Menu Coreldraw Graphics Design articles

1. Title Bar

Title bar shows the path and name of the document is being opened in square brackets [document name]. If you have not saved your document, Corel will provide the default name, that is Graphic1, Graphic2, and so on.

1. Standard Tool Bar

Standard toolbar contains icons for the standard commands such as opening a new file (new), open the file (open), save (save), mencentak (print), copy to the clipboard (copy), paste the clipboard (paste), Cut, Undo to or cancel some of the last step, bredob again to execute the last command, import, export, Application Launcher to execute another application Corel, Corel Online to access the Corel web site, and the zoom level to set the size of the image display layer.

1. Property Bar

Property contains a menu-bar menu settings document. Views property bar will vary depending on the object that we are granted access. Figure A.1 shows the view property bar if no objects are being while Figure A.2 shows the view property bar if we are to access the object as text.

1. Toolbox

Menu toolbox contains menu0menu used for drawing, such as: shape tool (to set the form of objects), rectangle tool (for drawing a shape segiempat), zooming tool to enlarge the image display, ellipse tool to draw a circle or ellipse shape, and Freehand tool (for any form of drawing).

The menu is hidden under each main toolbox icon called flyout that some of them are shown in Figure A.3.

1. Color Palette

Color palette menu contains coloring to color the object image

ataupunn text.

1. Pulldown menu (Menu Bar)

Pulldown menu is the menu that if the series will automatically click menus below (pull = pull, down = go down, if the menu is drawn (on-click) the series will go down). Pulldown menu in Corel Draw menu consists of a file, Edit, View, Layout, arrange, Effects, Bitmaps, Text, Tools, Window, and Help. The underlined letter on each menu represent how quickly access the menu via the keyboard keys (the term: short key). For example, the File pulldown menu, with the underlined letter F, can be accessed directly by pressing the Alt and F keys simultaneously. Similarly Edit pulldown menu on the bottom line with the letter E can be accessed directly by pressing the Alt key and E simultaneously. In this case not be distinguished between capital letters and non-capital letters.

With the row below each pulldown menu, then only will discuss some of which will be frequently used.

1) File

Some important menu in the pulldown menu that is often used is New, New FromTemplate, Open, Close, Save, Import, Export, Export For Office, Print, Print Preview, Publish to the Web, Publish to PDF, and Exit. If the pulldown menu can be accessed directly using the Alt and the underlined letter, chain pulldown menu under the menu can be accessed directly by pressing the Ctrl and the letter underlined. For example, open the menu (which is underlined letter "O") can be accessed directly by pressing the Ctrl key and O, while the Save menu can be accessed by pressing the Ctrl and S keys simultaneously. Here is the explanation of the function-menu.


To open / create file / new image.

New FromTemplate

To create a new image with the settings such as the pattern that has been determined.


To open the image files that already exist (never made).


To close the active document yangs edang.


To save documents in standard format (*. CDR).


To import files from other applications.


To save the document with other formats (other than *. CDR).

Export For Office

Save the document to be used in Office applications (word processor, spreadsheet, or presentation).

Send To

To copy the document to a specific directory, memampatkannya (compress) in *. zip format, open it or use another application.


To print a document.

Print Preview

To view the results later printing.

Publish to the Web

For mem-publish the document as a web file.

Publish to PDF

For mem-publish the document as a pdf file (portable data format).


CorelDraw application to close.

2) Edit

Pulldown menu Edit menu consists of a set of editing, such as Copy, Cut, Paste, Find and Replace, and Insert Barcode. Menu-menu editing CorelDraw is not much different with other applications. However, there is a specific menu Insert Barcode. CorelDraw fsilitas have a code of the form stem-stem which is known by the term barcode.

If you are shopping in supermarkets or supermarkets, akan found many products with the barcode on the packaging. Barcode is used for data collection (database) of goods. Each package of goods has a specific code barcode. Code is entered in the computer database at the supermarket or a supermarket, so that the approach is on the packaging of goods barcodescanner cashier at the table, the price and the name of the item will be automatically detected, go to the computer and data will appear in the Print out note buyers shopping

3) View

This menu provides several display and hide the view menu in the spreadsheet.

Try you click one of the pulldown menu under the View menu (eg options: rulers) and see the function menu. Click the option Full-Screen Preview to see the full screen display of your documents.

4) Layout

This menu contains menu-menu page layout settings. Size, background color, number of pages, and orientation (vertical or out) can be set using menu-menu under the pulldown menu layout this.

5) arrange

Arrange the menu used to set up / manage the object, rotate, move, tilt, and change in size (known by the term: Transformation), and combine several objects (grouping).

CorelDraw know the system layer (layer) so that objects that are in the bottom layer (made earlier) akan tertutupi by objects that are in the top layer (made later). Menu arrange this layer can move objects terseleksi to the desired layer terntentu.

6) Effects

Effects menu consists of menu setting effects on the object vector graphics, such as: coloring effects, contours, and the effect of 3-dimensional (perspective).

7) Bitmaps

Bitmaps menu set the effects of color and texture bitmap object. In this case, other than the vector object memprose, CorelDraw also able to handle the object with a bitmap effects give a quite complete. However, in the use of CorelDraw application program, we will emphasize its function as a vector graphic processing, not the graphical processing bitmap. As a representative of the bitmap graphics processors will be the Adobe Photoshop software is a favorite on the graphic designer.

8) Text

Text menus and set the display format of the text (any posts). Content from the pulldown menu can be seen in Figure A.4

9) Tools

The Tools menu megatur used to display various menus and options associated with the object and setting the document. Content from the pulldown menu can be seen in Figure A.5.

10) Window

Window menu is used, especially if we open more than one document at once. Some of the menu under the Window pulldown menu function set the display documents that, whether stratified (Caccade), on the bottom row (Tile Horizontally), or adjacent (Tile Vertically).

Window pulldown menu can also be used utnuk display or hide menus such as toolbox, tollbar property, the standard toolbar or pulldown menus. If you only want to hide the toolbox, property toolbar or pulldown menu, you can still access the pulldown menu. Namn, if the pulldown menu (or the Menu Bar) you hide, how can I display it again? To display the pulldown menu that is hidden, right-click in an empty area on the top of the document to show the menu-menu and choose Menu Bar to the menu appears again.

11) Help

Last row this true pulldown menu that is most important is the menu is the Help menu. This menu is used for find out how or understanding of a term in the program application. Thus, the Help menu is a virtual means of consultation between the user application program with a book tu guide. There are some skills that need to be to access the Help menu, the most important is the ability to speak English. Another thing that is necessary to understand the terms in the application program (Corel / Graphic). Knowledge is required to select knci words (keywords) is appropriate. For example, you want to know about coloring CMYK. Here is one possible sequence of steps to "inquire". Click the pulldown menu Help, pilihTopics, click Index, and enter the keyword "CMYK" in the text to appear in the keyword about top. Click Display in the bottom of this window to see the explanation in the text to the right column.

You can also browse the menu with each button click Contens. Browse some of the menu to use them skillfully.