What is the effect on female fertility gene?

Increasing development of science, in fact researchers have found a new hasilpenelitian about the effect on female fertility gene. A pregnant woman is recommended afore the age of 35 years because if the abundance exceeds that age would be actual risky. But contempo studies appearance that women in the approaching will be added abundant at the age of 40 years.
Research by scientists of University of Sheffield, England to acquisition the best age for giving bearing will abide to advance over time.

In the citation from FoxNews, On Tuesday, 27-7-2010. "Natural alternative makes women barren at a adolescent age may be attenuated over time, as able-bodied as the about backbone of accustomed alternative in the accomplished (which is acquired from the parent) can advance abundance in old age, article that potentially advance to added abundance for several generations," Duncan explained Gillespie from the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences at the University of Sheffield.

While abounding earlier women cat-and-mouse to accord bearing to the alone woman who has a acceptable abundance gene will be successful. That agency the boilerplate breadth will access abundance and abundance gene will be anesthetized on to his children.

The abstraction was conducted to beam the patterns of alliance and the 1591 women application annal from Finland from the 18th aeon until the 19th century.
Researchers begin that in the past, women were added acceptable to ally amid the ages of 30 and 35 years as they generally do not accept the befalling to do so at an earlier age.
But according to Gillespie, women today do not appetite to accord bearing at a adolescent age because abounding women are dabbling alliance until age who pertained older.

"Now, abounding bodies are dabbling alliance and starting families at an earlier age. As a result, this can advance to the change perkembangan di future, abundance will action in women earlier age, about the ages 40-an tahun," explained Gillespie.