Daun Bungkus of Papua to enlarge the penis, but be careful of HIV AIDS

According to locals, the definition of "Daun Bungkus" is a kind of local ingredients from the leaves of herbs that wraps male genitalia (penis) naturally for several days before eventually transformed into a 'monster' that big. Permanently, without restrictions eat. Herb leaf packs consisted of leaves mixed with pure coconut oil which is applied to a vital organ within a certain timeframe. Despite containing ill effects when in the process, men in this area seems to ignore her. They've been obsessed with the "courage".
"Jaga ko pu diri pakai kondom", This sentence appeared emblazoned on various government buildings in Manokwari, West Papua's provincial capital, last week. It means "you've got yourself keep using condoms." Sentences in these posters actually contains about a call for communities to implement a healthy sexual behavior.
This paradise on earth, sex is not something taboo. Sex is considered as the human needs that can not be banned. Prohibition against sexual activity precisely assessed had violated human rights. However, on the other hand, can not be denied that cases of HIV / AIDS in this region is also unsparing in number.
According to Ida Wader, a medical clinic that focuses Blimbing treat HIV / AIDS, Papua has the status red (danger) in this issue. Especially in Manokwari, about 153 people tested positive for the HIV / AIDS.
Currently, there is approximately 102 people who have undergone the examination but have not dared to open the envelope, the results of the analysis.
In this land of Papua, Manokwari ranks fourth after Merauke, Jayapura and Sorong. "People know very green with forests of Papua. But people also know that Papua is now red because of HIV. We are now a race against time. Papua is no longer green because the red color will soon be rid of green, "he said, when to disseminate HIV / AIDS among children, in Papua New Forest Hotels, Manokwari. In Papua also have Buah Merah for Health, and than Buah Merah can HIV treathment.