Penyakit Sindrom Sheehan


Sheehan's affection is a action that affects the lives of women who accomplished claret accident that threatened during or afterwards childbirth. Severe claret accident can abuse the body. In Sheehan's syndrome, accident to the pituitary gland - a baby gland at the abject of the brain. Just knowledge, Sheehan's affection is attenuate in developed countries. But in developing countries, this affection still mernjadi above bloom blackmail for women.


In abounding cases, the signs and affection of Sheehan's affection appear slowly, afterwards several months or even years. But sometimes - such as in a nursing mother - a botheration that may appear soon. Signs and affection of Sheehan's affection include:

* Difficulty or disability to breast feeding

* No menstruation (amenorrhea) or exceptional menstruation (oligomenorrhea)

* Accident of pubic or armpit hair

* Low claret pressure

* Fatigue

* Weight loss


Treatment for Sheehan's affection is constant hormone backup therapy. Doctors acceptable acclaim one or added of the afterward medications: corticosteroids, levothyroxine (Levoxyl, Synthroid, others), estrogen, advance hormone.
Source: medlineplus dan mayoclinic.