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Diet healthy Dr blood group, Peter JD `adamo has been able to help thousands of people around the world to get a slim body and health.ook designed specifically for this population indonesia, serves as a natural healthy appetite indonesia.Bahan used in the recipe is a local food that is easily processed in i market and supermarkets a.Perfect food when you were unable to find the material you apply number one.o facilitate healthy according to the Diet That blood.because, this book will help you achieve success get slim and healthy body without feeling hungry.

Recipes dishes 1 week
Day 1
Carrot-apple juice
Rice-yellow combination
Milky-Fruit Shake
Sate-flavor bean tempe
Pineapple-ginger tea
Day 2
-Fruit Salad
Sup-Fish Vegetables & sour sauce
Beans, green boiled taste ginger
- Tofu cooked taosi
Broken Jus-Je
Day 3
Tea-leaf ginger mint
Salad-lettuce the
Kari sweet-know
Bihun Goreng Tabur-sesame
Fennel tea
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2 week meal recipes
Day 1
-Fresh pineapple
chicken-flavor tandoari
-Ca broccoli carrot
Aloe vera-Sekoteng
Tea-green pandan
Rampai special-tea
Tumis-pea flavor tauoco
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