Advantages and disadvantages of contraceptive vasectomy Seoran Men At namely

Vasectomy or Vasektomi is a surgical contraception for men with sperm how to break the channel. The man who made a permanent vasectomy can not impregnate women so often suspected of having an affair easy.

Vasectomy operation spermatozoa inhibits the channel (vas deferens) that carry sperm out. This operation is usually performed in a clinic or hospital with cuts and binding involving death (cauterizing) the sperm channel.

However, because this operation is permanent contraception, the man who wants to do must be absolutely sure do not want to have another child and will not change his mind.

The man who has done vasectomy still continues to produce cells that produced the seed balls. It's just because the line is disconnected can not go out with ejaculation. Seed cells will be absorbed by the body and does not endanger health. Vasectomy did not affect the hormone testosterone.
Advantages and disadvantages of contraceptive vasectomy Seoran Men At namely:


Vasectomy is a minor surgery that is safe, highly effective and permanent.
Whether done on men who had already wanted to have kids.
Vasectomy is cheaper and fewer complications than tubal sterilization.
Men have the opportunity to turn family planning with his wife.
Does not affect the ability of a man in enjoying sexual relationships.


Some men fear a vasectomy will affect his ability having sex or cause erection problems.
There is little pain and discomfort a few days after surgery, this pain can usually be relieved by the consumption of soft drugs.
Often have to do with an ice pack for 4 hours to reduce swelling, bleeding and discomfort and had to wear pants that can support the scrotum for 2 days.
The operation is not effective immediately. Patients were required to wear a condom beforehand to clean the tube from the rest of the existing sperm. To know is sterile or not, microscopic examination is usually performed 20-30 times after ejaculation.
Vasectomy does not provide protection against sexually transmitted infections including HIV.
Regret after vasectomy is greater if the man was still under the age of 25 years, there has been a divorce or a child who died.
It takes 1-3 years to really determine whether vasectomy could work effectively 100 percent or not.

We have a man who wants to open a vasectomy can be done in a way that is reconnect the channel sperm, but little chance of success.