Definition of Syphilis Treatment for men's Penis and Woman to Health

Definition of Syphilis
Syphilis or sipilis is a venereal disease that is chronic and chronic disease, although the frequency began to decline, but still a dangerous disease because it can attack organs throughout the body including the circulatory system, nerves and can be transmitted by a pregnant mother to her baby, resulting in congenital abnormalities in baby. Syphilis or the King Lion.

* The bacteria causes: Treponema pallidum
* Medium: Men
* Place of germs out: Penis, vagina, mouth and pregnant mothers to their babies
* Mode of Transmission: sexual contact, mother to her baby
* The bacteria enter the penis, vagina, anus, mouth, transfusion.

Based on the spread of syphilis is divided into 2 stages:

1. Early stage, is very contagious because at abnormalities of skin and mucous membranes germs found. Included here is syphilis stages I and II.
2. Advanced low-power-of-mouth disease.

Symptoms of Syphilis

Syphilis has a range of buds 3 weeks. At the entrance of germs arise ulcer (wound) is oval, clean basis, red skin around the light, the hard and did not touch the pain, a condition called primary effect of stage I. Often accompanied by swollen lymph nodes in the vicinity of infection daerang dense, chewy, the palpability tikdak sick.

Within 3-6 weeks of this disorder can be cured without treatment. After the primary effect, then 6-8 weeks into the disease stage II, usually preceded by symptoms: fever, headache, sore bones and so on. Sign-tana on the skin and mucous membranes can mimic any other skin disease (the great imitator) and disorders of the skin is not itchy. Lesions in moist places in the folds of skin called condylomata lata. There were enlarged lymph nodes overall (generalized lymphadenitis). Skin disorder may disappear without treatment and may occur again but not symmetrical. Latent syphilis is syphilis patients without symptoms and only found a positive test result.

Syphilis stage III appeared after 3-10 years of stage I. This situation is not contagious, but can attack any organ of the body. Abnormalities characteristic is a node which then relented, broken and form ulcers. In addition, can also attack the circulatory system and nervous.
Gonorrhea (GO)

Gonorrhea is the most common STDs found and most easily enforced diagnosis. The name of this common venereal disease is "gonorrhea". Incubation period 3-5 days.

* Germs: Neisseria gonorrhea
* Intermediary: human
* Where the germs out: penis, vagina, anus, mouth
* Modes of transmission: Direct contact seksua
* Where the bacteria entered: penis, vagina, anus, mouth
* Who can get: people who have sex not safe

Male patients usually complain of pain during urination. Urinary tract from the mouth out thick yellow pus green. After several days of pus discharge only in the morning, little and thin and decreased pain. If the disease is left untreated complications may arise in the form of inflammation of the genitals.

In women, this disease does not show obvious symptoms or even no complaints at all, so she easily become a source of transmission of GO. Sometimes patients complain discharge and pain when urinating.

Complications can arise in the form bartolitis, namely that membengkaknya Bartholin gland difficult road for people with pain. Complications can cause sterility upward, when the abdominal cavity causing inflammation in the stomach and intestines. Also good for women or men systemic infection can occur (whole body) to the joints, heart, lining of the brain and others. In pregnant women, if not treated, while giving birth a baby's eyes can be infected, if not quickly treated can cause blindness.

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