Definition and Symptoms of Salmonella Enterocolitis

Definition of Salmonella Enterocolitis
Salmonella enterocolitis is an infection of the lining of the baby civil acquired by the bacillus Salmonella. Salmonella enterocolitis is one of the best accepted blazon of aliment poisoning. This occurs back a being swallows aliment or baptize attenuated with salmonella bacteria. Aliment can become attenuated if the action of aliment alertness and accessories not clean.


Duration of time amid infection and evidence development of about 8-48 hours, affection include:

* Abdominal affliction or airtight or amore

* Chills

* Diarrhea

* Fever

* Muscle affliction

* Abhorrence

* Vomiting


The ambition of analysis is to alter fluids and electrolytes absent by diarrhea. Electrolyte band-aid accessible after prescription. Antidiarrheal Drugs are about not accustomed because they can prolong the infection. If the accommodating mengalamigejala severe, your doctor may appoint antibiotics.

People with diarrhea who can not alcohol annihilation because of abhorrence may charge medical absorption and intravenous fluids. This is abnormally accurate for adolescent children. Fever and affliction can be advised with acetaminophen or ibuprofen.