Definition of Malabsorption and How to Treatment


Many altered altitude and situations can affect the adeptness of the baby civil to blot able nutrients. Examples accommodate errors in the digestive process, such as abortion to aftermath the enzymes all-important to breach bottomward assertive foods; structural defects or tumors in the colon, anarchic processes, belly infections, and added diseases, and complete defects.

Malabsorption is the adversity in arresting nutrients from food. Many diseases can account malabsorption. Patients usually accept adversity arresting sugar, salt, proteins, or vitamins from food. Some causes include: AIDS, cholestasis, abiding liver, parasites, milk allergy.


Effect of unabsorbed substances including diarrhea, steatorrhea, belly bloating, and gas. Patients generally lose weight admitting able aliment intake.


Treatment varies by analysis but may accommodate abnegation and drugs such as anti-diarrheals, antibiotics, or agitator replacement. Surgery may be adumbrated in assertive cases.