Attacking Arthritis can alert women and men, young age!

You often experience pain in the joints caused by activity along with stiffness, which usually disappear after a few moments movable, alert arthritis or osteoarthritis (OA).
When these degenerative diseases previously suffered a lot more 50 years of age, suffered the last few years many young people around 20 years. This increase reaches 5 percent. eluhan OA of the knee joint is often faced such stiff and difficult to move, can not be folded or bent with sempuna. In addition wheezes every move and swollen. In further condition, the pain still arise even when in a state of rest or sleep.

The increase in this disease, it is clear Rheumatology consultant, depending on lifestyle, heavy-light activity and increasing burden of supporting legs of the body. Groups of people with obesity, is more susceptible to OA. For, knee to support body functions and operations.
In severe upper limb, knee work extra to support it. Over time, your knees will be broken. However, patients with OA can also menghinggap to the people who move heavy. For example someone with a body weight 60 kg, when used to walk knee strapped load to 90 kg. Especially if used for running, the knee will bear the burden of up to 200 kg. However, the disease can be prevented and treated when the treatment is not provided in the conditions of late.
OA will emerge slowly. To make a diagnosis, the patient should undergo blood checks, x-ray and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to view structural abnormalities of the joints. If obese, immediately tried to lose weight. That way, it can reduce the body burden of the buffer.
Consult a doctor promptly. Moreover, if the age is 40 years old are susceptible to suffer osteoarthritis. The sooner known, the possibility of pain can be lost is greater.