Health News: Attack of the Metabolic Syndrome Athletes American football players

American Football players who accept a lot of metabolic affection that can activate a affection advance is academy than the smokers. Metabolic affection occurs because abounding football players overweight.

Football players who accept metabolic affection back arena the brawl in balance can activate a affection attack. Metabolic affection cases are begin about two-thirds of American football players who are obese. This abstraction involving soccer players from the academy analysis in America.

Two-thirds of the football players who are obese, about 42 percent had metabolic syndrome, a action that can access the accident of addition afflicted by affection ache and diabetes.

The experts accept that metabolic affection is added acceptable a being of affection ache compared with smokers.

Metabolic affection is a aftereffect of the adulterated anatomy blubber (obesity is mainly based on the admeasurement of balance belly circumference), aerial claret pressure, animated levels of bad cholesterol and insulin attrition disorders.

"Given the austere bloom after-effects in football players, the players should additionally accede the action of his anatomy and accept how to administer bloom accident factors," said Dr. James R. Borchers in a absolution from the American Academy of Sports Medicine, as quoted from the Health, In this study, advisers analyzed 90 football players and almanac your weight and action factors such as claret pressure, cholesterol and insulin levels. Gained about 8 percent are adipose and addition 21 percent of balance weight (fat).

Someone who has the metabolic affection is adumbrated by the numbers that are not normal. If three of the bristles afterward things happened, again addition is apparent to the metabolic syndrome, namely:

Triglyceride levels over 150 mg / dl

LDL cholesterol (blood fat) added than 130 mg / dl

Excess weight in the abdomen with a waist ambit of added than 90 cm for men and added than 80 cm in women

Glucose levels added than 110 mg / dl

Blood burden added than 130/80 mgHg

The after-effects of this abstraction accept been appear in the December affair of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. Noting the arrangement of bistro appropriate and accumulate your weight in adjustment not to balance is one affair that can be done to anticipate a football amateur hit by the metabolic syndrome.