How to prevent and treat cellulite right Step

Cellulite looks like an orange bark that is about begin in the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. Blubber Solutions in the book, its columnist Helen Foster says that diet is one band-aid to 'fight' cellulite. That means, by adjusting the diet, you can action antithesis fluid, fat, and chargeless radicals. If the blight can be prevented alone by celebratory the assimilation of aliment (the analysis shows about 40% of blight can be prevented by adjusting the diet), again why blubber is not? Follow these accomplish and agenda the change in actualization on the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks.

Step 1

REDUCE weight

The aboriginal footfall you charge to do, of course, to gurangi antithesis anatomy weight. Doctor Fiastuti Witjaksono, MSc. the SEAMEO-TROPMED FKUI aboriginal appropriate - aboriginal to account the ideal weight according to the blueprint Anatomy Mass Index (BMI), the 'weight' (BB) in kg disconnected 'height' in aboveboard meters. For example, your anatomy weight 48 kg, acme 160 cm. Thus, BMI = 48: (1.6) 2 = 48: 2.56 = 18.75. Then, bout the table below.

Lack of weight <18.5

Normal 18.5 -22.9

Overweight 23 to 24.9

1 Obesity levels from 25 to 29.9

Obesity akin 2> = 30

Besides barometer waist circumference. For women, the absolute is beneath 80 cm. Afterwards that, bout with your action akin according to the circadian blueprint beneath to actuate caloric needs banan.

Fat 25 cal / BB alluringly 30 cal / 35 cal ideal BB / BB ideal

Normal 30 cal / BB Ideal 35 cal / BB alluringly 40 cal / BB abstraction

Skinny 35 cal / 40 cal ideal BB / BB alluringly 40-50 cal / BB ideal

If you acquaintance problems ample or abashed how to 'translate' the calorie calculation of inmates in the menu, argue to a specialist in diet to access a bright explanation.

Step 2


TOO MUCH FOOD accommodate sugar.

Automatic high-calorie or fat. As information, afterwards arresting 300 kcal of sugar, the bulk of chargeless radicals in the anatomy will access 140%. Amoroso makes collagen fibers in avenue or claret barge hardening. As a result, apportionment slows.

Saturated fats and auto fats.

In an instant, these two types of fat can bifold the bulk of chargeless radicals. Saturated fat is frequently begin in beastly products, such as meat, butter, and full-fat dairy products. While auto fat in margarine. Absolute the cardinal beneath 30% of circadian activity intake. For saturated fat, no added than 10%.


In baby amounts, it will facilitate the apportionment and metabolism. Absolute alone one cup of coffee or tea every three hours and not added than two or three cups a day.

Refined carbohydrates.

Terkandung dalam gula putih, nasi, pasta, atau roti putih. Refined carbohydrates makes the anatomy aback got a flood of glucose. Anatomy aggravating to antithesis it with the absolution of insulin, which makes glucose stored as fat. This is what fat reproduce. Begin bistro circuitous carbohydrates such as wholemeal bread, bran-based cereals, or wholemeal wheat-free pasta.


As a result, the anatomy will annihilate antithesis alkali to absorb aqueous in the body. The aftereffect is cellulite. World Bloom Organization (World Bloom Organization (WHO) recommends alkali afire of no added than 5 grams per day.

Step 3

'NEXT FOOD Approach'

Beans and peas.

Rich in cilia and accommodate few nutrients. For example, potassium, which helps affected the botheration of antithesis fluid, protein, and calcium.


For example, peanuts, cashews, almonds, and Brazil nuts. High-protein, vitamin E, which can advice bottle the circulation, and blubbery acerbic monounsaturated fat helps the anatomy burn.

Oat cereals.

Content of antioxidants and cilia is acceptable for afire fat and accomplish you berenerji throughout the day.


This bake-apple is aerial calorie. However, capital blubbery acids are acceptable for bark health. Additionally contains vitamin E and beta-sitosterol, fiber, which helps affected the botheration of cholesterol.


Contains potassium and vitamin B6, which is advantageous for advantageous problems in the anatomy of antithesis fluids.


Have anti-inflammatory allowances and advice adjustment damaged collagen fibers. In addition, additionally accommodate vitamin C.


Useful as detoxification, pears accommodate iodine (minerals that advice to activate a apathetic metabolism), fiber, and potassium.


Contains lycopene (a blazon of antioxidant), potassium, and cilia assimilation facilitate useful.

Citrus fruits.

For example, candied orange, lemon, or grapefruit. A average orange has 80 mg of vitamin C (twice the recommended intake), which is advantageous for basic collagen fibers. Methoxyhted additionally contains bioflavonoids, which allows bland apportionment and strengthen capillaries.


Strengthens veins and capillaries and helps ascendancy claret pressure. Additionally contains glutathione, which are detoxification enzymes and chargeless abolitionist fighter.

Red onion and garlic.

These herbs calmly included in every dish. Contents accommodate sulfur (to advice affected the ill furnishings of acknowledgment to chargeless radicals), vitamin C and E.


Mengandung alpha lipoic acerbic (mencegah pengerasan kolagen), selenium (memaksimalkan kerja vitamin C, E, dan beta karoten), dan kalsium.

Low-fat beef.

Not consistently beastly articles should be shunned. Choose low-fat. Beef contains conjugated linoleic acerbic (CLA). whose action is to bake fat. Adamant additionally accumulate you berenerji, abnormally for sports.Chicken.

One of the best sources of protein, as continued as you do not eat the skin. Additionally contains adamant and vitamin B complex.


Types of angle such as salmon, tuna, or mackerel accommodate capital blubbery acids and prostaglandins (help accelerate circulation).


In the body, will anatomy a sulfur-based apparatus that advice the detoxification action and abate the bulk of chargeless radicals.

Semi-skimmed milk and low-fat cheese.

Rich in calcium and CLA to abetment the action of fat afire and beef formation.

Step 4


Eat bristles servings of fruits and vegetables every day. One confined is agnate to one allotment (250 g) ample bake-apple such as watermelon, one average bake-apple such as apples or oranges, or two tablespoons of vegetables. In adjustment not to get bored, try to alter the affable methods, such as boiled, steamed, or stir-fry. For fruit, you can additionally absorb them as a salad.

Bistro some types of protein sources, at atomic three times a day. Help balance claret amoroso levels best than if you aloof mertg-carbohydrate consumption. Making you abstain candied aliment cravings. Choose low-fat, such as skinless chicken, fish, low-fat dairy products, beans, or red meat fat was removed.

Eat bristles or six times a day. Eat three commons a day of it will account cerebral hunger. Better you eat in a abundance added often, but with abate portions. If you still feel athirst afterwards, bethink that you will eat two hours later.

Alcohol lots of caffeine-free drinks. Every day, alcohol eight glasses of baptize or a liter of water. May additionally try some herbal tea.