How To Leukimia Treatment?


Leukemia is a type of cancer that attacks white blood cells produced by bone marrow (bone marrow). Bone marrow or bone marrow in the human body produces three types of blood cells including white blood cell (functioning as immune against infection), red blood cell (function to bring oxygen into the body) and platelets (small part of blood cells that help blood clotting process .)

Leukemia is generally appear in a person since the days of childhood, the bone marrow without obvious cause has been known to produce white blood cells do not develop normal or abnormal. Normally, white blood cells to reproduce again when the body needs it or no room for the blood cell itself. The human body will give signs / signals on a regular basis when will the blood cells are expected to be re-reproduction.

In the case of leukemia, white blood cells do not respond to the sign / signal given. Finally, uncontrolled production of excessive (abnormal) will exit from the bone marrow and can be found in the peripheral blood or peripheral blood. The number of abnormal white blood cells that is when excessive can disrupt the normal function of other cells, A person with this condition (leukemia) will show some symptoms such as susceptible to infectious diseases, anemia and bleeding.


Handling cases of leukemia disease usually starts from the symptoms that arise, such as anemia, bleeding and infection. Broadly speaking the handling and treatment of leukemia can be done by a single or a combination of several methods below:

1. Chemotherapy / intrathecal medications
2. Radiation Therapy. This method is rarely used
3. Transplantation of bone marrow (bone marrow)
4. Provision of drugs and hypodermic tablets
5. Transfusion of red blood cells or platelets.

Therapy System is often used in dealing with patients with leukemia is a combination of Chemotherapy (chemo) and the provision of drugs that focuses on the dismissal of the production of abnormal white blood cells in bone marrow. Next is the handling of some symptoms and signs that have been revealed by the patient's body with a comprehensive monitoring.