How to treat obesity? and what obesity Symptoms?

Someone who has a weight 20% college than the mean of the ambit of accustomed weight is advised obese. Comparison amid the accustomed anatomy fat weight is about 25-30% in women and 18-23% in men. If the fat agreeable of a actuality exceeds the beginning again it can be alleged obese. Blubber is due to

from the accession of balance anatomy fat. In blubber occurs alterity amid calorie assimilation and afire in the body.

Occurrence of blubber involves several factors, genetic, environmental, psychological, health, medicine, development, and concrete activity.

Complications of blubber can accommodate diabetes, hypertension, stroke, affection attack, affection failure, or cancer.

Obesity is classified into 3 groups:

Mild obesity: ample 20-40%

Obesity were: actuality ample 41-100%

Obesity weight: balance weight> 100%.


Symptoms of boundless accession of fat beneath the diaphragm and chest bank in the can burden the lungs, causing animation problems and conciseness of breath, alike if the accommodating is alone a balmy activity. Respiratory problems can action during sleep, causing abeyance of animation for a while (sleep apneu), so that by day patients generally feel sleepy.


The capital assumption is the analysis of blubber and calorie assimilation brake added concrete activity. Both are important apparatus in acclimation anatomy weight.