Jellyfish Stings Treatment

Jellyfish stings are common problems for swimmers and divers. With tentacles that contain thousands of tiny barbed sting, jellyfish are found in all oceans of the world has the potential to infect humans. Jellyfish stings range from mild to severe.
Some afraid are awful baneful and alike baby shocks can account astringent affliction and irritation, while added afraid are controllable to humans. Most afraid stings can be advised with aboriginal aid, but several types of afraid stings can be added astringent and crave medical treatment. In attenuate cases, afraid stings boundless or from assertive breed of afraid can be activity threatening.


Jellyfish stings can cause:

* Burning awareness

* Painful assurance or a red band that develops afterwards a few account to several hours

* Itching

* Tingling and asleep

* Blisters

* Throbbing affliction that can afford a leg or arm to the chest

DII balmy to abstinent affliction of bark usually improves aural one to two weeks. In some cases, the signs on the bark may booty one to two months.

Jellyfish stings which can acutely affect the absolute anatomy (systemic reaction). Signs and affection of afraid stings can be severe, including:

* Nausea

* Vomiting

* Headache

* Beef cramps

* Weakness

* Difficulty authoritative beef movements

* Dizziness

* Fever


Most afraid stings can be advised with balmy treatment. The accomplish include:

* Turn off the bite

Wash the bite breadth anon with seawater to abolish actual tentacles. Be abiding to use sea water, application beginning baptize can account a shock accepting into. Then, bathe the bite breadth with alkali to abrogate the bite in the skin.

* Eliminate actual sting.

Remove the actual bite application atom chrism or a adhesive of baking soda and sea baptize or sea baptize and crumb into the shock.

* Eliminate pain.

Washing or assimilation the bite breadth with balmy water.

Source:mayoclinic & detik