Treat bone cancer is difficult?

Benjolan on someone does not always berkonotasi ugly. For women, "benjolan in the chest" may be able to add the section, but if there is benjolan on the body part that is not proper, it must diwaspadai, perhaps it is a premonition of a beginning of bone cancer. Is bone cancer can be rehabilitated now, no need to abscission?

KANKER bones, according to experts, it is not yet known. That is why people have to undergo abscission aka cut the body is affected by cancer.

Be grateful we are now, progress in the field of medical technology has been able to give new hope for bone cancer. Term rehabilitation, may be more fitting for those who undergo treatment at this time bone cancer, where doctors will perform the replacement of the damaged bone with new bone, by cementation. How this last is not without practical constraints. The difficulty in obtaining the bones of the dead is one of them. In addition, the term donor bone may also not too popular in the ear a lot of people. To know the intricacies of one type of cancer, the following passage interview with author Dr. Nicolaas Budhiparama, FICS, specialists in Surgery dislocated Dharmais Cancer Hospital, Jakarta;

Can you explain in regard to bone cancer?
Previous note that between the tumor and the cancer is the same meaning. There are three types of bone tumor that is a soft, violent and who have the bone lesi (berlubangnya network structure as a result of injury or disease). In addition there is a primary and skunder. In the bone tumor skunder for example, a breast tumor is exposed, and then spreading to the bones and gnaw the bone. Bone cancer is a group of malignant bone tumor.

Level of danger?
Cancer by the most difficult. As a comparison, on the other types of cancer, breast cancer called only with a lot of types, patologinya easily known, not so difficult in. Unlike the type of bone cancer are many, but penangannannya different. Because too many, not surprisingly going wrong diagnosis, a result also a practical akan treated.

The difference with "osteoporotis"?
Clearly different, osteoporotis disease is marked with the fragility of the bones, calcium deficiency desebabkan. Osteoporotis usually occurs in the senior citizens, while the causes bone cancer has not been known until now. Unfortunately, we can attack all ages. Because it is not yet known, it was difficult to prevent us. You can do now is just this treat, and amputate the affected part of the tumor can not be saved.

Prevalence in Indonesia?
Not yet known exactly. In this country there is no central data on bone cancer overall. I can say now, there is a new hospital penderitanya collect the amount, but they stand alone, so that the overall number of people in not known definitely. There is a plan with the Hospital Cancer Dharmais Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital to establish the center of this data. If realized this will surely be prevalansinya.

Can you explain the early symptoms of this disease?
This is an important note. For symptoms of benign bone tumor, usually people do not feel sick at all. For example, playing football drop, and then after that there are rays difoto benign tumor. Malignant tumor while beginning with small benjolan beginning. Benjolan can be large, can be also small. This followed by pain and a red. If benjolan sorted earlier, the source of the tumor before akan broken, consequences can be spread to other parts. Sorted practices prevalent in our society occurs. In fact this very risk, the tumor could not be terlokalisir.

If so, massage is dangerous for those who twist or drop out?
The disease arises not because terjatuhnya concerned, but before people already have tumor at first. If in conditions like this do pengurutan tumor can result in broken earlier and spread. In such circumstances need to be sure by others through the bone. Meanwhile, the damaged be amputated. I'm not saying that shaman series ugly, but I encourage more people with the first rays difoto, to be clear, tumor or not. For those who do not believe there is a tumor and will be sorted only shaman please. While there is a tumor for which, the massage action that is very dangerous.

Tumor such happiness in what part?
Usually, there can be in and out of the bones. To note, bone cancer does not have relation with the food. Some people suspect that there is a result of radioactive environment in the community. But it is not yet known exactly what the cause.

They are high risk?
This happens, depending on the type of tumornya. If the type osteosarcoma, for example, more going on the young (a dozen years). While the group condrosarcoma occurred at the age above 50 years. Which clearly can be on all age groups.

Options other than abscission?
Nearly every malignant bone cancer with all conditions of any kind, before abscission always done to avoid death. Now with the ability of science and technology can be done other ways a more "respectable". The people affected by cancer before the first tulangnya replaced kankernya off with treatment. If you still can ditambal, ya disemen. Or use a new method of limb salvage techniques, where the bone is exposed to malignant tumor through the patient's feet used in the recently deceased. In accordance with the development, this new therapy techniques have been developed in almost all cancer healing center in the world. Figures success increased 80%. In Indonesia also began to apply. Patients first undergo chemotherapy, after the new tumor ganasnya appointed. If the bones need to be replaced, then replaced. Of course, cooperation in the implementation of this method requires distinctive skills.

But how high the costs?
Cost is not so expensive problem. The problem is a matter of donor bone. As with donor eye, only the percent pendonornya come from within the country. While most of the donors come from Sri Lanka. So also with the donors bone. Unlike the overseas. In the Netherlands, for example, many people mendonorkan tulangnya. Mayatnya be, taken tulangnya and replaced with wood. Therefore in the Netherlands, concerning the procurement of the bones not menjdi problems.