African pygmy hippopotamus Species pictures on the natural

Reclusive and nocturnal, the mammals are semi-aquatic and charge to alive abreast baptize to accumulate their bark moisturised and their anatomy cool. Pygmy hippopotamus (Choeropsis liberiensis or Hexaprotodon liberiensis) is a ample mammal built-in to the forests and swamps of western Africa (the accurate breed allocation agency "of Liberia", as this is area the all-inclusive majority live). The pygmy adipose is antisocial and nocturnal. It is one of alone two actual breed in the Hippopotamidae family, the added actuality its abundant beyond accessory the accepted hippopotamus.
African pygmy hippopotamus and the baby pygmy hippopotamus

They're aboriginal to the close forests of West Africa, and their primary blackmail is the accident of their backwoods abode due to the balk industry. They're additionally bolter abundantly for their meat.

The appropriately called pygmy grows to aloof over 3ft alpine - aloof one fifth of the admeasurement of the accepted hippopotamus - and is the alone added breed of adipose in the world.

They sometimes alike acquaintance and accord bearing in water, and they bury oils accepted as 'blood-sweat' to accumulate their adumbrate waterproof. The pygmy hippopotamus displays abounding earthbound adaptations, but like its beyond cousin, it is semi-aquatic and relies on adjacency to baptize to accumulate its bark moisturized and its anatomy temperature cool. Behaviors such as alliance and giving bearing may action in baptize or on land. The pygmy adipose is herbivorous, agriculture on whatever ferns, broad-leaved plants, grasses and fruits it finds in the forests.