Step tips and new drugs extend the lives of cancer patients' hearts for treath (kanker hati)

In meeting the American Society of Clinical Oncology to-43 in Chicago, U.S., researchers present data about a drug that had to be the first treatment of liver cancer (kanker hati) efektitf.

"We do not have any previous treatment for any patient is," said Dr. Josep M. Llovet, the leader of the research. "Now we have effective drugs that prolong the durability of life."

This drug, Nexavar (sorafenib), developed by Bayer and Onyx Pharmaceuticals. Because the drug is already approved for kidney cancer treatment, doctors are allowed to meresepkannya off-label for liver cancer patients.
In clinical trials involving 602 patients liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma) - which is a type of liver cancer is the most common - the patient who received this drug an average of 10.7 months for life. Patients in the control group that received plasebo average live for 7.9 months. Progress for 2.8 months is considered significant for this type of cancer is difficult cured. The main side effects reported are diarrhea and pain in hands and feet. Experts emphasize that this result does not apply to other types of cancer or liver cancer originating from other parts of the already spread to the liver. And cost is also a constraint: Nexavar Price is 4500 U.S. dollars per month, and the insurance often reject the use of the payment that is not approved.
Injuries / slice on the network at the heart of most cases of liver cancer can be caused by hepatitis B or C, alcohol abuse or obesity. Although liver cancer is quite rare in the U.S. - approximately 19,000 new cases estimated to occur this year, with almost 17,000 deaths - the number of cases is increasing in line with the increased incidence hepatitis C.
Nexavar is one of the new wave in the treatment of cancer. Given as four pills a day, this drug works by preventing the flow of blood to the tumor and tumor cell protein supporting tumor growth.