Nervous is one of human nature, when humans are going to see things that they regard as a sinister, they are precious and dear.
We feel nervous when we will do a presentation, the interview and met someone who held the rank or someone that we estimate.
then how do I eliminate the nervous nature of the nervous or clumsy also called this?
say calm has been getting a lot more tips than many others, among others:
1) We consider ourselves are capable of doing, essentially self-confidence
2) Method of breath; how we take a deep breath and then save the stomach for a count of one to three, then out through your mouth slowly until they run out, do it over and over again, every breath save breath stomach in both the third and so on, we add one count, for example in taking a second breath, keep breathing stomach when we store in a matter of one to four and so on, after you do so you will feel relaxed.
3) Think of when we are confronted at the tester or the audience, we think no one else was there, except our own.
4) Self-confidence and positive thinking
No human is perfect so do not expect perfection never comes. Think that we'll have new experiences and believe that all people will also experience the same panic as you are, so think positive.
5) Assume that your test is peers.
6) Preparation enough
Master the material and train to speak (not read), if you need to do in front of a mirror so you get immediate feedback. Do not forget to prepare the property to support such infocus, screen, or anything that can make your presentations more effective.
7) Make yourself comfortable
Note correct your appearance, make sure that you feel comfortable with your appearance.
8) Smile
A smile will melt tension and also makes friendly, greet the audience with a warm and sincere greeting.