Breast cancer is a lot going on women(kanker payudara)

Breast cancer (kanker payudara)is a lot going on women in Indonesia. Age of diverse, ranging from age 20 to the annual information age, and most cancer patients aged between 40-49 this year.
What signs?
Will of breast cancer can start from the benjolan in the breast, which is generally known aliases accidentally fall. آ benjolan If there is, then the perludi note is the size of the speed changes. If changes in size occur in a short time, we should distrust the cancer.

In addition, the size of the different between right and left breast is one thing to note. Suspicion of the breast when the top surface of the skin such as orange peel (peau d 'orange), or in part attracted to the skin and putting in the sink to be interested in the breast.

The same happens if the old wounds healed, although no effort has been made treatment, need to be thought of a possible breast cancer. Pain that occurs in the breast is also not considered to be trivial, even though 70% of cancer is not marked by the existence of this pain.

Better prepared umbrella before the rain, so saying a word, so that we do not recognize the existence of interference late in the breast. Moreover, according to research 90% of cases in breast interference known first by their own people.
Cancer, in the medical world is one of the types of diseases that have not known it. There are many macamnya, even almost all organs can fell ill, including the breast. Cancer is a disease marked by the growth of cells so that the excessive pushing or even with the other organs. The growth of cells that will cause excessive make benjolan the organs affected. آ Benjolan this in medical terms is called the tumor.

According to the nature of growth, excessive growth is divided into two types, namely slow and fast. Aberration produced by the slow growth of the tumor is called benign, while the fast named as malignant tumor. Malignant tumor is what is known by the term cancer.

As cancer is another cause of breast cancer is not yet known exactly. آ Women are infertile (which does not have children) have a greater likelihood of exposure to breast cancer. The disease also has a familial tendency, meaning the mother of a woman with breast cancer, have a greater likelihood for cancer fell ill this. Women who get menstruasi first on a very early age (less than 12 years) or women who experienced menopause late (above 50 years) have a greater likelihood of cancer is affected. Similarly, women who suffer the disease in the cyst Breast, women who have been suffering from cancer of the breast only, or women who have many papiloma (small protrusion protrusion) on the breast.

Place the growth of cancer cells in the breast can be manifold. Left breast cancer more often than the right. Most areas on the edge side of the breast (45%), then in the area around the practice of 25%. And most often at the bottom of the breast.

Men can also be
In fact, breast cancer does not only attack women only. A man may be exposed to this type of cancer, although relatively few in number, about 1% of the number of women. However, the level of illness is greater in men than in women. In the male, breast cancer occurs more at the age of 60 years or more.

There are two types of breast cancer classification, namely classification and classification patologik clinic. Classification is important to determine the action and the prognosis (expected recovery) patients. This classification applies to both male and female patients. The first is based on the description patologik cells its cancers, while the second based on the size of the cancer, the perlekatan and distribution.

Form of cancer that is the earliest known by the term Paget's disease. This is a form of early-stage cancer who ujudnya chronic form ekzem putting susu, which are red and thick, and usually teraba one benjolan in the areola mammae (the area around putting the color black).

If the suspected cancer in the breast, it should be followed up. Will usually be used to actually cancer or not. To ensure that breast cancer diagnosis, it is called mammograf. This tool is used to ensure the presence of cancer and high level.

But with the cost of inspection tool is quite expensive and not available in all health facilities. Therefore, usually when there is a strong cancer is suspected, then biopsy will be done first action. Biopsy is the action of the network as an example a network that will be reviewed by pathologist muscle, to determine the type of sel. If there are cancer cells in the network, the action is usually followed by surgery.

Handling for the breast cancer vary, depending on the general circumstances of illness and disease. Actions that action can be a surgical operation or take kanker, alias radiotherapy ray therapy, chemical therapy with the drug, or combination can also.

When the cancer is still terlokalisir in one place, then the action will be performed surgery to remove the network kankernya. Likely to be the only network kankernya only. But can also lift the entire network when breast cancer cells have spread throughout the breast, until the gland in the armpit area. آ Next-ray therapy can be done with drugs and / or anti-cancer drugs. Patients with cancer cells that have spread to other networks, are usually not made operative action. آ Terapi rays and drugs anti kanker will be the choice.

Early detection
Given that, to the known causes of cancer is certainly not, and is often known after the cancer stage advanced, the most important is early detection. آ means trying to know of the existence of the cancer as early as possible. Early detection also determines the size of the patient's recovery expectations (prognosis).

The early known cancer, and the sooner action handling is done, then the greater the hope of healing. When cancer is known on the condition آ early and treated promptly, the survival rate (life expectancy) to the huge 85%. However, if the presence of cancer is known about the stadium, already have the distribution to other organs, then the life expectancy numbers small. Moreover, if the handling is also delayed. Indeed, it is human in the age of Allah SWT. But the most we can do try seoptimal possible. This effort will be seen by God. Iya nggak?

There are two things you can do for early detection. First, a screening program with the alias on the initial examination. Usually done with a physical examination by health examination and the use mammografi. Cost required is very large. This is the task of the government, which sometime can be done by our government.

Second, the cheap and can be glorious by whoever is the examination itself. Special deviation for the early detection of breast aware with the term known aliases breast self examination. All women aged above 20 years (including the dong ya) should (read: should) do realize this once. The women in the menopause should be aware to do this every menstruasi finished.

How? Stand facing a mirror with the second arm is located on the side of the body. Observed with both breast carefully, good size, position and the benjolan or other aberration. Then lift both hands straight in the side of the head. Observed the breast. Then lie back to sleep with one hand folded and placed under the head. With hands-free, check the breast on the opposite side.

Do to the second breast in turn. I need to remember, when the examination itself such an aberration is found, immediate consultation to health, to get the next inspection and handling.