Causes of Failed IVF during pregnancy

Causes of Failed IVF during pregnancy, IVF best affiliated couples who accept difficulties in accepting children. But until now, IVF success ante are still low and generally fail. What are the capital factors causing the abortion of IVF? IVF is one of the engineering techniques of reproduction which is aswell alleged in vitro fertilization (IVF). IVF action brought calm the husband's agent with the ovum or egg corpuscle wife out to accomplish fertilization.

Why IVF programs generally fail?

Often the abortion is acquired by the abortion of IVF article action (planting) antecedent (Advancedfertility).
Implantation abortion can be acquired by problems in the antecedent or problems in the mother's womb. Most abundance experts say that 95 percent of IVF abortion is acquired due to abortion of antecedent arrest.
Failure of antecedent arrest is generally acquired by chromosomal or abiogenetic abnormalities in embryos that accomplish it too anemic to abide accustomed development and implantation.
Unfortunately, the botheration is still a 'black box' of today. There are currently no safe and able technology that allows scientists to investigate the bulk of chromosomal or abiogenetic problems in a way not to accident the accustomed embryos significantly.

In accession to abiogenetic problems, the success of IVF is aswell bent by abounding things, a part of others, as follows:

1. Maternal age

In principle, IVF success declines with accretion age. Women beneath 30 years of his affairs of extensive 50%, age 30-35 years 35% chance, the age of 40 years of success by 10-15%, while aloft the age of 40 years 8% adventitious of living.

2. The superior and abundance of eggs

Embryo superior bent the egg from the mother and age of crumbling assembly back 35 years.

3. Agent superior

For the bedmate who diperiksaan is the superior and abundance of agent with the ideal bulk aloft 20 actor per cc.

4. The superior of ovarian dispatch IVF, depending on physician accomplishment to ascendancy the action

5. The superior of an IVF class

6. Skills of doctors in authoritative the eggs and the all-embracing ability

7. Skills antecedent transfer, whether doctors or accessories acclimated

8. The amount of eggs retrieved

9. Causes of infertility patients

10. The action of development, antecedent superior and the akin of arrest during beginning development in the class.