Ingredients Cause Miscarriage Is Weak For Pregnant Women

Women who miscarry often said to have weak content. What exactly is meant by weak content?
In medical terms is a weak content of the disturbance of the cervix (the cervix) is called cervical incompetence. The average age of 4 months of pregnancy, the mother will be having a miscarriage. The cause of cervical incompetence is the presence of abnormalities or weakness of the shape of the cervix. It should not open the cervix during pregnancy 4 months of age, but because these abnormalities of the cervix through the opening which causes the result of conception out of the womb or miscarry.

The cause of cervical incompetence is:
1. As a result of heredity or descendants
2. Curette process that makes trauma resulting weakening side effects of cervical
3. Collagen disease (in a matter of cervical collagen and this is one risk factor)
4. As a result of infection from outside the womb.
1-2 times a miscarriage if it was still normal, but if the miscarriage occurs 3 times in a row then do further tests to find out what the cause of these miscarriages. Examination can be carried out blood tests from both parents to see the chromosomes or may also undergo inspection ACA (anticardiolipin) is the examination of blood viscosity. If the expectant mothers exposed to ACA syndrome, the blood will thicken resulting in rapid blood flow to the fetus so that the fetus is hampered nutrient deficiencies and oxygen.

The cause of the greatest miscarriages are due to chromosomal abnormalities caused by the parents of about 60 percent. The disorder is caused by the process of fertilization is egg or sperm is not good. The risk factors for these chromosomal abnormalities occur in women over the age of 35 years and men over the age of 55 years. While other causes of miscarriage is an infection that occurs when a young gestational age, the case is about 20-30 percent. Pregnancy is like a law of nature. To prevent a miscarriage, pregnant women have adequate rest. If you have spots of pregnant women should rest at home. If the cause of miscarriage is known and can be treated properly, then the mother may be pregnant again as long as was done during childbirth and reproductive functions work well.