Step tips Basic Terms of How Healthy Diet

Have you ever experienced the condition of the body lean and not so fresh after a diet program? Or vice versa, instead of lean body expand and add even fertile? Want to trim and healthy so why even a problem.

For matters that are important diet is still high nutritious foods and do not cut the number of origin of food into the body. Because, this means that you also cut the number of essential nutrients needed by the body.

Starting a diet program actually have rules and requirements also play. So that does not change the diet to be natural for your body, see terms below!

Condition 1: Do not remove a certain food groups.
Many people do diet 'fraudulent' way eliminate certain food groups that are considered enemies diet. In fact at the time of the diet program, our bodies need a balance of nutrients into the body and nutrition to keep our bodies stay healthy. Our bodies need water, vitamins, carbohydrates, less fat, minerals, fiber and oxygen. Plus diet with more vegetables and fruit mengonsumsi, this will help build the body's immune system.

Condition 2: Pay attention to the adequacy of body akan protein.
The body requires 30 grams of protein a day. Meat, milk and processed milk products have very high protein contents. Certain fruits and vegetables also contain a protein but in a small amount. Pod-polongan, grains, and beans can help you meet the needs of protein needed by the body.

Condition 3: Do not Remove all fat
Our bodies need 50 grams of fat each day. Not all fat evil, so you need not be hostile to it. Fat akan keep muscles strong and still slippery. Fat, you can choose 'good' is obtained from nuts, olive oil or advokad.

Condition 4: Eat only when hungry.
We can only restrict the entry of food into the body. But sometimes the body difficult to be a compromise. So it is recommended that you eat only when hungry, and the next hours you can mengemil fruit and vegetables.