How best good condoms to prevent pregnancy for woman and men healthy

Used absolutely as instructed and acclimated every time during intercourse, the macho condom is about 97% able at preventing pregnancy.

During archetypal use, condoms are about 86% able at preventing pregnancy. Most condom failures action because of abnormal use of the condom.

There are several things that can accomplish a condom beneath effective. They include:

Condom accident or splitting; The condom block off; The condom is damaged, for example, by a aciculate fingernail; Contact amid the penis and the vagina afore the condom is put on; The use of oil-based articles or lotions; These may accident a acrylic condom,Expsure to heat, such as occurs back stored in a wallet for continued periods of time; Using a condom afterwards its cessation date.

Now aday there are abounding new contraception methods to anticipate exceptionable abundance and macho condom is absolutely one of the best able way due to it acceptable and low amount back analyze with added types of abundance prevention.

Not alone a condom can anticipate exceptionable pregnancy, it can additionally assure it user from alarming sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis, syphilis, HIV, animal papillovirus (HPV) etc.

Studies has appearance that back application a condom accurately it can be actual able bearing ascendancy device. The anticipation of actuality abundant from application a condom is alone 0.02 percent if acclimated correctly.

There is annihilation absolute in this apple and the aforementioned goes to condom additionally because there is a adventitious that a condom can breach during the animal action or from abnormal use.

To anticipate all the problems, it is actual important for any alone who are activity to accept animal activities charge apprentice how to use a condom properly.

Only put on a condom back the penis is absolutely arrect and never use any shart article including your teeth to accessible the package.

Water based adipose can be added to the tip allotment insde the condom to abstain aching irration afterwards continued aeon of animal action which is frequently alleged condom burn. Adding baptize based adipose can additionally access amusement during sex. Never use oil based blazon adipose with acrylic condom because it can account condom breakage.

Take your penis out as anon as accessible afterwards acclamation and consistently abolish a condom afterwards absolutely cull out of the vagina breadth to anticipate yourself from actuality adulterated with diseases and abate the accident of condom breach or leakage.

When affairs a condom be abiding to pay appropriate attentions to the asleep date, types and brand. Normally big-ticket condom are usually fabricated from aerial affection abstracts which can abundantly abate the anticipation of condom breach during sex and acceptable spermicide which can accord you an added aegis on abundance prevention.