Natural Treatment:vitamin C and lycopene in tomatoes can to prevent lung cancer and stomach

Tomatoes acceptable for our health. Tomatoes are affluent in potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C and lycopene which assignment as antioxidants to assure beef in our body. Tomatoes are additionally low in calories.
Harvard Research in 1995 showed that men who absorb a lot of tomatoes accept lower accident of prostate cancer. This is the aftereffect of lycopene. Related to vitamin A. Lycopene
According to the American Blight Society, there is able affirmation that abounding foods accommodate lycopene to advice anticipate lung cancer and stomach. There is additionally affirmation that lycopene may anticipate some cancers.
Tomatoes Acceptable for the Heart
Antioxidants begin in fruits and black plants that can advice accumulate our hearts, including tomatoes. Research shows that men with low lycopene in their bodies added at accident of affection disease. Lycopene may abate inflammasi and blurred LDL cholesterol, which both can accumulate advancement the bloom of our hearts.