Penyakit Neurosyphillis


Neurosyphilis is an infection of the academician or analgesic cord. Neurosyphillis action in humans with basic syphilis for abounding years back they aboriginal infected. Neurosyphilis is acquired by Treponema pallidum, the bacillus that causes syphillis. This occurs about 10-20 years afterwards a being was aboriginal adulterated shyphilis. But not all humans who fell ill with syphilis will acquaintance this complication.

There are four altered forms of neurosyphillis:

* Asymptomatic Asymptomatic

* General paresis

* Meningovascular

* Tabes dorsalis


* Abnormal amble

* Blindness

* Confusion

* Dementia

* Depression

* Pain kepla

* Inability to airing

* Irritability

* Loss of beef action

* Mental abatement

* Paralysis

* Poor absorption

* Seizures

* Neck acerbity

* Tremor

* Visual Disturbance

* Weakness, asleep of the lower limb


Penicillin acclimated to amusement neurosyphilis. Drugs can be administered in assorted means by medical experts. And approved appointment with a specialist is recommended for the analysis of this disease