Causes of Blood Hard Stop is Von Willebrand Disease (VWD)

In a normal person when injured, thrombocyte will stick together with each other and form aggregates that can stop blood coming out. But there are also those who hurt a little, the blood continues to pour out or hard to stop. When you encounter situations like that, it means there is a problem with the protein in red blood cells, called von Willebrand factor (VWF).
Von Willebrand Disease (VWD) is a bleeding disorder inherited from her parents' genes. Von Willebrand factor is important because it controls bleeding and clotting process.
If you do not have these factors, the platelet there will only be floated or not be able to attach to and aggregate is not formed so that the continuous bleeding occurs.
In general, von Willebrand disease is not as bad as other bleeding disorders. But many people with this disease who do not realize that he has a bleeding disorder because symptoms include mild. Normally this would be serious if the person will undergo surgery or in women during menstruation and childbirth experience.
The dominance of one gene can affect men and women, this is different with bleeding disorders such as hemophilia, located on chromosome X. Because von Willebrand's disease can strike both men and women as well. Ratio of 1:1,000 in the world there are people who suffer from this disease. Expected number of patients with this disease more than hemophilia.
But because the symptoms tend to be mild, so only a few who knew that he had von Willebrand disease and other mostly undiagnosed. The symptoms usually likes blooded, blue-blue, nosebleeds, menstruation in the long term and difficult to stop bleeding. Medications given to patients depending on the type of von Willebrand suffered. However, all aimed at the treatment given to help stop the bleeding that occurred.