Causes of Leprosy bacteria mycobacterium leprae and symptoms of Lepra

The analysis of leprosy patients is still actual alarming. Like lepers active in addition apple because bodies are abashed alone apprenticed the disease. Though leprosy is not an accessible ache contagious.Groups of patients or above leprosy patients usually alive calm because of the adversity of accepting accepting from bodies around. Leprosy or leprosy is a medical action affecting millions of bodies in the world. As abounding as 90 percent of leprosy patients alive in developing countries, including Indonesia.

Leprosy is acquired by bacilli alleged mycobacterium leprae. Not because of heredity, curse, or abuse of sin.

Among added communicable diseases including leprosy catching difficult. Over 95% of the absolute apple citizenry is artlessly allowed to this disease. Manual is estimated that there annihilation to do with the action of malnutrition and poverty.

However, afterwards demography the biologic lepers of medical personnel, again aural 2 x 24 hours the accommodating was no best address the disease. Unfortunately today bodies do not accept abundant ability of leprosy, consistent in bigotry adjoin leprosy patients in the community.

So it was the bliss of active advancement for a stop bigotry adjoin leprosy. 'Leprosy can be cured! " This has emphasized the broadcasting of advice on leprosy.

"If you acquisition white spots on your body, analysis with a stab, if the 'numbness' (numb) leprosy beware! You anon argue added on the abutting bloom center. Even if it were absolutely gejal leprosy, do not anguish because leprosy can convalescent with multydrugtherapy (MDT), "said DR. AB Susanto.

Socialization is done as a alternation of Indonesian Movement and Apple Without Leprosy. Because if advised early, leprosy will not accept after-effects or advance to concrete disability. Let us calm accomplish Indonesia and the Apple Without Leprosy.

Leprosy is a abiding communicable ache acquired by the acerbic aggressive bacilli Mycobacterium leprae. Symptoms of leprosy include:

1. Arising spots or chastening with a faculty of abundant or numb, sometimes there are complaints of affliction in the accoutrements and legs, joints, fever, aqueous adenoids and eyes procos.

2. Typical bark lesions (patches / plaques / hipopigmentasi / eritematosa, papul or nadul).

The way of manual from being to being through aerosol or air. The advance of this ache because of continued acquaintance with the accommodating and those who beneath to be allowed coveted. The capital agency of manual is due to malnutrition which resulted in accident to the allowed system.

Leprosy analysis takes 6-12 months. It takes a aggregate of 2-3 types of drugs taken regularly. These bacilli account of leprosy-causing bacilli agnate to tuberculosis. The drugs currently acclimated accommodate rifamfisin, dapsone and clofaziminie.

To actuate the lepers are convalescent or not can be done in accepted assay by a doctor and some claret tests and assay of the best important causes of germs.