How to Step tips remove pimple on face/blench face

Whelk is common on every person, especially in adolescence. Pimple can also painful shame. Pimple on the face should be removed because it reduces the feeling of confidence. Face healthy without a pimple?

Whelk can arise from many things, but attendance can be controlled. Of course you need to change habits and make a little extra effort to avoid the emergence of whelk.

In this article will explain how to remove pimple on the face of the stone is the pustule or pimple that is in the normal face. How to remove pimple which is traditionally safe. If we use a chemical remover of whelk sometimes create irritation in the face.
How to remove pimple that needs to in order to restore the beauty of your face. Face every desire to be beautiful women. Therefore we need a caring face and know how to overcome the problem exists on the face Yana you.

How to remove pimple can be either traditional or modern. Blotch is the traditional one is diligent with washing the face, while a pustule is a modern technology with the sophisticated equipment or from a doctor.

Some way to whelk:

1. Diligent washing face. But do not home facial. Basuh also the neck and forehead for at least 2 times a week. Massage your face with the movement and play basuh use hot water.

2. Add also pimple medicine. You may need to try several kinds of drugs before finally find products that match the skin of the face. Normally this product packaged and marketed with a price berfariasi. Remember! Not ensure expensive products and can match the issue you whelk.

3. Be careful with the use of beauty products. Only use make-up, moisturizer or sun screen only without the oil. Usually if a written "nonacnegenic" or "noncomedogenic" on the label description, the product was better.

4. When put on products for hair, do not try to get to the face. Cover your face with a towel when using pomade, hairspray or mousse. Once you've finished bathing, do not forget your face Rinse again to eliminate the possibility used shampoo or conditioner left behind in the face.

5. Do not heat up, bacteria and dirt stick to the face. bind your hair when heat and avoid wearing a hat and a glass eye.

6. You should try to find a doctor experts. pimple skin if you start to affect your self confidence. Doctors can give advice and how best medicine the most efektik.

7. Change your diet pattern. Eating chocolate, candy and greasy food can change your skin gestur. Feed Limit junk food, get more vitamins and change your lifestyle to be more healthy. a regular sleep, and do not let lack of body fluids.

How to remove pimple through tips above as safe for health and will not cause your body to the toxin. Not as well as how to remove pimple use of chemicals, chemicals are capable of causing prolonged irritation. Blotch is the need of chemical products in diwaspadai sometimes pimple remover that we use contain mercury (mercury), and formalin is harmful to the skin of our bodies health. Do not desire to remove the pimple on the face would damage the beauty of your face. Use is the pimple that you are safe for the face.