Five died as a result of swine flu virus (H1N1)

Infants aged 23 months in Texas, the United States became the first victim died as a result of swine flu in the region outside Mexico.

Officials in Washington have not issued a detailed patient. The U.S. federal health officials have warned the virus may akan swallow the soul of the victim in the United States.

Five became the first victim died of swine flu virus in the United States, while dozens of cases of infection be there.

United States reinforces the previous 64 cases dealing with H1N1 virus.

In Europe, Germany is a country that reinforces the new countries that had outbreaks of flu-infected pigs, which caused concern in the world.

News photos: the risk to the swine flu

Authorities in Germany reinforce-three cases of swine flu. Two of the patients who just returned from Mexico, where the disease first appears.

Austria sanction, women aged 28 years who just returned from Mexico with a virus, but "in the recovery process."


In Mexico alone, there is confusion concerning the number of certain people who died due to H1N1 virus, report BBC journalist Stephen Gibbs.This happens primarily because the government of Mexico is now doing a series of tests that are more stringent for the various samples made from patients who died.

Meanwhile, the search source berjangkitnya viruses continues, with attention to the torrential kesekitar pig farm in the eastern part of Mexico.

Mexican government does not directly ask people to take the conclusions and implied claims, the possibility that the virus came from outside the area, said the BBC journalist.

In the Mexican capital, Mexico City, prohibit restaurants and cafes serve food, except the food will be eating elsewhere (takeaway) to prevent the spread of swine flu virus.

Chambers of Commerce estimates the Mexico City restrictions that apply in the capital city of the businesses bear the loss 777 million pesos per day.

Schools across the country closed, while public meetings are limited and archaeological sites blocked.