Emergency: Causes of liver cancer (kanker hati)

Type of hepatitis B and C thus trigger the occurrence of liver cancer. Hepatitis virus is likely to cause cirrhosis. Recorded 90% pengidap cirrhosis potentially have a large liver cancer.
liver cancer

Comparison of Exercise and Healthy Heart are the Cancer

Data World Health Organization (WHO) shows, at least 180 million people worldwide infected with the virus hepatitis C. No less than 400 million other people living with hepatitis B.

Akan disease concerns well-founded. Section, does not mind the early symptoms of patients affected by cancer diagnosed heart to finally have reached advanced stages.

Available data, 70% of patients of cirrhosis in Asia (outside Japan) or the infection comes from Afrikaa hepatitis B. In Indonesia, no less than 25% of hepatitis pengidap akan who does not know the existence of the disease can potentially suffer cirrhosis after 15-20 years time the virus lodged in their bodies.

WHO data indicate, liver cancer is a type of cancer tersering number six in the world and cause the death of the third largest sequence. Liver cancer patients in general do not usually have a life expectancy more than two years after the contract this disease is diagnosed.

In 2005, cancer killed more than 206 thousand people of the soul of Indonesia, where 12, 5% of them pengidap liver cancer.

During this time, pengidap cancer heart disease only in the conventional method, ie, chemotherapy is done on the organ affected.

X-ray radiation therapy in the chemotherapy is still considered the best solution for patient pengidap cancer. Chemotherapy and injection of ethanol in the tumor cells was considered best to kill the two-step cancer cells.

Unfortunately, this treatment method is not only kill tumor cells, but also the expense of cells that the heart healthy. This shocking resilience of the system at risk for the patient.

There are a variety of cancer treatment liver cancer at appropriate stages and detected terdiagnosis. Action operations are considered as the only way out to heal disease or cancer with liver transplants.

However, only 15% of them stated that total recovery. Ironically, medical services such as heart transplants do not have in Indonesia.