina

akan lebih rileks, lebih elastis, sehingga lebih mudah dan cepat

membukanya. Hal ini pula yang menyebabkan tak perlunya jahitan setelah

melahirkan, kecuali bila memang ada robekan.

4. Pengangkatan bayi

Setelah keluar kaki bayi dan tubuh seluruhnya, barulah bayi diangkat.

Darah yang keluar tidak berceceran ke mana-mana, melainkan mengendap di

dasar kolam, demikian pula dengan ari-ari bayi. Kontraksi rahim yang

baik menyebabkan perdarahan yang terjadi pun sedikit.

Ketika bayi keluar dalam air, mungkin orang khawatir bayi akan tersedak.

Namun, sebetulnya bila diingat prinsipnya, bayi hidup 9 bulan dalam air

ketuban ibu. Jadi, begitu dia lahir keluar ke dalam kolam, sebetulnya

dia lahir ke lingkungan dengan kondisi yang hampir mirip dalam

kandungan, yaitu ke dalam air dengan suhu yang sama seperti halnya

ketika dalam rahim. Jadi ketika keluar dalam air, saat itu pun bayi

belum ada rangsang untuk bernapas. Setelah diangkat ke permukaan barulah

terjadi perubahan, timbul rangsangan untuk bernapas dan biarkan ia

menangis. Setelah stabil kondisi pernapasannya, barulah digunting tali


Mengingat melahirkan di air membuat sirkulasi oksigen ke bayi lebih

baik, maka ketika bayi lahir tampak kulit yang lebih kemerahan. Artinya,

oksigenisasi ke bayi lebih baik dan membuat paru-parunya pun jadi lebih

baik. Bayi juga tampak bersih tak banyak lemak di tubuhnya. Kemudian

bayi dibersihkan dengan disedot sedikit dan dibersihkan tali pusatnya.


* Mengurangi risiko perdarahan.

* Lebih nyaman buat ibu

* Mengurangi rasa sakit saat proses persalinan maupun kala dijahit,

karena dinding vagina elastis. (Penjahitan dilakukan kalau kebetulan ada

yang robek).

* Air hangat memudahkan bayi keluar, karena ibu jadi relaks, sirkulasi

darah di rahim jadi baik dan kontraksi pun jadi baik.

* Ibu lebih fokus terhadap kelahiran anaknya, karena tidak

adanya/sedikit rasa sakit saat konsentrasi disertai rasa suka citanya

terhadap proses melahirkan itu sendiri.

* Ada kontak fisik antara bayi dengan ibunya saat melahirkan. Secara

psikologis dapat berdampak baik. Apalagi setelah dilahirkan bayi

langsung disusui.

* Setelah ari-ari keluar, ibu bisa langsung ke darat. Rasanya seperti

habis dari kamar mandi, bukan seperti habis melahirkan karena tidak ada

rasa sakit.

Sumber: Tabloid Nakita, edisi 398 tahun VIII

take of ayahbundanya.multiply.com

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